2018 In Summary


Well here we are again.  Another year in the books.  When I think about life now it’s almost everything before the boys entered into our world and everything since.  Recently, I went to dinner with several of my college besties and we started talking about college days (which feels like a lifetime ago) and memories were dredged up from a corner of my brain I didn’t realize was there.  I also realized without those valuable and long lasting friendships, memories that would probably have been forgotten.

Life is a funny thing.  It makes me think about individuals like my grandparents that are 92/93 years young, who survived immigration, famine, wars and raising ELEVEN children.  Can you even imagine the number of life’s moments that are tucked away in their memories?  I feel lucky that in this day and age the ability to take pictures and videos is literally in my pocket at all times.  I’m also so curious to see what develops in the next 30 years.  Flying cars?

2018 has been an eventful year and that has been partially contributed to returning to the workforce full time.  Its afforded us things we have talked and dreamt about for a while now.  

We bought a travel trailer.  Technically, that was at the very end of 2017 but this past year is when we began to really use it.  We’ve taken it to a few near by state parks in TX and OK.  We even tested out the ability to camp with others, all squished into just our camper.  We have definitely used it as a “guest house” when we go visit Kemp and my brother’s family stayed in it when the house overflowed during the boys’ birthday celebrations.  In true cousin Eddy style, we actually plan to take it as our home away from home for the out of town holiday festivities this year! She’s a beaut Clark!

In January, our family grew!  My younger brother and his wife had a baby!  He is such a chunky monkey and watching him (via photos) grow this year is the best. Early this year we also went to Monster Jam (total disaster), took a spring break staycation in Fort Worth and Josh completed his RCIA journey.

Josh and I also took our first adult only vacation away from the boys to Puerto Adventures in March.  I felt a bit of guilt but my parents were here to love on them and I also really tried to prioritize my marriage. I am fully and completely obsessed with my children but before them I was equally as obsessed with The Hubs.  I don’t think I am any less obsessed but our attention to each other is obviously split now.  So we spent an entire 5 days solely focused on each other.  It was awesome.  There were somethings about the resort and the location I wasn’t super pleased with but overall, it was a much needed time together.

I wrote a post about what we did mostly this summer and how Corbin’s surgery recovery actually took a large chunk of time but we did have lots of fun too!  Corbin and Weston fine tuned their swimming skills, lots of backyard fun, went on several camp trips and plenty of gatherings with friends.  We also finally made our first trip to Destin, FL and I’m quite sure we’re never going to any other beach.  SO beautiful and now we know why Texans flock there in the summer time.  The AirBnB we stayed in was THE perfect location and the trip was just relaxing and enjoyable.  We also have a list of things we plan to do next year!

The fall always means lots of birthday celebrations and parties for our crew. We took a trip to Broken Bow and had  blast with a big group of friends and followed closely by the holidays.  Thanksgiving blends right into Christmas and here we are…the year’s end.  

It’s not over yet!  In the homestretch of the year, we decided to do some much needed renovations on the outside of our home.  We’ve been slowly updating and beautifying the inside but the outside was looking rough.  Painters are working as we speak!  I’m terrified I didn’t pick the right colors (happens to me every time) but once everything is all said and done….I’ll post pictures of the finished product.

Christmas is next week (eek!) and I feel pretty ready.  I’ve been thoroughly enjoying all the get togethers and Christmas cheer.  We are headed south and I’m excited to get to snuggle nieces and nephews, eat and drink too much and enjoy the merriment.  



Summer Months

So much has happened this summer and I haven’t documented the half of it.

The Nuggets can swim.  Like, really swim.  Put their little faces into the water and swim across the pool to our waiting arms.  Take leaping jumps off the edge and swim.  This is a major improvement from the initial swim lessons we took last year and earlier this summer.  I am absolutely certain that those lessons were important in their success but Suzy’s Swim School in Arlington is in a different league.


Ms. Suzy is a elementary school teacher full time but in the summers she works her magic in the pool.  In a total of eight, 30 minute lessons the boys became little fish!

In August, we also took a trip to Broken Bow, OK.  I couldn’t live there (this girl doesn’t do country full time) but gosh, I love that place.  It’s so stink’n beautiful and it doesn’t hurt that we stay in these gorgeous luxury cabins.

We had a small family reunion on The Hubs’ dad’s side.  It was the perfect central location for everyone to drive in and the only problem we had was not enough time together.


The Hubs and I were also honored when our favorite friends asked us to be their daughter’s godparents.  Its a big responsibility for the two of us to ensure we lead her in faith by example.


Wrapping up our “last” summer weekend, we felt all kinds of popular because we had three parties to attend on Saturday.

  • Miss Harper turned four years old!
  • The McDaniel/Wilcox Couple’s Shower
  • Autumn’s (good college friend) baby shower

Of course all three parties were in vastly different parts of the metroplex but we made it.  Thirty minutes late to each party but we attended nevertheless.

I assisted in hosting the baby shower and I’m gonna just say it, we’re getting pretty good at this whole hosting-showers-thing.


Jenn graciously opened up her always clean, (kid free) beautifully decorated home so we had the best setting.  I really enjoy hosting and attending baby showers as I  L O V E how our group of friends keeps growing.  Life is so good.

The boys started pre-school today but I’ll save that for my next post.  What, might you ask, did I do with my time while I was free…?  Nothing fancy.  Just a work out and a little lunch across town with a bestie and furniture shopping.  Shopping where I didn’t chase toddlers around begging (and praying) that they don’t break anything.  It was heaven.





Beach Exposure

Well our first trip to the beach went great.  It could have been longer. Who ever wants to come back from vacation but ours was entirely too short!

We left on Wednesday to head down to my parents’ house (outside of Houston).  The boys did really well on the drive.  I thought we could time it right with nap time and they would sleep for a few hours.

Nope.  They fell asleep within 10 minute of hitting the road and woke up about 30-45 minutes later.  Which made for a lonnnng ride for them (and us).  Surprisingly they did really well and we didn’t have any major meltdowns.

My parents finally updated to smart phone within the last year (I’m a proud daughter) but kept their old phones.  The boys were obsessed with said phones.
 My niece, who doesn’t get nearly enough time with her cousins, was loving on these boys every chance she got.  She was also very helpful by letting me know if they were getting into something.

 We headed to the coast on Thursday morning.  After a stop at Cracker Barrel on the way down, full bellies lead to Corbin passing out again.  I think he struggles the most with dropping that morning nap.

Thursday just involved settling in to the Blue Wave beach house (via Home Away) and enjoying the weather and food.  If you’re ever interested in staying in the Galveston Texas area, the house location couldn’t be more perfect and it’s loads more cost effective than hotels if you have a large group.

Corbin with his Uncle Kyle

Friday we were up and ready to hit the beach ASAP.  The weather was iffy the entire time we were scheduled to be there so, as long as it wasn’t raining, I wanted to get as much time in at the beach as possible.

Galveston was actually quite surprising.  The beaches were nice, the water was as good as it gets and the weather was high 80’s.  It was ideal.

 The boys really liked all of it.  Some kids don’t like the sand that sticks to their hands or the salty ocean water.  Not my Nugs.  They loved it all.

 Big thanks to Momo for all her help.

We headed back for naps and they crashed out for three solid hours.  We went back to the beach, more family arrived and we all really enjoyed ourselves.  Gorged ourselves on beach time.

Unfortunately, the weather on Saturday was poo.  We didn’t end up getting to the beach until almost 4:30 due to the rain and we were only there for about 40 minutes before everyone was hungry.  All of a sudden it was Sunday and it was time to pack up and head home.

See what I mean when I say it was too short?  The weather rained on my parade (literally) and now I want a do over.  Good thing it’s only June and we have several more months of warm weather!



Lindsey Has Landed

So after a month long hiatus I’m back in the swing of things.  I had a WONDERFUL vacation in Playa Del Carmen, I managed to turn 30 without any tears and we are now living in Dallas.  Look at that, Lindsey’s world didn’t end.

We stayed at El Taj in Mexico and it was a great resort.  Lucky for us, we knew the owners son, so we had the hook up for a place to stay.  It is a condo set up. Meaning kitchens, rooms, living areas, etc but run like a regular resort where they wil come and clean, make your bed, fresh towels and a beach club.  I highly recommend this place (we stayed in condo 311) as the service was great, the rooms were spacious and the grounds and the beach are beautiful

There was so much good food in Playa I couldn’t even start.  We ate at Fusion, best guacamole and they had a belly dancer on the beach one night, 100% Natural had steller smoothies and pitas, Chez Celine was the best french breakfast (in Mexico!).  There were a few Starbucks but lucky for us we discovered Playa’s version at Cacao Cafe first.  You can actually get sipping chocolate there!  Heaven! 

One of the days we took a catamaran out, Catamaya to the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world for snorkling.  It was booked through the hotel and it cost us about $96 a person and was totally worth every penny.  The boat was awesome, they served chicken shishkabobs, steak and lobster, open bar and the snorkling was so much fun! Overall this was such a great trip that I cannot wait to go back.  I’m one lucky lady to get to go skiing and then 2 months later celebrate my bday on a beautiful beach vacation!

After all that fun the Hubs and my family hosted a little backyard BBQ on the day of my actual birthday. I was very greatful to get to celebrate and spend time with my family before the big move.  That following Monday I started at my new job!

We found a house pretty quickly and even though I’m back in the suburbs (I wanted to stay in the city), it’s a good central location and downtown Dallas is a measley15 minutes away.  I’ve already been spoiled to be back in the city with all of my very best friends!

As for food, we’ve hit a few spots up and here is a quick review….

La Margarita – Irving, TX – a little spot in a strip mall that has been renovated well with bright, bold colors.  The food was in the medium price range from inexpensive $7.99 to more $19.00.  We shared the queso which was a bit different but had good flavor.  The salsa was served warm and had a good amount of kick. I had tortilla soup which was outstanding with big chunks of chicken, potatoes and veggies, topped with avocado chunks and plenty of tortilla chips.  The Hubs enjoyed a pick two combo with a cheese enchilada and beef taco which he said was okay but nothing to write home about.  Unfortunately a BIG factor for me when it comes to Mexican restaurants is homemade tortillas – these were not. 

The Quarter Bar @ Bread Winners – Dallas, TX – stopped here for HH after work on a Friday.  The specials are domestics and wells $2.00 and half price apps until 7:00 pm. We enjoyed people watching on both the downstairs and rooftop patios and soaked up some sun.  The drinks were strong and the service was friendly.  I ordered the hummus with pita and it was delish.  It’s prepared next door at Bread Winners so I imagine we’ll go back for dinner sometime. 

The Cellar – Las Colinas area – wasn’t sure what type of establishment this was but it was on the canal so we decided to check it out.  The service was poo.  The girl was nice but she was slow and constantly forgot what we asked for, i.e., ketchup or water.  We did a 2 for $20 deal and shared chips and queso – good but nothing special. I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Salad and it was really good.  Grilled chicken tossed in their buffalo wing sauce pilled up on a ton of mixed greens and topped with blue cheese crumbles and tomatoes and celery.  SUPER flavorful and just the right amount of kick.  The Hubs enjoyed a Cellar Cheeseburger, sub turkey burger and fries.  Again, the Hubs said it was good but nothing that would bring him back.  This place overall seemed more like a good bar food joint.

Aspen Creek – Iriving, TX – stopped in here for drinks after dinner at The Cellar and wow what a difference in the service from where we just came from.  I cannot remember our server’s name (because it was very unique) but she was quick, friendly, and a good time.  The drinks were on special “Thirsty Hour” all day on Saturday and Sundays!  Discounted beers, margaritas, well drinks and pizzas!  I had a margarita that was good, made with no mixers just tequila, lime and water!  The Hubs enjoyed well whiskey which gave him a good headache the next day. 🙂  While talking to our waitress we found out that this is actually owned by a more popular chain (Texas Roadhouse) and she found out it was our first visit so the manager came by to introduce himself and gave us a free appetizer card for our next visit!  Talk about customer service!

There have been a few other places we already been to but I’ll wrap up my reviews for now, as my post is getting longer and longer!   What about you, any places you recommend we try in the DFW area?

D-Town Bound!

We are headed up to the Big D this weekend!  I love Dallas.  I miss Dallas.  I would move back in a heartbeat (as long as there are jobs and relocation assistance that is…)

The hubs argues that Dallas’s skyline is better than Houston’s

We are going to leave work a smidgen early and I think I’ve figured out how to get on the I-45 N bound HOV lane (this has escaped me for the last 7 months) and then we won’t waste too much time sitting in traffic.  I attended college at UNT and there was a trip once that took us SEVEN hours.  At that time, I swore I would never drive from Dallas to Houston, or visa versa, ever again.  It was an empty threat but I believed it at the time.  I’m praying that doesn’t happen this time or ever again.

Speaking of Houston and Dallas; I’ve heard on several occasions, via locals and radio morning shows, there is a rivalry between the two metroplexes.  When I grew up in Katy I don’t remember hearing anything at all but since moving back 11+ years later, I’ve heard this rumor several times.  When I lived in Dallas I didn’t know the aforementioned rivalry existed either.  What’s up Houstonites?  Wheres the love for D-town?  The rumor entails Dallas population thinks they are better than and/or snobby towards the entirty of Houston and it’s residents.  I think it’s dumb.

Any how, we are going there to surprise one of my besties for her birthday.  I haven’t seen her in almost 6 months and I am happy to be able to celebrate her 30th birthday with dinner and drinks.  We’ve settled on a place in Lower Greenville called Terilli’s for dinner and then we’ll wing it from there.  Lower Greenville is comparable to…maybe Washington Ave area?  A few outer city blocks, dense area of restaurants and bars and hopefully, once we find that elusive parking spot, we will walk to the next destination(s).  Any recommendations?  Wish me luck on the road trip!

Ski Gear

A lot of my friends have turned 30 and the other half are joining me this year in the beginning of the next decade of our lives.  I have lots of friends that are older/younger but since high school and college friends are the major bulk of my buddies, we are close in age.  Anyways, since it is a birthday, there is usually celebrating (even though I feel I should mourn) happening.  Well to celebrate with a few of the hubs friends, we are going on a ski trip! The hubs and I planned to go to the beach (as a repeat to his 30th) again but we were invited to Park City with two other couple’s that are Josh’s college buddies and their wives.   I’ve never been skiing and I am stoked! 

We are staying in a condo and it’s practically ski in/out (which is supposed to be ideal), just take a look a this cute little place!  
cute huh?!

For a more pictures go here.  This weekend we went shopping for our ski gear.  It’s very important that I am very warm when we go because I’m a weenie for cold weather….I’m cold when the temperature dips below 70 degrees and since it’s impossible to ski without snow, I’ve got to bundle up!  So our first shopping stop was Sun Ski and Sports and it was waaaay above our budget. Think $250-$600 for ski apparel!  Luckily, Academy had seasonal ski stuff and it was even 30% off!

I’ll be stylish in this number

I got pink ski pants to go with the jacket and we picked up some sweat wicking under wear and gloves.  The hubs is going to go back to Sun Ski and Sports to purchase goggles, hand warm pockets and then all we need is some thick wool socks (which is totally a Walmart special) and we’re good to go!  It’s so exciting that maybe I’ll forget my 30th birthday is approaching faster and faster.

On the pregnancy (or lack of) forefront, we decided to not do the Clomid/Ovidrel combo this month and see what happens with a diagnosis from our Creighton Model practitioner…we meet with her in the second week of February.

And in sports (since I decided this has become an update post) the Texans lost yesterday.  It was a sad day because it just wasn’t T.J. Yates best game.  The Giants won over Green Bay (boooooooo) and the Patriots and 49’s progressed as well…told you I’m a fanatic.  We watched the game at a place called Brixx in the Washington Corridor area and it was great.  An open air place, with lots of TVs to watch the game, and since the weather was abnormally warm for a January day, it was truly enjoyable.  We had a pizza (1/2 margarita 1/2 pinapple) that was better than average bar food and the beer was cold.  Happy hours on Sunday are noon to 7:00 pm and the service was on spot.  We look forward to going back for beautiful spring days.

That about sums up my latest adventure of shopping for ski gear and my review of a Houston hot spot 🙂