Choked Up

We took a trip last week to Wisconsin because one of my cousin’s got married. My family is incredibly special and we have so much fun when we get together. Which, since we’re in Texas, isn’t enough for me.

My grandparents are 90 years young and I don’t see them nearly enough so I soaked up the 5 days we were there.

The trip included a LOT of visiting with family members because it seemed like each day more people arrived into town. So most of our time in WI we just drifted from one family member’s house to the next to see who was there.

Saturday morning we loaded up the boys and got out of the house first thing, so I could take The Hubs and the boys to a park/swimming hole that I went to as a kid. In order to do this quickly, we kind of just bolted after breakfast before the day got away from us.

Iverson Park was exactly as I remembered it and, even though it was only 71° out side and the water was freezing, we were holding the boys back from wading into the water. We hit up the playground and the swings and then we decided to grab lunch, so I could get my hands on some fried cheese curds.

We went to another place I hold dear in my memory from my childhood visits to WI and ordered up lunch.

Halfway through our lunch, Corbin turned to Josh and opened his mouth. He looked like he was in pain. I said to The Hubs, something is wrong with him. Initially, we both thought he had something in his teeth, so Josh reached in and pulled out a half chewed piece of cantaloupe. Then I heard Corbin make a gargle noise and I realized he was choking.

I said that to Josh and he grabbed him and turned him over on his leg and started to pat him hard on the back. Just as we were told to do when we had our class before the boys were released from the NICU. I sat across from him in the booth and saw Corbin going blue. I stood up and started to panic. I jumped up and went to turn and run into the main part of the restaurant for help but I just yelled, “he’s not breathing“!! Then I remembered I recently read that after they’re over a year old you are supposed to perform abdominal thrusts/the Heimlich. So in my freak out, I snatched Corbin and did about three abdominal thrusts (if you want to call it that …I didn’t take the time to make sure my hand placement was correct) but he made a noise like he was trying to cry, so Josh told me to put him down. He reached into his mouth and pulled out a slightly rounded piece of cantaloupe. Corbin began to really cry at that point. Then he stopped and asked if he could eat a hotdog. He was totally fine.

We were not. I couldn’t stop shaking. Fire and EMT arrived because (Thank GOD) the restaurant employees called 911 immediately. They told me we did everything correctly and checked out Corbin’s lungs and oxygen saturation. He was chatting it up with them like nothing had happened.

We were still physically shaking.

I cut up the Nuggets’ food religiously. We cut their grapes in half and quarter their hot dogs. I’m diligent about the size of toys they play with to ensure they cant get anything into their mouths. I discourage giving them popcorn. Yet here we are on vacation and, although I had cut up the cheese curds, the mini corn dogs and French fries, I failed to cut up his fruit. I cut up Weston’s because he was sitting right next to me. I just thought that The Hubs or I would get to it before he started eating it.

I got to experience the scariest thing I’ve ever been through, in my life. And I don’t want to ever have to go through that EVER again. 

I balled my eyes out the second we left the restaurant. It’s still hard to shake. The Hubs and I both have had several break downs and I had to tell myself to stop thinking about the worst case senario we could have faced.  Because we had the best case senario. He’s completely fine.

Afterwards I thought, I have four aunts, six cousins and a future SIL that are all nurses, and another cousin in med school and none of them were with us. *#&((&%$)(

Thank the good Lord that we had a happy ending. The wedding proceeded beautifully and although I wasn’t quite in the mood to celebrate, we enjoyed ourselves.



After a pretty long day of travel we arrived home with two incredibly tired kiddos and one I’m pretty sure is getting a cold.  Happens every. single. time. we travel.

The other interesting thing about this trip is I have been giving myself a hard time about being a “helicopter mom”.  You know, reading Scary Mommy blog (there is more than one) about ruining it for other moms or some bullshit.  It’s my kids and I’m going to be the BEST mom I know how to be and that means keeping my kids healthy, safe and alive.

Please remember all those educational messages to parents about chocking and water safety and all other “warnings” are taken seriously and educate yourself!

First Aid for Choking and CPR for Children over 12 YO


Months – Fifteen to Be Exact

After The Nuggets hit their 12 month/1 year mark, I kind stopped counting months.  People ask how old they are and I kinda shrug and say, “a little over a year.” I’m going back to counting the months.  At least until they’re 24 months/two.  Why? Because so much still changes month to month with these babes. So this week, the boys are 15 months.


Weston stroller

Weston has been throwing fits for about the last month.  I mean, real fits.  Throws himself down, scoots across the floor and yells.  You know it’s unconditional love when I still find his actions cute.  I have to try hard not to smile or laugh when he does it.  He is still the “bully” out of the two.  He steals all the toys from Corbin and has pushed his brother out of the way to get what he wants.  Although, if Corbin tries to take his toys (rarely), Weston looks to us to help him.  I think sharing is going to be a hard concept for Weston. He has eight teeth (4 top, 4 bottom).  Still.  We haven’t seen any movement on new teeth in at least 3 months. Weston is starting to use words.  He says “night night” clear as a bell.  There has been mama and dada for a while now.  Dada is actually directed at Daddy most of the time, where as mama isn’t so much.  When I walk in a room, I usually get dada as well. Weston runs now.  He has really started to pick up the pace.  It makes mommy nervous but it’s quite cute when he makes an incredibly wide turn. We are expanding our table food even more and trying new things often.  He still seems to be a texture person and for the life of me, I cannot figure out why he doesn’t like pasta. He shovels bananas in like they might disappear from the table.  Good news, eggs are in!  Healthy proteins are a struggle for us.


Corbin Stroller

Corbin is still the passive guy, most of the time. If Weston tries to steal a toy, Corbin just forfeits and walks away.  Everyone once in a while, he holds his ground.  He has his share of sassy for sure.  When I tell him no or ask him to do something, I get a babble comment in return.  Just the way he says the incomprehensible baby talk, I can tell it’s backtalk. He still has only six teeth (4 top, 2 bottom) but drools like a waterspout.  Nonstop drool.  He goes through about 3 bibs a day, completely soaking them.  If he pulls the bib off (a favorite pastime), he will soak a shirt in about four minutes flat.  If this was really a sign of teething, he would have all of his teeth by now. Corbin definitely mastered walking very quickly.  He doesn’t seem any slower or wobblier than Weston, even though it took him 45 days longer to take those first steps. Corbin is a much slower eater and, if we aren’t careful, Weston will eat Corbin’s portion as well.  He also is becoming very independent in the fact that he wants his bowl and spoon on his tray.  He still needs quite a bit of assistance actually getting any of it into his mouth. They are both still sleeping great. Knock on wood. We are on a two nap – 9am and 1pm schedule and a bed time around 6:30p.  Wake time is also usually around 6:30 which is a full 12 hour night.  I’m sensing we could probably start to push their bedtime back to about 7:00 in order to spend more time with them in the evenings. 15 months of so much fun with these guys, it’s exciting to see what’s next.  What I would really like to see in the near future, is a friendship to kindle between them. 5E1F90B120FB20C197CC10E4FF74EF96

Television + The Nuggets = Nada

I think I have been successful.

The Nuggets don’t watch TV.

It was my goal was to limit their TV to zilch.  I’d say I did pretty well.

They’ve been in the living room with the TV on (especially since football season started) but they aren’t really watching it.  They look at the screen for a minute and then move on to other things. Like climbing the fire-place. Or opening the cabinets. Or their personal fav, trying to turn the blue-cable-box-button on and off 9875768 times.  Especially during a nail-biting moment of the game.

I read a bunch on how TV under the age of two can be detrimental to development.  Of course it’s probably not as a big of a deal as it’s made out to be (as is most things regarding children…why do they try to scare us?).  But I took it to heart.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that kids under 2 years old not watch any TV and that those older than 2 watch no more than 1 to 2 hours a day of quality programming.  The first 2 years of life are considered a critical time for brain development. TV and other electronic media can get in the way of exploring, playing, and interacting with parents and others, which encourages learning and healthy physical and social development.  Read more from the AAP here.

I, being the sleep Nazi queen, also read that it can affect their sleep.  SOLD.  No TV if it means it affects good sleep. Because good sleep means happy and healthy and smart babies. The Hubs agreed and supported me.  Was he upset during baseball season? Maybe.

Next, is the fact that I want to actually play and interact with my kids.  As full time working parents, we literally have 30-60 minutes with them in the morning and 90-120 minutes with them after work, during the week.  And a, way too short, 48 hours with them on Saturdays and Sundays.

Example: My nieces and nephews were in town.  We turned on Frozen (never seen it) and I was completely sucked in.  Did the boys watch? Nope.  Did Weston almost fall off the step because I wasn’t paying attention.  Yep.  Quality parenting right there.

To each their own on parenting styles and decisions made for their kiddies.  I am proud of sticking to my guns and actually preventing the boys from being sucking into the boob tube. XOXO Lindsey