A Decade.

If you don’t know our story, here it is.


Let me set the scene:

2005 College Station, Texas: I, along with my best friend Jenn, enter the pool area.  It’s March which means it’s a crap shoot on what the weather will be like but on this day it was quite nice but too cold to swim. Everyone is just lounging around enjoying the sunshine. Jenn proceeds to introduce me to a bunch of dudes and a few other girls and, with the exception of a few, this crowd makes up our entire gang headed to Gulf Shores for one last colligate spring break trip.

I am in the minority of only knowing two in the group but almost instantly, everyone is a friend.  I specifically remember seeing a six pack of beers floating in the pool.  I laughed out loud and asked who did that (pretty genius since the water was so cold) and it was none other then Josh. This is the trip that ended with The Hubs relentlessly pursuing me, to which he eventually succeeded.

Months and even years later when we run into other people who were on the trip, would say to us, “I still CANNOT believe y’all got married”.

Honestly, spring break isn’t a place where you’d meet someone you can really connect with but this spring break was different.  Well before dawn, we squished too many people into a group of cars and caravanned the ten hours.  We had the coolest baby blue beachfront house with some of the coolest people filling up the rooms. We played endless rounds of beer pong (which no one wanted me on their team), the guys jammed on their guitars, suntanning, SO much time porch sitting talking (and drinking) and making memories of a lifetime.


On the loooong way home (which included St Patty’s day in New Orleans….best trip ever!), The Hubs flirted unabashedly….and I was not interested.  I wasn’t interested in a long distance boyfriend and he was still in school at A&M and I at UNT.

I’ll try and shorten up this long story: Josh wouldn’t take no for an answer.  He came up to visit and asked me to dinner. I told him I had homework.  When I finally conceded, I made two of my girls come to dinner with us.  The next visit we spent more time without chaperones and the rest is history.  I fell for him.

After both of our graduations, The Hubs had a job lined up in San Antonio and I had just lost mine.  I wasn’t willing to continue the long distance with another two hours (five total) between us.  He promised me that he intended to marry me (with a ring) and convinced me to move to San Antonio a brief nine months after meeting.  When you know, you know.

Another eight months later, we snuck off to the justice of the peace and got hitched.  We wanted to buy a house and being married helped that process and we were already planning on it anyhow.  Josh proposed the night before by borrowing a guitar at an open mic night and sang Who I Am by Wade Bowen.  I was on my lunch break and had to get back to my temp job.  No one knew.  We were saving money for our wedding and we didn’t want people to skip our actual wedding because we were already married.  So it stayed a secret.  For the most part.  Josh slipped up in his excitement to a few people, after one too many but they kept it under wraps for us (as far as we know).

So our wedding day was technically nine years ago today, on October 26, 2007 but we have been married since 2006.  To make things simple, we only celebrate our wedding day as our anniversary but I don’t want to diminish that first year of marriage.


And I’ve never looked back.  The last ten years have been full of ups and downs but I wouldn’t changed a single moment because all of it combined, has brought us to this point in our lives.  And I’ll say, it’s a damn good place for us.

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I love you babe, with all of my heart; it’s much fuller because of you.