Headed for the Weekend

Hows it going, you’re wondering. This new SAHM role I started this week.

blog playground

It’s awesome. I kiss my nuggets all day long. They’re probably tired of it and I stopped to think if I’ll ever tired of it. The answer is,  no.

Corbin comes over to me and just sits in my lap. For no reason. Just to sit with me.  My heart fills.

blog snuggle

Weston is constantly trying to get my attention. If I’m distracted or playing with Cor, he will come right into my face and yell jibberish to make sure I am giving him my full attention.   My heart fills.

blog wes

These are tiny little things I didn’t get throughout the week.  I always ate up all the time spent with them on the weekends because it was precious.  Precious and short.  Friends would ask to scheduling things on the weekends, whether it be a movie or brunch and I would decline.  Work would ask me to “pop in” on the weekends and I would refuse.  It was impossible for me to give up my short 48 hours (Sat-Sun) with the Nuggets for anything.   My heart is bursting to have this amount of time with my boys.

blog Cor

It was also an early bedtime tonight. Naps were waaaaay too short (good thing I didn’t have big plans this week) and that lead to fussy Nuggets. Weston would not touch his dinner and Corbin chunked his cup across the room, so hard is busted open and milk went everywhere. This is also where I mention that the only thing I accomplished during nap time was mopping the floors.  I finished this evening up in the pool.

So, as Wednesday comes to a close, my heart is super full.  It’s still weird for me.  The days are lost on me…I thought yesterday was Wednesday and the weekend has desire but much less than when I was part of the M-F/8-5 club.  It is a good reason to be lost in time though.




This Is It.

Tomorrow is my last day in the corporate world.  The job I currently have isn’t exactly corporate at all, so I guess I should say I’m leaving the “income earning” world.

There have been some interesting turn of events this week.  The company I work for actually lost the business at my account. Therefore, I would have actually lost my current job in about three weeks.  C r A z Y huh?  Thanks to the big Guy in the sky, I don’t have that level of stress to worry about what we would do.   Interesting how that worked out.

The company I work for would have found me another job, they offered several before I put my notice in, BUT it would have involved travel.

Since I am actually quitting my day job because I cannot find an acceptable balance between work-life and mom-life, that type of gig would never work for me.

So this is it.

I have plans to go to Office Max/Depot and purchase a giant dry erase board and line out my chore lists, dinner plans, swim lessons.  These plans include bringing my uber organized work-self and make myself a totally rock’n SAHM.  I have plans to learn how to sew.  Plans to craft.  Plans to DIY.  Let’s talk about these plans in about three months and see where I’m at with all of them.

I can’t believe it’s actually happening.


The Countdown

The Countdown T-minus 21 days until I leave corporate American and join the 29% of mothers who don’t work outside the home. Notice I didn’t say, “Moms who don’t work.” Because I know that being a SAHM is going to be a LOT of work. blog table I was talking to my mom last night (who was a SAHM) and she asked if I was getting excited. Of course! I’ll get to spend my days with two of my most favorite people. She also mentioned how it’s “best for the boys if I stay home”. I wavered in my agreement and Momo stated, “Well you believe that, otherwise you wouldn’t be choosing to stay home.” I agreed.   Reluctantly. But I don’t agree.

Sorry Mom, still love you.

This is the same reason why my (predominately) male coworkers have all accepted my resignation with ease. Over the year that I’ve worked with this team, almost all of them have put their foot in their mouth regarding this exact subject.

During a conversation with one manager, when he asked why I don’t work any weekends, he actually said, “I didn’t allow my wife to work; her job was to raise our boys”. As I tried to keep my face passive, I refrained from commenting.

Another said, “I was always proud that my wife raised our kids and not someone in a daycare.” Again, no comment.

The best one was a male manager, whose wife was a teacher before kids, she claimed she could tell a difference in the students whose mom’s stayed home with them, from the children whose mom didn’t.  The students with SAHM were better students.  This time I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.  I straight up call him out, “So what are you saying?  My kids are going to be terrible in school because, hellooooo, I’m a working mom.”  He realized what he had said and attempted to back peddle but there was no where to go.  This same manager, said I was the best HR manager he’s worked with in his 30+ year career.

It’s not fair of anyone to say that it’s best for the children if one of the parents stays home. That’s not necessarily true for everyone. As my Google statistic above mentioned, only 29% of mom’s stay home. So we’re then suggesting that the other 71% of the children in the U.S. are not being raised right? That’s not fair.

Plenty of moms and dads work because they want to work. It’s their choice and it’s not always because they have to work. There are so many great daycare/schooling options and nannies have become a more affordable option for many families. Nanny-cams and background checks make for better hiring decisions. When both parents have a career there can be more expendable income which means great family vacations and memories and less stress and worry about how to pay the bills. What happened to the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”.  Remember?

If it had been my choice when my maternity leave was over, I miiiiight have still chosen to go back to work. I was really ready for some adult interaction and feeling like I was contributing to something big. I had been on bed rest for two months and then home with the boys for three and half months. I was ready to get out of the house.

The biggest reason I’ve elected to stay home is because we haven’t been able to balance the demands of our careers well and me staying home has become an option. Most importantly, I WANT to stay home and strengthen my relationship with the Nuggets. I will definitely go back to work, sooner than later. When that is, I don’t know.

So although I am very excited for this new SAHM gig, I’m not in agreement to say it’s the only way to “raise your kids right”. If that was the case, I’ve been doing it wrong up to this point and that’s not true at all. Just look at these boys! blog cheerios Our Memorial Day weekend was W E T. Stormy. Flooding. Dreary. We had a bunch of family over on Sunday and thank God, it let up for a bit. Enough for us to sit on the porch, catch up and the boys got to run around outside.

Due to the rain we’ve been taking them on basic chores with us. They run as loudly as possible through the grocery store.  Our local Tom Thumb loves us.  I hope. blog shopping1 blog shopping Big helpers. XOXO