It’s Official

I’ve gone and done it.

I quit my day job.

I’m making my mommy job my number one priority.

I’m nervous. Scared. Worried. Elated.

Last month, I attended a seminar. At this seminar there were all these astonishing women. They introduced one of the attorneys as recognized amongst the state of Texas as the next big thing. Then her counterpart stated, “you’d never believe she had quintuplets eight months ago.” My mouth, seriously, hung open.

When I picked myself up off the floor, another speaker talked about while working for Toms (ya know, the awesome shoe company that gives back?) as an executive and traveling to Nepal, while pumping breast milk in the backseat of a Jeep. Again, I am blown away.

Both of these women were a few years my senior but had children around The Nuggets’ age. I was just dazed that they can find any sort of balance. I don’t feel like I can give 100% at my job, when I’d rather be giving 100% to my kids. There has to be balance and I cannot find it. Or at least find enough balance to where I am satisfied with how I’m as a mom and how I am at work.

This is not to say parents (not just moms) who chose to work, aren’t doing a great job at both or either. This is how I feel. I might feel differently if I had job I absolutely loved, or if my job offered more flexibility and less demands where I could actually have some semblance of balance.

I don’t even know if I’ll be good at the SAHM role. I’m aware that it is not an easy job.  Not everyone is actually cut out for it.

Up until this point we’ve had a fantastic nanny. She has done a great job with the boys and unfortunately, she’s run into conflicts where her own family’s needs conflicts with the hours we need her to work.

God has a plan and this opportunity has put itself in front of us and we’re going to take it.  I’d also like to add that The Hubs has volunteered to be a SAHD but he makes a bit more bacon, so I win!

So in approximately one month, this lady right here will be spending the next several years, raising her boys.

blog game II

Don’t you know, I’ll add that shit to my resume




May was a rough month for blogging…only 3 measly posts. Whoops!

There has been a lot going on in my life that has pulled my attention in other directions.
1. My Nuggets are crawling!  There is no slowing them down either. So the days of putting them down on their playmate and then doing…whatever, is long gone.  Weston is all over the place. Of course those places he likes the most are also harmful to his health,  i.e., the fireplace, the stairs or the backdoor.  Corbin is still army crawling and as he does it he pushes along with his toes too and it’s tots adorbs!  I love it!! (Anyone else loooove that Sprint commercial and refuse to let it go?)
2. The blogger website has been giving me challenges. As of current, I can only blog via my cell/iPad. Obviously annoying and inconvenient. How is my blog going to become the newest blog sensation like Bower Power or Pioneer Woman if I can only blog via my cell? It won’t. I would probably need more than 3 readers too. Baby steps people.
3. Probably the biggest reason for distraction is……I’ve accepted a new job. This is HUGE. I’ve been with my current company for 6 years and three cities. I’m a mommy and although I’m not sure if I’m cut out to be a SAHM, I want to be as in touch with my nuggets as I can. That means a job that requires 12 hours a day will not work for me. My current job has some flexibility and I have a great boss. To leave that behind for the unknown is quite scary.  
My career is obviously not the most important thing to me but I do have goals for myself. Becoming a mom has fullfilled my life in so many ways but those other goals haven’t gone away. I feel like I have to step out of my comfort zone in order to make some changes and hopefully advancements. 
One day I’ll be able to instill the lesson of hard work and determination to get what you want, to The Nuggets and I’ll have led by example 🙂
This is my last week with the old company and I leave with mixed emotions, to say the least. Only God knows the plan and I’m sure it’s a good one.
In other news, the boys got in the pool this weekend and Weston loved it. Splashed until he was soaked! Corbin was a little reserved because the water was chilly (not unpleasantly so) but once he got used to it he began to enjoy it. No picture because we had our hands full!!

Rough life huh?

Xoxo – Lindsey