Tall Maternity

I am what most people would call, T A L L. tall girl1 That’s me.  The tall one in the middle.  The other beauties are all wearing heels. I measure in at just shy of 5’11”.  I used to measure in just under six foot but I’m shrinking.  Bad posture, scoliosis and a broken neck injury all add to my loss in height status.  That is my diagnoses.  This is also why I must get back into yoga.  I digress.

My best friend is also a tall chick (six foot).  In college we would be referred to as the “twin towers” because we were tall (duh) and not shy about throwing on a pair of 3″ to 5″ heels.  You could see us coming from a mile away.  Not really but you know.

Anyhow, Erin is preggers and she is now to the point where you can no longer squeeeeze into the pre-pregnancy clothes.  The hair band trick and the belly band aren’t cutting it.  It’s time to buy maternity clothes. Being a tall chick makes that task difficult.

I remember when I sat down and thought about which months I would go through in my pregnancy, I was concerned about cold weather months.  Although more and more shops/websites/stores are carrying “long” sizes, most of the inseam maxes out at 33″ or 34″.  That doesn’t cut it.  Lucky for me, I was large and in charge during warm weather months.  I wore a lot of skirts, dresses and shorts.  I also didn’t even have to get dressed for the last 2.5 months of my pregnancy due to bed rest.

25 weeks
31 weeks

Let’s get back to my point. Maternity options for a tall mamas-to-be:

  • Target is not the only option.  They have great under/tanks and t-shirts, I wasn’t a fan of most of their maternity wear.  Their “long” pants are a joke.
  • Motherhood Maternity – Low to moderate prices plus really great sales.  Their “long” pants were *gasp*, long enough for me.  Their shorts and tanks were awesome.  Loved.   Them.
  • A Pea in the Pod is a moderate price tag.  I found items I liked at Motherhood so I didn’t end up purchasing any of these products.  The did appear to be a higher quality though.
  • Gap – best maternity T-shirts and tanks on the planet.  Every pregnant lady/mama I’ve met has agreed with me on that one.  I also got my most favorite skirt ever from there and if it wasn’t so obviously maternity, I’d probably still wear it.
  • Long Tall Sally – professional work attire.  Moderate price tag, long inseams
  • Old Navy – None of their pants were long enough for me but if you have an inseam less than 34″ it’s a good option for you.  They do sell extra long on the website.
  • PinkBlush Maternity has nothing specifically for tall people but their stuff is soooo cute so I had to tag it onto my list.

The other key is to know how to dress to make the most out of maternity cothes.  You don’t have to wear pants.  Ever.  You can buy dresses and skirts and leggings and crops and never even worry about pants.  Remember to layer stuff to change up your limited wardrobe.   I am NOT a fashion blogger.  I’m too poor to be a fashion anything but I can copy other people’s style like no other. Cardigans, blazers, scarves can all add a whole new look to something you wore last week.  Put leggings on under a dress and throw on a scarf.  Boom. I think I’m going to go home and try to copy this outfit non-maternity style!

This gorgeous mama from birdalamode shows how to change up one dress in several ways:

Image Cred

I live in Texas. And it’s summer.  So if it’s hot and humid don’t try layering when you know you’ll be outside because you’ll end up with a dang heat stroke.  At a minimum you’ll be incredibly uncomfortable, possibly nauseous or dizzy. But if you have to work in an office environment where, like mine, they keep it as cold as a meat locker, then layering will work.

Being pregnant is such a great experience (for me), so I hope you can really enjoy it!  I hope to do it again one day.



The Boys Arrival

I’ll update you all with the details of everything later but our boys are here!

Weston Lain and Corbin William made their debut at 35 weeks and 5 days – my water broke at 1 am on Wed morning and off we went.
Both we’re doing well at birth and the NICU team left. We were thrilled that they could room in with us. 
Over the next two days they were monitored closely and we struggling with eating and began to lose too much weight. Last night/early this morning the pediatrician made the call to move them both to NICU. I am very emotionally as I had them by my side for 48 hours and now they’re not.
Everyone is very positive about their care and progress and don’t predict a long stay. I’m sad/devastated that they won’t be coming home with us tomorrow but that was always a chance.
All the nurses coo over how cute they are and everyone at Baylor Grapevine Medical Center has been awesome. 
I’m just ready for the WHOLE family to be together.

Soooo Close!

I almost felt like we’d never get here.  But I’m just a few short days away from 36 weeks!  I’m so happy I was able to get this far (and hopefully a few more weeks).

I’m huge.

34 Weeks – Go Cowboys!!

35 Weeks

I don’t know how I’m going to keep getting bigger.  The Nuggets are supposed to gain approximately an ounce a day!  I’m done stretching.  These lil guys are always in my ribcage.  I think I’ve “dropped” because the pressure/pain in my pelvic area is intense.  It actually made me laugh when I was getting out of the truck for a doctor’s appointment yesterday because it’s astounding how much it can ache.

We’ve scheduled a C-section for Oct 22nd at noon.  I’m hoping my body will start going into labor naturally by then since I stop the Procardia this week.  Even with the meds, I’ve had tons of Braxton Hicks, so who knows how I’ll progress from here.

Even being this far along.  Even with all the punches, kicks and rolls coming from my very swollen belly, sometimes I still cannot believe it.  I’m pregnant.  The babies are almost here!

I was supposed to be pregnant years ago.  I was supposed to have an easy, fitness focused pregnancy.  Not wait 5+ years.  No IVF.  No bed rest.  Regardless, God is good.  He knows better than me.  I’m more patient.  I’m more mature.  My career is in a better place.  My faith was definitely rocked over the five years we were trying to conceive and I feel badly about it but I’ve reminded myself that it was never up to me and my grand plan.

Anywhere in the next week and half (up to Oct 22), we will finally meet our twin boys and have the family I’ve been dreaming about.

35 Weeks Pregnant – Week 7 of Bed Rest

35 weeks today. Remember when I went into the hospital the first time?  I was only like 26-27 weeks along….scary!  I don’t have a doctor’s appointment until tomorrow, so I’m not getting dressed today.  I’ll have a picture posted tomorrow.  Maybe.

I never thought this pregnancy would take over my blog.  But since the only journey I’ve been on for the past 2 months has been pregnancy, you get your fill of me talking about it.

I cannot wait to go out eat again.  To go shopping (not online).  To attend events.  Like this one, yes Christmas stuff is already peeking it head out. It’s happening this weekend, so obviously I cannot go, buuuut soon I’ll be free.  Who am I kidding?  I will be pretty much house grounded for a while, even after The Nuggets arrive but shhhh, let me pretend.  I digress.  The Junior League of Ft. Worth is putting on their annual Christmas in Cowtown, which is pretty much just a crafty Christmas event with lots of crafty merchants selling their, you guessed it, crafts.

I already missed the Home and Garden show.  The bonus about living between Dallas and Ft. Worth is a lot of these events are hosted in one city and then a few weeks later, hosted in the other.  If you miss one, you get a second chance.  Unless you’re in the hospital (first event) or on bed rest (second event).

The other challenge I’m facing is my house.  It’s so disorganized.  I am so so so grateful to The Hubs for all he’s done over the past 7 weeks.  If you came over for a visit you probably wouldn’t think much of the state of my home.  But I do. I’m a spaz.  I don’t do well with clutter or items being out of place.  I cannot stand the mail stacking up on the counter or the coffee pot pulled away from the wall.  Little things. 

Additionally, we only moved into this house a little over a month before I was put on bed rest.  That means the decor is lacking, their are projects that need to be done and I want to decorate for Halloween/Fall season.  All things The Hubs really doesn’t feel are necessary.  And I won’t push it either.  He does plenty. 

So my mantel is bare.  Curtains are not hung.  Decorations are non-existant.  All of these things will become far less important once these squirmy boys arrive.

Just Rest

34 weeks yesterday!

The Nuggets were measured.

Nugget A has a big ol’ head.  His head is measuring ahead a few weeks and his belly and legs are lagging.  The doctor didn’t seem super worried.  He just said, we need to see you twice a week now and keep monitoring them.  Question after question from The Hubs and the doctor elaborated that the most important part of the baby is the brain, so sometimes when the growing environment isn’t ideal (i.e. enough space) the nutrients will be sent to the brain.  He’s weighing in around 4.9 lbs, the cord flow, movement and heart beat are all good.  Just a big nogg’n.

Nugget B was in the same boat; his head is about on track for 34 weeks but his belly and legs are a bit behind.  He weighs in around 4.1 lbs, his cord flow, movement and heart beat are also strong.  He is still frank breech.

Dr. Payne reassured us that everything is still okay for now and quote “our babies won’t be bobble heads for our dashboards”.  He said he hopes to get closer to 36 weeks but if the environment becomes more of a problem, we’d should get them out sooner than later.  He told me to go home and…..rest.  Seriously?  Could I “rest” anymore? My weight gain is on track (31 lbs!) and my diet is healthy (minus the excess sugar).  Sooooo rest was the only advice.  Talk about a bummer.  I thought I was going to get my restrictions lifted towards the end but that is not happening.

I go back and forth about all this extra information because if they weren’t twins, they wouldn’t be measuring them as much.  Or if were were taking a more natural approach, I wouldn’t even get ultrasounds, let alone this amount of monitoring.  But multiples = high risk = extra info and care, right?

I see my ObGyn today actually to see what she says about the whole thing.


Is it just me or does it feel like I’ve been pregnant forever?

If I were to go to full term, I’d still have almost TWO whole months left.  OMG.

I don’t know how this watermelon could get any bigger!

Since it is quite difficult to bend over these days, Jackson has settled for either sitting on my feet or rolling over so I can rub his belly with my foot.  Nice huh?  Ignore my ugly feet, Jackson does.

This weekend involved lots of relaxing on the couch.  If you aren’t from Texas then let me tell you, the weather has been phenomenal this weekend.  We had lows in the 60’s and highs in the low 80’s and it’s been gorgeous.  Since I’m stuck on bed rest, we have all the windows and sliding doors opened up so I could enjoy it as much as possible.
I love football.  Like, love it. My weekend consisted of a lot of football watching.  Saturday my alumni, UNT, play a pretty solid game against #9 Georgia.  We lost pretty badly in the end but the showing was impressive.  That evening, I watched A&M (The Hubs alum) kick some major booty against SMU (snooty private college in the Dallas area).  Sunday was a repeat, except sub NFL games.  I squeezed my bump into a Cowboys jersey and we won!  It was an butt whoop’n too! 

This week we’ll get to measure the Nuggets again and see how much bigger they have gotten.  I’m guessing another pound or so each, which would bring us somewhere around 4 1/2 to 5 lbs.  I also have a feeling I’m going to get questions this week about geting a C-section scheduled on the books.

Olympic Games – 33 weeks

I think we are going to have some Olympic athletes here.

The Nuggets are moving All. The. Time.

It’s starting to hurt.  Before, everything was fun and new and exciting.  Every time they pushed on my belly I was in awe.  Now I’m like, “stop it, that hurt!”  There is less and less space in there, yet the Nuggets like to have dance parties or kung fu fighting matches. 

The symptoms that other people complained about months ago are just now starting to annoy me.  The heartburn is out of control.  I cannot even drink water without it causing reflux.  Water people!
My knuckles in both hands, knees, lower back and my entire pelvic bone area all hurt. Ache. Consistently.  I shouldn’t complain because it would be that much harder having to get up and go to work every day.  I’m actually becoming grateful appreciative for the bed rest at this point.  Sleep is becoming more ellusive then ever and just finding a comfortable position is tough.

Doctor’s appointment yesterday went well.  The cervix is still stable, which is amazing to me.  I’ve been having a lot of contractions lately.  Especially in the evenings.  The “rule” is, anything more than 4-5 contractions in an hour and we head to the hospital.  They always slow down juuuust in time to not hit the “rule” marker.  Let me tell you how much I don’t like braxton hicks.  I can only imagine what real labor contractions will feel like.

Unfortunately, Nugget B is still breech.  I doubt he is going to turn around.  Therefore I am coming to grips with the fact that we will be looking at a C-section.  The goal is still to get past the 36 week marker, so their birthday will be somewhere in mid-late October.  I think next week will be my last week of full bed rest.  Then they will encourage me to get up and move around a little bit more.  Still no work, no driving, no shopping.  So nothing fun.

I leave you with my unedited 33 week picture – that bump is really stretching out there!

Blogging Shortage

When you’re stuck in bed there isn’t a whole lot going on.  Which makes it difficult to be a blogger. :O)

Preggo Update
Cravings: I’m craving ice cream, orange juice, honey nut Cheerios, chocolate milk and other random sugary items I see on TV…
Weight Gain: 28 lbs. The number on the scale is very intimidating but everyone keeps telling me I look really small to be carrying twins. 
The Nuggets: Are moving like crazy.  Baby B likes to stretch up in my ribcage and Baby A enjoys a kung fu fighting session late night.
Me: I’m starting to reach that uncomfy stage.  If I was up and moving around, I imagine that I’d be even more uncomfortable.  Swollen hands, sore back, s t r e t c h i n g abdomen.

My doctor’s appointment isn’t until Friday this week so I’ll have to wait patiently.  We really want the babies to stay in there until 36-38 weeks.  Hopefully they’ll take me off bed rest around 35 weeks.  Just one week of freedom before they arrive sounds fabulous to me!!


I went into my doctor’s appointment yesterday thinking very positively. 

We forgot the suitcase that we pack before each appointment.  Not sure if I did this subconsciously or not but we ended up not needing it anyhow.

The cervix is holding strong!  Same measurement now for 3 weeks. While observing it, doc pushed on the top of my tummy/uterus and it didn’t budge.

He said “your cervix is being a champ”.  Bed rest combined with the Procardia (to control contractions) continues to work.  Hopefully around 35 weeks I’ll be set free.  Or semi-free.

The boys are weighing at 3.8 lbs and 3.0 lbs.  The doctor said we aren’t worried about the weigh difference because they are still in the percentage range that is okay.  Heart beats are strong too.  They are moving like C.R.A.Z.Y.

I feel so much better at this point.  We are at the 31 week marker!  Knowing the boys are already better off than a month ago when my body gave us a bit of a scare.  And with the way everything is stabilized, hopefully the Nuggets will stay in until closer to the safer delivery time frame.


Still Stable!

What a happy happy day!

Although yesterday I was a little bit depressed with my bed rest situation, I am happy to say I’m back in bed.  My bed.

Doctor’s appointment went well and we are still stable with my legnth.  That’s 3 weeks in a row!  Doc said, “what we’re doing is working, so keep it up”.

The babies heartbeats and fluid look good. Nugget B turned around again 😦 He’s back to breech, which is a bummer, but the sono-lady told me there is still a few more weeks for him to flip back.

Being able to return home makes me, and The Hubs, quite happy :o)