The Hubs as a Daddy

My husband.

If you’ve ever met him, you like him.

When I met him, my best friend told me that he would be the “the nicest guy you’ve ever met“.  He has southern charm that I didn’t know before meeting him.  He was a total catch and I knew know it.

If you know our story at all, you know that becoming parents was not easy for us.  The Hubs and I were ready, pretty much immediately after our wedding.  We wanted to join the ranks of parents.  My girlfriends even took bet and had a pool going as to when we would get pregnant.  No one ever expects to be faced with infertility.

Five years later (nobody won the bet), when we found out we were having twins, The Hubs was ecstatic.  Took us long enough, might as well knock out two at once!

The Hubs rock-star-dad-status became apparent well before the Nuggets arrival.  The first pre-term labor scare, he didn’t leave my side at the hospital for five days.  He might have run home to grab a change of clothes but he slept on a horrible couch/poor excuse for a futon for 4 nights.  I was miserable and I imagine he was too but he was my rock.  At just 26 weeks , he looked me in the face and said, “these boys are NOT being born yet.”


Fast forward a week and a half after getting released from the hospital and the maternal fetal specialist looked at me and said, “you’re going back to L&D“.  We were crushed.  Initially, they said I’d be on hospital bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy.  That would be SO hard for The Hubs.  After four days of monitoring and stability, The Hubs and I begged the doctor to let me try bed rest at home.  They conceded but with strict orders to stay in bed.

The Hubs would make breakfast every morning, load a cooler with lunch and snacks for throughout the day and put it at the foot of our bed.  He would come home and cook my dinner and clean our house.  He would hang out with me in that dang bed for hours at a time, in the evenings and weekends.  His devotion is a testament to 1. our marriage and 2. what an awesome daddy he would be when the time finally came.


Josh didn’t disappoint.  When the boys were born, I couldn’t get out of bed to change diapers due to my C-section and spinal.  He changed every disgusting meconium diaper the boys gave him.  He waited hand and foot on all three of us.  He drove me back and forth to the NICU and soothed my never ending tears.  He cheered me on when I pumped minute amounts of milk.  When the boys came home, he refused to sleep in another room while I dealt with boys throughout the night.  Which meant he got no sleep the first two months.  Which made him a bit crazy but he was set on being involved in all of the newborn glory.



He cannot go to the grocery store without buying them another matchbox car.  When they were six months old, he brought home a bat, ball and two gloves.  He loves the Nugs and they love him.   When he walks in the door, they both lose it.  The Nugs start yelling, “Dada, Dada!”  Corbin will still jump out of my arms to try to get to him.

The Hubs is a fantastic dad.  It makes me love him that much more.  Happy Father’s day babe.



My Daddy

Father’s day is this Sunday.

I was at the store buying cards and was slightly irritated that I had to spend so much money on cards for all these dads in my life.  I shook my head at my own absurdity.  I’m LUCKY to be able to buy cards for several important men in my life.

The importance of The Hubs is a totally different subject, but at this moment, I want to talk about my daddy.  Yes,  I still refer to him as daddy.


Funny actually because when I’m around the boys, I try to refer to The Hubs as Daddy and anytime I’m in the presence of both, The Hubs and my dad will answer me.


My dad just celebrated his 64th birthday last week.  Since they live about four hours away, we were lucky enough to be together to celebrate.  Nothing too fancy but cake and a trip to the beach as a big family.

My dad is a pretty quiet guy.  He speaks quietly, laughs quietly and sometimes I have no idea how he tolerates the rest of us.  No one would describe my family as quiet.  No one.  He loves to read and cares deeply about his family.  All of us. Loud and bossy folks.

He works as a mechanic and has worked hard his entire life.  I cannot wait for him to be able to retire so he can enjoy life a little more.  Although, he will probably continue to work on cars because, unlike a lot of us, the work he does is the work he loves.

He wants to move to the country and live a quiet life (surprise, surprise).  My mom, not so much.  Maybe, one day, I can talk them into moving closer to us.

Happy Father’s day Daddy/Poppi.  You are loved fiercely.