2018 In Summary


Well here we are again.  Another year in the books.  When I think about life now it’s almost everything before the boys entered into our world and everything since.  Recently, I went to dinner with several of my college besties and we started talking about college days (which feels like a lifetime ago) and memories were dredged up from a corner of my brain I didn’t realize was there.  I also realized without those valuable and long lasting friendships, memories that would probably have been forgotten.

Life is a funny thing.  It makes me think about individuals like my grandparents that are 92/93 years young, who survived immigration, famine, wars and raising ELEVEN children.  Can you even imagine the number of life’s moments that are tucked away in their memories?  I feel lucky that in this day and age the ability to take pictures and videos is literally in my pocket at all times.  I’m also so curious to see what develops in the next 30 years.  Flying cars?

2018 has been an eventful year and that has been partially contributed to returning to the workforce full time.  Its afforded us things we have talked and dreamt about for a while now.  

We bought a travel trailer.  Technically, that was at the very end of 2017 but this past year is when we began to really use it.  We’ve taken it to a few near by state parks in TX and OK.  We even tested out the ability to camp with others, all squished into just our camper.  We have definitely used it as a “guest house” when we go visit Kemp and my brother’s family stayed in it when the house overflowed during the boys’ birthday celebrations.  In true cousin Eddy style, we actually plan to take it as our home away from home for the out of town holiday festivities this year! She’s a beaut Clark!

In January, our family grew!  My younger brother and his wife had a baby!  He is such a chunky monkey and watching him (via photos) grow this year is the best. Early this year we also went to Monster Jam (total disaster), took a spring break staycation in Fort Worth and Josh completed his RCIA journey.

Josh and I also took our first adult only vacation away from the boys to Puerto Adventures in March.  I felt a bit of guilt but my parents were here to love on them and I also really tried to prioritize my marriage. I am fully and completely obsessed with my children but before them I was equally as obsessed with The Hubs.  I don’t think I am any less obsessed but our attention to each other is obviously split now.  So we spent an entire 5 days solely focused on each other.  It was awesome.  There were somethings about the resort and the location I wasn’t super pleased with but overall, it was a much needed time together.

I wrote a post about what we did mostly this summer and how Corbin’s surgery recovery actually took a large chunk of time but we did have lots of fun too!  Corbin and Weston fine tuned their swimming skills, lots of backyard fun, went on several camp trips and plenty of gatherings with friends.  We also finally made our first trip to Destin, FL and I’m quite sure we’re never going to any other beach.  SO beautiful and now we know why Texans flock there in the summer time.  The AirBnB we stayed in was THE perfect location and the trip was just relaxing and enjoyable.  We also have a list of things we plan to do next year!

The fall always means lots of birthday celebrations and parties for our crew. We took a trip to Broken Bow and had  blast with a big group of friends and followed closely by the holidays.  Thanksgiving blends right into Christmas and here we are…the year’s end.  

It’s not over yet!  In the homestretch of the year, we decided to do some much needed renovations on the outside of our home.  We’ve been slowly updating and beautifying the inside but the outside was looking rough.  Painters are working as we speak!  I’m terrified I didn’t pick the right colors (happens to me every time) but once everything is all said and done….I’ll post pictures of the finished product.

Christmas is next week (eek!) and I feel pretty ready.  I’ve been thoroughly enjoying all the get togethers and Christmas cheer.  We are headed south and I’m excited to get to snuggle nieces and nephews, eat and drink too much and enjoy the merriment.  




Spring Time In Texas

I wrote this post when it was still spring time.  But in true Lindsey fashion, I’m posting it a month late.

Spring was pretty “spring-ish” this year.  In North Texas (which is drastically different then South Texas) we don’t really get four full seasons but this area gets sorta seasons.  Mostly, we get a whole lotta HOT and a little bit of cold and a teeeeeny bit in-between. This year our spring was actually lovely.  Minus the allergies.

hats, gloves and beanies are not typical for your bluebonnet pictures

This year we bought a travel trailer.  The Hubs and I have always loved (tent) camping and since we’ve had the boys…well lets just say I had zero desire to drag pack’n’plays and diapers into the mix.  I used to complain, if we had a camper we could “camp” since it’s pretty much a house on wheels.  Welp, The Hubs finally listened.  We bought a 2013 travel trailer in December.



Unfortunately, we find ourselves super busy (nothing new) and if we don’t prioritize camping trips, they don’t happen.  We’ve used the trailer as a home away from home while visiting Gramma (my mother in law) and it was absolutely great!

My goal for this summer is to camp at least once a month.  If we cannot manage to use the camper, we don’t need to have it and pay insurance/storage.  I wish we had a driveway where we could park it but we live on a hill, so even parking it in front of the house is sketch.

Whats up next?

S U M M E R    T I M E

So far the calendar looks a bit like this

  • A trip to Gramma’s for swimming fun
  • Reunion with our old pre-school buddies (hopefully)
  • Visit our old stomping grounds, New Braunfels, TX, and hopefully find a spot on River Road where the boys can stomp and splash around in the Guadalupe River.  It’s interesting to think, the last time I left South Texas, my heart was hurting while dealing with unexplained infertility and now we get to take our boys to one of our favorite places 
  • LOTS of pool & backyard days
  • In September we’re going to finally take our first trip to Destin, FL

We need to have a family meeting and put a “Summer To Do” wishlist together for the summer months ahead.


I have lot of other things to blog about like the boys sleeping challenges (bad dreams, sleep apnea, our Mexico vaca) so I’ll be back.  Soon, I promise.



Easter 2018

I’m a day month late but better then never.

Easter 2018 was extra special.  The Hubs went through the journey to become Catholic and joined the church on March 31, 2018.

I am a “cradle Catholic” (baptized as a baby and raised) in the church.  When I met The Hubs, he was not heavily involved in any church.  He was raised in a more non-denominational Christian design and I worried that he and I would “fit” in the long run. To be completely honest, in my early twenties I wasn’t doing a great job with my faith journey either.  But I knew what was important to me and Josh assured me through loving words and actions that we would make the long haul.

God obviously knows what he is doing and here we are 13 years later.  I cannot claim to be the reason The Hubs decided to become Catholic.  He prayed for a sign and saw it while at mass one week.  The Hubs tells me that he wouldn’t have been at mass if he wasn’t married to me, if we weren’t setting the example for the boys and I wasn’t dragging everyone out the door on Sunday mornings.

I don’t think the source of the reason is necessarily important but while he’s gone through the RCIA journey, as his sponsor, my eyes have been opened and I have learned much more about my faith and grown in my religion.  I believe the timing was just right and I’m so grateful for where we are now. Together. Forever.

Congrats my love. No one is more proud or loves you more than me



A Decade.

If you don’t know our story, here it is.


Let me set the scene:

2005 College Station, Texas: I, along with my best friend Jenn, enter the pool area.  It’s March which means it’s a crap shoot on what the weather will be like but on this day it was quite nice but too cold to swim. Everyone is just lounging around enjoying the sunshine. Jenn proceeds to introduce me to a bunch of dudes and a few other girls and, with the exception of a few, this crowd makes up our entire gang headed to Gulf Shores for one last colligate spring break trip.

I am in the minority of only knowing two in the group but almost instantly, everyone is a friend.  I specifically remember seeing a six pack of beers floating in the pool.  I laughed out loud and asked who did that (pretty genius since the water was so cold) and it was none other then Josh. This is the trip that ended with The Hubs relentlessly pursuing me, to which he eventually succeeded.

Months and even years later when we run into other people who were on the trip, would say to us, “I still CANNOT believe y’all got married”.

Honestly, spring break isn’t a place where you’d meet someone you can really connect with but this spring break was different.  Well before dawn, we squished too many people into a group of cars and caravanned the ten hours.  We had the coolest baby blue beachfront house with some of the coolest people filling up the rooms. We played endless rounds of beer pong (which no one wanted me on their team), the guys jammed on their guitars, suntanning, SO much time porch sitting talking (and drinking) and making memories of a lifetime.


On the loooong way home (which included St Patty’s day in New Orleans….best trip ever!), The Hubs flirted unabashedly….and I was not interested.  I wasn’t interested in a long distance boyfriend and he was still in school at A&M and I at UNT.

I’ll try and shorten up this long story: Josh wouldn’t take no for an answer.  He came up to visit and asked me to dinner. I told him I had homework.  When I finally conceded, I made two of my girls come to dinner with us.  The next visit we spent more time without chaperones and the rest is history.  I fell for him.

After both of our graduations, The Hubs had a job lined up in San Antonio and I had just lost mine.  I wasn’t willing to continue the long distance with another two hours (five total) between us.  He promised me that he intended to marry me (with a ring) and convinced me to move to San Antonio a brief nine months after meeting.  When you know, you know.

Another eight months later, we snuck off to the justice of the peace and got hitched.  We wanted to buy a house and being married helped that process and we were already planning on it anyhow.  Josh proposed the night before by borrowing a guitar at an open mic night and sang Who I Am by Wade Bowen.  I was on my lunch break and had to get back to my temp job.  No one knew.  We were saving money for our wedding and we didn’t want people to skip our actual wedding because we were already married.  So it stayed a secret.  For the most part.  Josh slipped up in his excitement to a few people, after one too many but they kept it under wraps for us (as far as we know).

So our wedding day was technically nine years ago today, on October 26, 2007 but we have been married since 2006.  To make things simple, we only celebrate our wedding day as our anniversary but I don’t want to diminish that first year of marriage.


And I’ve never looked back.  The last ten years have been full of ups and downs but I wouldn’t changed a single moment because all of it combined, has brought us to this point in our lives.  And I’ll say, it’s a damn good place for us.

Modern Studios Photography

I love you babe, with all of my heart; it’s much fuller because of you.




Three Year Olds

Our boys turned three years old.  Three years have gone by since those teeny tiny little nuggets entered our world and changed everything.  I could cry.  As ALL parents say, it really does go by fast.  The days of newborns are the longest and the shortest days in the weirdest way possible.  After that, it just picks up pace.  I never wished to “rush” through any phase (even potty training) because I knew once it was over, that was it.



This just doesn’t seem like that long ago to me.



My West.  He is exactly that, a momma’s boy.  The world ends if Daddy attempts to dry Weston off after the bath tub.  I use that to my advantage and he hops out of the bath super fast.  Weston is a ball of emotion on most days and can swing from being the sweetest, loving, giggly boy to incredibly frustrated and upset with anyone and everyone.  He is a lot like me in that sense…every feeling is full of emotion.  He looks out for Corbin and loves to introduce them to other people, first saying his name and then pointing out Corbin.

At their three year check up,  Weston weighed in at 33 lbs and 38.5″ tall.  He is slightly above the fiftieth percentile for weight and right at the seventy fifth percentile for height. Weston still naps on occasion and when he does, he naps hard.  He sleeps through the night like a champ, rarely getting up and on most days I can hardly get him out of bed in the morning (again, similar to mom).

Things I don’t want to forget: Every morning, Weston runs into my arms and tucks his head into my neck so his eyes can get used to the light.  When I go to pick him up from school, he grins and squeezes me so tight and says, “I’m so glad you’re here”.   When he laughs at his brother, its a full belly laugh if Cor does something silly and the way he says big words like, “incredible and amazing” when we go new places.  How Weston always wants to help me with chores.




Corbin is still more of a Daddy’s boy.  He wakes up early on most days to make sure he sees  Daddy before he leaves for work. Daddy always says goodbye but Corbin will look for him half of the morning, asking where he went.  Corbin is my snuggle bug though and will lay with me for a few minutes before he fully wake up and always wants to play what I call Marco Mommy with me.  If I am in another room he will call, “mommy” and I respond and this continues until he locates me.  Corbin is more independent then his brother though and likes to entertain himself, but he also really loves to aggravate Weston.  He will take a toy he knows Weston wants and then run away and make Weston chase him. It usually ends with Corbin throwing it behind the couch/table/tub and Weston in tears.  I can only image how these “fights” will progress.

Corbin weighed in at 30.2 pounds and 38 inches tall.  His weight falls just below the fiftieth percentile and his hight was at the seventy fifth.  Tall and lean as he has always been.  Corbin sleeps through the night about 60% of the time.  He sometimes wakes up to go potty or needs reassurance after a bad dream.  Sometimes he just comes in to snuggle (to which we send him back to bed).  It’s a small prayer every night that he (we) make it through.

Things I don’t want to forget:  Corbin with his blanket and sucking his thumb (I know).  How he will share with his brother and, if Weston is upset, he tries to fix it.  Corbin will thank you for doing something for him (like Daddy built the playground for them and a month later, he’s still saying thank you). How he has the goofiest grin when someone tells him to smile for a picture.  How much he loves to build parking lots (cars lined up), when he tells me “follow me Mommy” and pulls my hand.  How animated and excited he is when he talks about everything.


The nuggets are total boys.  They love trains trucks, cars, dirt and messes.  They’re not so much into bugs…yet.  In the love of all trucks, we had a Fire Truck themed birthday party.

I found Fire Truck 2 You with Fireman Scott, that brings a real fire truck right to your party. It was so outstanding, I couldn’t recommend a more fun event.  I actually attended a community event last night and discovered we are kinda infamous in the neighborhood from this party since the mayor’s daughter in law stopped to inquire about it.  Whoa, right?

The boys were in love with every aspect, except honking the horn.  Corbin did that once and scared more than half the party’s attendants, including himself and that was that.  No more honking.  But each child had the opportunity to climb in and out of the truck, turn on the lights, push buttons, etc.  They had fireman outfits to put on and Fireman Scott even talked about firemen and how they are there to help and not to be scared.  It was truly a unique and exciting party for the boys.  My next door neighbor (who brought his grand daughter) was my favorite, as he was as interested in participating as the three year olds.

I couldn’t recommend Fire Truck 2 You and Scott to more people then I have, i.e., everyone.  If you have a kiddo between the ages of three to ten, it is a GREAT party idea.  I mom failed on the pictures and relied on everyone else to capture the day.  Luckily, I have great friends.

Our babies are three but they will always be my babies.  I can’t even read that book




Young, Wild and Three Shirts – MeCollection15


Summer Months

So much has happened this summer and I haven’t documented the half of it.

The Nuggets can swim.  Like, really swim.  Put their little faces into the water and swim across the pool to our waiting arms.  Take leaping jumps off the edge and swim.  This is a major improvement from the initial swim lessons we took last year and earlier this summer.  I am absolutely certain that those lessons were important in their success but Suzy’s Swim School in Arlington is in a different league.


Ms. Suzy is a elementary school teacher full time but in the summers she works her magic in the pool.  In a total of eight, 30 minute lessons the boys became little fish!

In August, we also took a trip to Broken Bow, OK.  I couldn’t live there (this girl doesn’t do country full time) but gosh, I love that place.  It’s so stink’n beautiful and it doesn’t hurt that we stay in these gorgeous luxury cabins.

We had a small family reunion on The Hubs’ dad’s side.  It was the perfect central location for everyone to drive in and the only problem we had was not enough time together.


The Hubs and I were also honored when our favorite friends asked us to be their daughter’s godparents.  Its a big responsibility for the two of us to ensure we lead her in faith by example.


Wrapping up our “last” summer weekend, we felt all kinds of popular because we had three parties to attend on Saturday.

  • Miss Harper turned four years old!
  • The McDaniel/Wilcox Couple’s Shower
  • Autumn’s (good college friend) baby shower

Of course all three parties were in vastly different parts of the metroplex but we made it.  Thirty minutes late to each party but we attended nevertheless.

I assisted in hosting the baby shower and I’m gonna just say it, we’re getting pretty good at this whole hosting-showers-thing.


Jenn graciously opened up her always clean, (kid free) beautifully decorated home so we had the best setting.  I really enjoy hosting and attending baby showers as I  L O V E how our group of friends keeps growing.  Life is so good.

The boys started pre-school today but I’ll save that for my next post.  What, might you ask, did I do with my time while I was free…?  Nothing fancy.  Just a work out and a little lunch across town with a bestie and furniture shopping.  Shopping where I didn’t chase toddlers around begging (and praying) that they don’t break anything.  It was heaven.






In a world saturated with cameras and pictures E V E R Y W H E R E  I still value taking time aside to have a profession take our pictures.

I hoped to be that professional but, along with master seamstress and crafty girl extraordinar, I’ve fallen short. Not to say I can’t still accomplish it, it just seems I lack the time (wonder why) to devote becoming really great at any of them.

Fortunately, right before the boys were born I came across a picture on a twin mama blog that I about died over. It was sooo precious. Lucky for me, that twin mama is DFW based! What are the odds?! So I sought out the photographer and she’s taken our pictures since.

Bait Fav

Bait Pic1

Bait Pic4


Bait Pic7

I cannot express how much I appreciate pictures to document this time in life that is flying by but there’s something to be said about “special” time set aside to have your picture taken.

Oh how I love these two and what they have done to fill a huge void in our lives.





Well it’s June and I haven’t posted in six months. I obviously took a small hiatus.

I feel like I needed to take a break but now I’m a little disappointed that I did. Mostly because I love being able to go back and recall with certainty things we’ve done throughout the months…Because they keep flying by! So much has happened and I can’t even begin to cover it all so I’ll update as I get back into the swing of things.

Over the last six months the boys have excelled. They talk constantly and they’ve entered the phase of pretending. 

Which I  L O V E !!

It’s so stinkn cute to see them playing together and pretending their feet are tires and how they help each other repair their flat tires and fill each other up with gasoline so they have fuel to run circles around the house/yard. This is my favorite thing about this age.

I have to translate some of what they say to other people but most of it is understandable. Now if they start talking about pretend stuff, the majority of people (including The Hubs) need assistance. They both love to introduce themselves and each other when someone asks them their names. Never fails, each time someone asks, Weston speaks up first and says, “I Weton, he Cormin”. They also know Mommy and Daddy’s names and it’s funny to hear them say Lindsey or Josh. 

We spend our summer days playing inside/outside in the morning, story time at the library or running errands. 

Before school let out the Toddler Time at Urban Air Trampoline park was a weekly destination. SO FUN. Even I really enjoy myself. It was only $5 a kid and parents jump free. It’s discontinued for the summer though. Totally worth it and we’re ready for it to come back.

About once a a week, I drop them at Kids Park to play for a few hours while I run around (and get 100% more done) without them. It’s always a nice break for all of us. I have developed a bit of a shopping addiction at Old Navy though.

They’re still going down for a nap at 1:00p but I now have to sit in the room with them, otherwise they just play forever and fall asleep right before I am supposed to go in and get them up. So it’s usually a 1:30p-3:00p nap. 99% of the time, I have to go in and wake them up. I’m sure they’d sleep until 4:00 and not go to bed until midnight. No thanks.

We spend the afternoon swimming or playing inside. Playing outside or at the park in the afternoon isn’t really an option because it’s Texas and it’s June and therefore 90°+ and that’s just too hot for these little guys.Luckily, they really enjoy swimming and during our lessons, they’re really doing well! Kicks and reaches, bubbles and big jumps off the side of the pool. I’m quite proud of my little fishes.

Bedtime is a bit of a battle and we’re about to transition to big boy beds. Which is going to make it even less fun but it’s time, because Weston is crawling to the top of the rails now and saying he is trying to get into Corbin’s crib. An injury is just waiting to happen and I’d like to avoid it. I’m just waiting until after our trip to WI in less than two weeks. 

So there is an update on our Nuggets.

Life in general has been super busy too. In January, The Hubs switched companies and is really enjoying his new role which is blessedly less stressful on him. We took a spontaneous ski trip to Red River. 

In February my younger brother proposed to his girl and we couldn’t be happier! March we were in Katy for Easter.

 In April, a week or so before my birthday, we welcomed our newest niece Mia Nicole and she’s beautiful! We also watched Vivienne for a night so the Slaughters could take a quick weekend away for their anniversary and the boys loved having her!

May was a trip to Houston for a work event for The Hubs which also scored us night away, that we thoroughly enjoyed. We also hosted a small Memorial Day pool party.

We also had ANOTHER slab leak, this time in the kitchen. A few weeks later we discovered a faulty connection which leaked water all over the carpet and ruined our kitchen floors. So we’re getting new floors soon! The kitchen remodel might actually get completed. 15 months in the working!! Ugh. Life 🙂

June was back to Katy (AGAIN) as I co-hosted an engagement party for the future newlyweds.

Whew. That was a lot!  Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things here because I barely scratched the surface. Gotta start somewhere, right?



December 2015

December was a busy and exciting month this year and when it came to a close I was kinda sad.  I’ll get to that later.  Quick recap….just a couple of weeks late.

This year we bought tickets for the North Pole Express in Grapevine and it was magical.  In all actuality, we could have waited another year for the boys to fully understand the whole concept.  As an adult though, it was so sweet to see all the other children who were SO excited.  Gramma Dee and Scott joined us on the adventure.


The North Pole Express starts at the Vintage Grapevine Railroad.  There were concessions (corn dogs, hot chocolate, steak on a stake (har-har)) to snack on before loading as you need to be there 45-50 minutes prior to your boarding time.  You can also pop into the Vetro Glass Blowing studio and watch them make really gorgeous pieces.  They’ll even allow you to make your own glass ornament.  Maybe we will do that in future years when the $30 ornament won’t be broken by one of the Nuggets about 4 seconds after hanging it on the tree.

We waited in line for about 15 minutes before they loaded us onto the train.  The boys were interested in the actual “choo-choo” but once we were on the train, it wasn’t quite as interesting.  This is why I think it’ll have more of a statement next year.  The train moves east at a pretty slow pace for about 10-12 minutes and everyone is encouraged to sing Christmas carols with the friendly elves.


Mrs. Clause makes and appearance and hands out the silver bells for Christmas spirit.



After the train ride we walked through a beautiful forrest of Christmas trees while SNOW was pumped though the area.  I didn’t get a picture because, although we were supposed to be walking, everyone else was stopping to get pictures and the bottleneck was throwing my anxiety into overdrive.  We proceeded into a large tent with colorful lights and patiently waited for Santa.  We were entertained with singing and dancing elves and finally Santa arrived.  The overall excitement level rose 100% with all of the children (except mine) and it was very sweet.  Afterwards everyone was given chocolate milk from Santa.


Although the boys weren’t totally understanding it all, it was worth it.  I enjoyed myself (and the much needed margarita afterwards) and as usual, look forward to how the boys will grow each year.

Christmas Eve service was crowded (as always) but luckily The Hubs got us great seats and the boys could see the entire re-enactment that the children put on of Christmas night and the birth of Jesus.  I teared up thinking of the Nuggets participating in the future.

Somehow, I managed to not take a single picture of us, or the boys in our Christmas best… #momfail.  Afterwards, we joined good friends, who were in from out of town, for a tradition of making egg rolls.  We went two years ago with the boys and they were only a couple of months old and everyone was just in awe as to much they’ve grown.

Christmas morning was abundant with blessings and waaaay too many toys (thanks Hubs).



Once we had all the present opening completed and cleaned up, we had a quick breakfast and loaded up to go to Gramma’s house.  Again, minimal pictures (some photographer I am). A day filled with lots of family, more presents and tons of food was outstanding.

Christmas (actually the entire holiday season of 2015) seemed to fly by this year, faster than years in the past.  I wasn’t ready to take down the decor (maybe because it took almost the whole month to get my house decorated in the first place). I wasn’t ready to pack up the Christmas attire or get rid of the tree.  Alas, time keeps moving even if I’m not ready for it.

We enjoyed The Hubs being home from work for a solid week and we rang in the new year with great friends in their gorgeous new home.


2015 was a bit sad for me because I was hoping to get another Nugget in the oven and it didn’t happen.  Infertility stands strong in this family and although we were hopeful that the first IVF process would “get things moving”, as Dr. Le put it, no such luck for us.  God has a plan.  God has a plan.  God has a plan.  It’s my manta.  2015 was an incredible year.  We’ve slowly started to complete home improvement projects that we’ve been dreaming about for 2.5 years.  I get to stay home with my Nuggets as a stay at home mama bear, something I never thought we would be able to do and our whole family is healthy.  God is good.





For The Record

While talking with my bestie yesterday she asked a few questions about how/what we did with the boys at “X” age.  I couldn’t remember specifically and I thought I could go back through the blog to figure out when we did something.  I had a similar conversation with myself here.

Well I’m at it again.  I’m not posting/documenting enough these days.

So my babies are little toddlers.  Like, real little toddlers.  When Erin was over with Vivienne, who is two months, the Nuggets were S O big.  I had to go back and look at videos from when they were that age and it seriously made me cry.


Awwwwww.  Alas, there is no going backwards. But real quick…2014

Christmas 2014


So my Nuggets are two years and two months old and Christmas is going to RULE this year.

They love to destroy mess with our tree.  In all fairness of “toddlerhood” they aren’t all that bad with the tree.  Weston likes to pull the ornaments off (and throw it back at the tree to see if it’ll stick) and touch the lights.  We’ve had several time-out sessions about trying to unplug/plug the lights in though.  Corbin just touches for the most part.  There are no presents under the tree because neither will leave them alone.  #Understandable.

We visited Santa at the Parks of Arlington Mall and it was fantastic!  Well I thought it was.  The boys were kind of terrified of the sleigh ride experience.  Yep, this little trip was totally worth it because we got to talk to Shrek and Donkey on the Skype -phone, take an interactive flight school, “fly a sleigh”, build a ginger bread cookie and THEN we met Santa.  Totally worth the $11 for the picture.


At least they’re not sobbing.


They are finally talking! Like putting-multiple-words-together-in-a-sentence kind of talking.  Weston hears everything we say and, like a little echo, says it back to us.  They both try to say anything we ask them to repeat, although it doesn’t always sound like the words.  They are trying though and that’s what is important.  The refer to both of themselves and each other as Wey-wey and Cor-cor.  Not always accurately.


After Thanksgiving, both boys came home with a cold.  Weston’s turned into a sinus infection so we were at the doctor.  He weighs 29 lbs and is 35.5″ tall.  He wears a 2T/3T, depending on the store.  West knows all of his colors and can almost count to five.  He is developing his independence daily.  Code for: he is in time out more often these days for not listening, hitting or throwing things.  Weston eats okay.  He isn’t into meat much unless it is ground (turkey/beef/chicken) and even then, it’s hit or miss.  He love broccoli with cheese which is a win in my book.  I still sneak veggies were ever I can and they both like almost all fruit.  He loooooooooves snacks.


Weston is still sleeping well (except when sick) but is having a harder time falling asleep before nap/bedtime.  He’s not crying or getting upset but he takes anywhere for 40 minutes to an hour.  We’ve tried pushing bedtime back but he continues to need that wind down time.  It’s been this way, on and off, for a while now.  I’m not sure but I’m beginning to think that the (sacred) nap time might be too long.


We also cut the tail off Weston’s monkey last month.  Have I already mentioned that?  What does that mean exactly….?  A friend of mine gave both boys a little monkey that holds on/attached to a lovey (tiny blanket).  Corbin found his thumb early on but Weston discovered the monkey.  He didn’t love on the lovey part but instead would suck on the tail.  He’s done this since we stopped swaddling them.  We would rotate the two monkeys and wash them as much as possible but it was still gross.  Daddy decided it was time to cut it off and I was terrified we’d have a very upset boy.  The Hubs told Weston that he bit it off.  He was slightly confused and would still search for it but he held up pretty well.  I also wonder if this is why he takes so much longer to go to sleep as we took away the way he soothes himself.



Corbin did not have to go to the doctor so the scale at home says he weighs 27.8 pounds and he is approximately the same height as West, so I’m going with about 35″ tall.  He could be the exact same height but it’s like herding cats to get them to stand still and/or next to one another so I don’t know for sure. Corbin is an even picker eater then I thought he could be.  He has pretty much a total aversion to meat unless it’s a hot dog (ugh).  He loves to dip things, is totally into snacks and is crazy about refried beans.  He also looooooves carrots. So thats a plus.


Corbin is not quite as assertive as Weston but he still lets me know his dissatisfaction.  Usually by sobbing his eyes out, whereas his brother hits/throws/screams.  I have to tell myself constantly to be consistent because it’s SO much harder not to cave when he is SO sad.  The Hubs can barely take it.  He loses his mind a little bit when they get upset.


Corbin is obsessed with his blankie and sucks his thumb.  I am starting to see the thumb taking a toll on his teeth.  He sucks his left thumb, off to the side of his mouth and the left front too is starting to stick out.  I also sucked my thumb as a kid and my teeth were terrible (I wore braces for 7 years).  I have no idea how we would start to break him of this habit anytime soon.  I think he’s still too little.  He sleeps awesome, with the exception of the occasional bad dream.  He will wake up crying but as soon as you go in, pat him on the back and reassure him that you are there, he goes right back to sleep.


This weekend we have tickets to ride the North Pole Express in Grapevine and I am beyond excited.  The tickets go on sale in October and they are a hot commodity.  You have to buy them EARLY.  I barely got enough for all of us (Gramma Dee & Scott will be participating in the fun too).  I think I should actually watch the Polar Express movie to know what the whole thing is based around but I know the Nuggets are going to be absolutely delighted that they get to ride a choo-choo. 

This Christmas season we have already had so much fun crafting ornaments, attempts making a gingerbread house, destroying decorating the Christmas tree and shopping.  Let’s not talk about how that last one goes.





We are truly blessed beyond measure and look forward to teaching the boys more about the reason for the season.