Rolly Polly

Remember these bugs?  Why were they so fun to play with as a kid and now I just think they are yuck bugs…

Weston is a little rolly polly these days.

He arches his back soooooo far and then gives a little kick and onto his stomach he rolls.

Then he gets mad.  He isn’t particularly fond of tummy time.  He hasn’t quite figured out that he has the ability to roll back over.

Both Nuggets were rolling (front to back) really early.  Like around 2 months of age.  This was to prevent having to do tummy time for more than 2 seconds.

Weston is also rolling over in the crib and is actually falling asleep this way.

That means we’ve had to stop swaddling him.  It’s dangerous to swaddle a baby that can roll over.

Both my boys swaddled and they were sleeping at night (with one feed) from around two and a half months.  I was grateful for this and I give credit to the swaddle.

We used the Halo Sleep Sack, the same brand they used in the NICU.  Preemie babies really respond to being swaddled.

Although our boys grunted and busted out of the swaddle occassionally, re-swaddling always led to more sleep.  I recommend swaddling.

I. Am. Tired.

I am also frustrated and terribly behind on my blogging!

I’ll do what every other blogger does and set a resolution to blog more. But my other resolution is to “unplug” more and live in the present so they really seem to cross each other out. I love blogging to keep family and friends informed and as a nice outlet to whine sometimes but most of all, as a record of my life and those in it because it seems to be moving faster and faster each year.
The holidays in the Allen casa were low key this year. We let everyone know months in advance (like as soon as we knew my due date) that we wouldn’t be traveling to anyone’s house (near or far) for the holidays. 
Luckily, everyone understood. Unluckily, my entire side of the family, sans my Pop, got sick. So we had a very quiet Christmas Day. My mother in law and one of my sister in laws came by the following Saturday but that was about it. 
I am on the fence on whether or not I am disappointed. I mean it was the Nuggets first Christmas but the fact that they’re three months old (tomorrow!) and haven’t caught any illnesses makes me very happy. Lots of people = lots of germs. I did miss everyone though.
The Nuggets’ Christmas present. This little jungle mat is awesome!
Now my frustration comes from my lack of sleep. Still. I thought we were making progress. The boys had started sleeping from 10pm until 4 am but last night, both were up at 2:30. Wouldn’t have been much of a problem except West was up again at 5:30 screaming his head off. I know he didn’t need to eat yet, so I held him while he yelled his disatisfaction at me.
I have worked to follow the Babywise (started late though) program but according to them my boys should be sleeping 8 hours by now. Actually, if we didn’t adjust for prematurity, it would be 10-12 hours by now. I need them to sleep 8 hours…don’t they know I have to go back to work in less than two weeks?!? Of course they don’t.
Let me back up and say I am not frustrated with my children. They are just figuring this whole living thing out. I’m frustrated with my expectations and my lack of 8 solid hours of sleep. 
I recently read that when you let go of expectations, life is much easier. I definitely had expectations that we would be a little further along and since we aren’t, I’m frustrated and disappointed. I wouldn’t feel this way if I wasn’t expecting different results. Our sleep, or lack of, would be what it is with the Nugs. If I never expected the Babywise sleep timeline I wouldn’t be frustrated or disappointed.
Of course the Babywise books says most babies have _____ results. Not all babies. Not my babies.
To enter into this 2014 with such a downer of a post is redic. I have so much to be happy for and even more to look forward to. I think I have too many emotions today because the returning to work deadline is looming. That is a whole other post inandofitself. 
On January 1, 2013 I posted on FB, “This is the year, I can feel it”. It was most definitely THE year. So much happened and so much changed. After longing for a baby, I was blessed with two. If they don’t sleep well for the rest of my life, I will still be grateful they are mine and I will love every minute, of every day with them. I’ll just prefer the minutes in the day time.

Xoxo- Lindsey 

Not Colicky

I prayed. And prayed. Annnnd prayed while I was pregnant that the twins wouldn’t be colicky babies. I was worried. Towards the end of my prenancy I started to really comprehend the challenge of newborn twins and was truly  intimidated.

It has been challenging but I bet it’s been easier than someone who has a colicky singleton. Colic makes having a newborn a whole new ball game. I thank the good Lord above that these two didn’t suffer from colic.
Now if we could just start sleeping through the night. Hell, I’d be happy with just one night time feed instead if two. 
I’ve saturated my brain with too much information. I continually think I’m doing something wrong. I return to work in less than a month and unlike The Hubs, I cannot function with the limited sleep we get. I get an extra two hours currently that The Hubs (and the working Lindsey) does not get. Those two hours will be greatly missed if these boys don’t drop a feed.  
I recently read Becoming Babywise and according to them, we should already be sleeping almost 10 hour stretches! How are we so far off? We’re on a schedule. We are being consistent. We have a bedtime routine. We are starting the day the same time every morning…or trying to because the last two days one or the other has been waking up early. Argh!
In other news it’s almost Christmas! I have all my presents wrapped and under the tree. I had a lofty goal of doing cookies and treats for the neighbors but they are still a work in progress…
I also attended the annual ornament exchange hosted by my best friend and everyone was talking about how much had changed in just one year. I definitely received the best gift I could have ever hoped for this year. 
Xoxo – Lindsey 

Smiles, Ice and Other News

Both The Hubs and I are pretty sure the boys are about to start smiling.

 I’m confident that Cor smiled at me briefly last night and The Hubs said West smiled at him this morning. That’s all we’ve seen so far. 

They are definitely more focused when looking at us too. Instead of cross eye and confused looks, now they really seem to observe us for minutes at a time. I’m so ready for them to really smile at us and not so fleetingly.

Aside from the absolute cuteness of it, it’s also a developmental milestone. It’s a sign of maturation. It usually occurs around 6 weeks (from due date) and I’d love for them to catch up. 

In other news, we came through Icemageddon here in a Dallas unscathed. If you some how didn’t get hit by this artic blast (it made its way across the US) North Texas got hit hard, due to a lot of precipitation and then plummeting temps left our roads very icy. To which we do not have the equipment to clear or the know how to drive in…and everything shuts down. This mommy right here was stoked! The Hubs “stranded” at home for a three day weekend was fantastic! 

Unfortunately my first girls brunch date in months was cancelled and I was disappointed. We were planning on Bolsa in the Bishop Arts District but maybe another time.

Some how. Some way I’ve got to get some Chriistmas shopping done. Heck, I just got the house decorated!

Xoxo – Lindsey 

Mommy Brain

Is it a thing? Like pregnancy brain? I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Wednesday. So much so I almost convinced The Hubs it was Wednesday! 

Pregnancy brain was serious. My memory is pretty good normally. When I was pregnant, not so much. Now that I’ve transitioned into mommy-hood, I hoped to get back to “normal”. Maybe in the near future? Maybe when we get a normal sleep schedule? One day.
I actually miss being pregnant. Do most people feel this way? It took us so long to get to that point and it I something I wanted badly, now that it’s over, I miss it. It ended a little sooner than expected too but that was always a chance. When we were in the NICU there was a super nice couple who had their twins at 27 weeks. Talk about ending too soon! Although, now that I think about it, that’s how far along I was when we had the first preterm labor scare. I wonder how they are fairing, if they’ve gotten to take their babies home yet.
I knew the hospital I chose was a level 3 NICU but I didn’t realize that meant they we experts at taking care of up to 24 weekers. I didn’t even know babies could  survive when born that early. Thank you research and advancements! Go Baylor Medical Center of Grapevine!
Lastly, why do people ask about other kids when you have a newborn? I haven’t been out much but when I am out I get about three questions:
1. Are they twins? Duh…
2. Do you have any other kids? Nope.
3. Do you want to have anymore? Well maybe let me focus on the brand new babies I have right now…
That’s all my ramblings for today.

XOXO – Lindsey 

A Little Bit Crazy

The boys are eight weeks today. This mommy is starting to lose it a little bit. 

As I’ve mentioned before, premature babies are delayed in milestones however many weeks they were early. Which is important now because of their lack of sleep. And my lack of sleep. Probably most effected in this category is The Hubs. He is currently operating on approximately 4-6 hours of sleep daily. I don’t know how he’s doing it and I’m incredibly nervous about returning to work if they boys aren’t sleeping better within the next month. We are co-sleeping currently. No where in my plans did I intend for this to happen. But when they sleep maybe 20 minute increments in the bassinet or 2-3 hour intervals in our arms, guess which won the battle. I don’t want this to continue though.
In my usual style, I’ve been scavaging the web for information. I’ve read Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child also. Across the board, the info says you cannot “spoil” a baby 3-4 months old.  You also cannot start sleep training/conditioning, if you so chose, before 2 months (from their due date). 
So, for us that means 3 months and another 4 weeks of craptastic sleep. 
It’s not just the lack of sleep at night either that is making me looney.  It’s the fact that during the day I cannot put the Nuggets down. Not for more than a few minutes – like two. They won’t sleep in their cribs, swings, or bouncy chairs. Sleep only occurs on Mommy’s chest.  This wouldn’t be too much of a problem with a singleton but with both of them….leaves me banished to the couch. Not moving.
The only way to go to the bathroom/eat/or make bottles is to just listen to them cry and scream at me. This also contributes to crazy town.
I love my babies more than life itself but the lack of sleep and any time not sitting on the couch is getting to me. I blog from my cell phone currently with both Nuggets drapped across me. I do practically everything from my cell actually. 
I have made it outside twice this week. Both babies yelling at me when I put them in their carriers but I couldn’t take the couch any longer. Plus, I need some exercise and fresh air. Eventually they settled and I enjoyed a glorious 45 minutes outside. But tonight the cold front comes in and we’ll be stuck indoors.
I know this won’t last forever and I’m not wishing any time away but the sooner they sleep better would be great!

Poop Humor

As first time parents there are a lot of things that make me laugh.  A lot of things make me want to cry too but lets focus on the funny moments, especially ones that have to do with The Hubs and dirty diapers.

1. The Hubs stopped in the middle of dinner to change a diaper. When he came back he said, “probably shouldn’t have had pizza in my mouth when I opened that diaper.” He was done eating after that.

2. In our house The Hubs developed a poopy diaper rating system. However many wipes are needed – for example; a very messy diaper is a 5 wipe alarm.
3. The Hubs managed to get poop under one of his fingernails. After years of me telling him not to chew his nails, he has finally stopped.
4. My favorite is all the ohhh’s and eww’s that come out of the room when he’s back there changing one of the boys.
5. When someone passes gas in the room, I honestly have to ask if it was Daddy or one of the babies!
There will definitely be a lot of moments over the years to laugh at and I’m looking forward to them all!
Xoxo – Lindsey

Due Date

I’ve been trying to post for a week now…The boys are 41 weeks today. To think that technically they’re just now past their due date is crazy! Especially since today they are already a month old!

Premie babies get an adjusted age. Meaning, even though they will be a month old, developmentally they are viewed as just born. For example, their coordination while eating is still a work in progress and that is completely normal. 
They also had their newborn pictures done last Tuesday. Brittany with did my maternity pictures and was here to do the boys as well. Love her. If you are in the DFW area I highly recommend checking her out. Very creative and her pricing can’t be beat.
Things in the Allen household are intense. My help left. My mum was here the first week we were home and my aunt came in the following week, now I’m on my own while The Hubs is at work. Eeek! 
The boys are definitely on different schedules. They eat around the same time but Wes refuses to latch on anymore because the bottle is easier (very disappointing) so he’s on formula and whatever I can pump. Corbin is 90% breastfed. It wasn’t the way I envisioned it but it’s the best we can do. Corbin likes to make his most wakeful, fussy period between 12-2 am. Yikes.
We got the official weigh in numbers at their ped appointment on Tuesday. Weston is at 7.12 and Corbin is at 5.12!  These are great weigh in numbers. Although she wants to see Corbin gaining a bit more.
This past month has been some of the most trying times and incredibly emotional but I’m so glad we are where we are now and excited for the future!!

XOXO – Lindsey 

Settling? Or Surviving

Happy Halloween blog world!

Someone asked me if we were settling in…what kind of question is that? It’s more like surviving.

The boys came home during The Hubs second week off of work – he only took two weeks off. It wasn’t ideal since they were in the NICU almost the whole two weeks but since I wasn’t supposed to be driving, it was necessary. Anyhow, he returned to work on Monday. Thank God my mom came up to help. Total life saver. 
I feel terrible for The Hubs. He’s exhausted. The Nuggets need more individualized help while feeding, so I cannot just plop them in my lap and plug a bottle in their mouths, and they’re too small and/or not corrdinated enough to tandem breastfeed still. And since they never coordinate the timing just right…The Hubs ends up waking up for every feed. Then he gets up for work at 5:30 am. I’m tired just thinking about it. My mom takes them first thing in the morning so I get a few extra hours of sleep, to which I am grateful and sane because of.
I’ve only called the peditrician once in the week they’ve been home. I think that’s a win for a first time mom (of NICU twins). My sons pass gas like grown men. Seriously. I think their tummies are not agreeing with the supplemented formula we are using. With the pedi’s blessing, we are switching to a type that is especially for gas. I’m pumping and nursing but my supply is still insufficient and we have to keep their calories up, so formula is a necessary evil. I’m able to make it through the day without crying regarding my supply but it’s still discouraging. With the help of others recommendations (mothers milk blend, stinging nettle tea, mothers milk tea, goat rue), it’s increased slightly but I’m still producing less than 2 oz every time I pump. 
In other news, in true Hallows Eve spirit, I have the cutest costumes for the Nuggets but they are way too big for these little guys. I might try and put them on anyways. Pictures in days to follow.
Sleepy C with a sleepy daddy 

I’m completely in love if you couldn’t tell…

XOXO – Lindsey