Ultrasound Today

I’m a day short of 21 weeks and behind on my bump pics…

For your viewing pleasure; unedited and not with my normal theme:

19 weeks

20 weeks

I have an ultrasound scheduled this afternoon and I’m excited.  I want to see if the babies are still transverse (laying from hip to hip) across me or if they’ve moved.  I have two main spots where I can feel them all the time so I’m guessing the one who keeps kicking/punching my lower left side is the baby with the higher heart rate and then the one up by my belly button is the chill one – I only feel him a few times a day.

I have no idea how they are going continue growing and fit in there for 3-4 more months but that is the miracle of a woman’s body right?  Please no stretch marks. Please no stretch marks.

In a normal pregnancy, (i.e., not multiples) I wouldn’t have nearly as many ultrasounds as I’ve had to this point.  I would be going crazy too.  I am grateful that I get to see them once a month.

19 Weeks

I’m at 19 weeks and chugging right along.  I’ll have to post my picture later this week – I haven’t uploaded it yet.  Here is a pic from Instagram

The Nuggets are approximately the size of mangos!

My cravings now include: Chocolate skim milk and Starbursts (the candy).  Pizza is still hanging in there too.

Heartburn is beginning to rear it’s ugly head.  Just ask the Hubs who scoured the half unpacked house looking for the ever elusive Tums and then offered to go out at 10:30 PM and buy me some.  That’s love people.  I declined and decided to save that favor for when I’m craving ice cream…er, I mean…when I really need something important. 

I feel the Nuggets moving around more and more.  It seems to mostly be in the same two spot (approximately where their feet are) and by my belly button but there is no “trigger” to get them moving.  I wish the Hubs could feel them but it’s too light, I guess.  That doesn’t stop him from talking to them (i.e. my stomach). 

We are finally getting the house in order.  The boxes are unpacked and things are put away.  There is still a lot to do but the house is starting to look like a home.  I’ll post pictures soon.  We’ve also taken a few opportunties to relax in the pool.  The Hubs asked how he ever lived without a pool…

Father’s day was low key, the Hubs got a card and I included 20 reasons why I think he’ll be a great dad 🙂  His present should arrive in the mail in a few days (damn procrastination).

AND in approximately 5 days we will know the genders of our Nuggets!!!!!!! The Gender Reveal party is scheduled for 2 pm on Saturday!!! I’m going to have a hard time waiting for the guests to arrive so we can cut the cake!


Full on Maternity

I’m in the 4th month people!

So exciting!  For me.

My parents and my younger brother came for a visit this weekend and my mom is quite excited.  She said she needed to see the bump, “in person”. 

My brother called it a beer gut. Stay classy San Diego.  I also had to advise my bro on not asking women if they are pregnant.  Ever.  Not a good idea unless they are, like 9 months preggers.

Mom also showed up with a diaper bag full of baby goodies.  She said she couldn’t help herself.  I am not about to complain.  Let the spoiling begin!

I am officially in maternity clothes today.  I’ve been squeezing into to regular clothes that had extra room and/or using the Bella Band but the pants situation reached it’s max.  I also received a few top via the mailbox thanks to online shopping.  I’m wearing maternity head to toe and I have already gotten a few comments about how I’m “glowing”.  Ha.  It’s called maternity clothes and now it’s just apparent.

Kind of a bummer that Memorial day weekend was pretty soggy.  We weren’t able to take the boat out due to the weather but we enjoyed various other activities around DFW.  We tried our hand at Craft and Growler in Dallas and advanced our beer education – well everyone else did, I ate pretzels.  We also hit up the ever popular Ft. Worth Stockyards and the oldest bar, ever, The White Elephant – no Chuck Norris sighting. Come on, Walker Texas Ranger anyone?  But seriously, this bar opened in 1884!  Talk about some cool history in a joint. 

But to remember why we all had a lovely Monday off.

We can never show enough gratitude to those who gave the greatest sacrifice of all.  As frustrating as the media, political drama and the unimportant things like Kim Kardashian’s outfit can be, we still live in one of the greatest countries in the world and it’s protected by our past, present and future soldiers who sign over their lives to serve the United States of America and all of us.  Thank you.


14 weeks

At 14 weeks, I keep going back and forth from:

“OMG we only have until October to get ready, it’ll be here before we know it!”
“Wow, I’m only at 14 weeks and I’ve got to get all the way to 37 weeks….”

Bipolar over here.

I feel a bit stressed lately.  Isn’t that normal regarding a house buying process?  We found another home we like and put an offer AND have received notice they accepted our offer BUT I refuse to really get excited until all the “t’s” are crossed and “i’s” are dotted.  In the previous house I was already moved in (in my head) and then it fell through and panic followed.

So this time I’m being incredibly patient.  The words “Lindsey” and “patient” don’t really belong in the same sentence but I’m trying.  I might as well start practicing with the Nuggets on the way right?

 I’ve been getting headaches a lot lately and I’m wondering if it has anything to do with this anxiety….Pray for me over here.