For The Record

While talking with my bestie yesterday she asked a few questions about how/what we did with the boys at “X” age.  I couldn’t remember specifically and I thought I could go back through the blog to figure out when we did something.  I had a similar conversation with myself here.

Well I’m at it again.  I’m not posting/documenting enough these days.

So my babies are little toddlers.  Like, real little toddlers.  When Erin was over with Vivienne, who is two months, the Nuggets were S O big.  I had to go back and look at videos from when they were that age and it seriously made me cry.


Awwwwww.  Alas, there is no going backwards. But real quick…2014

Christmas 2014


So my Nuggets are two years and two months old and Christmas is going to RULE this year.

They love to destroy mess with our tree.  In all fairness of “toddlerhood” they aren’t all that bad with the tree.  Weston likes to pull the ornaments off (and throw it back at the tree to see if it’ll stick) and touch the lights.  We’ve had several time-out sessions about trying to unplug/plug the lights in though.  Corbin just touches for the most part.  There are no presents under the tree because neither will leave them alone.  #Understandable.

We visited Santa at the Parks of Arlington Mall and it was fantastic!  Well I thought it was.  The boys were kind of terrified of the sleigh ride experience.  Yep, this little trip was totally worth it because we got to talk to Shrek and Donkey on the Skype -phone, take an interactive flight school, “fly a sleigh”, build a ginger bread cookie and THEN we met Santa.  Totally worth the $11 for the picture.


At least they’re not sobbing.


They are finally talking! Like putting-multiple-words-together-in-a-sentence kind of talking.  Weston hears everything we say and, like a little echo, says it back to us.  They both try to say anything we ask them to repeat, although it doesn’t always sound like the words.  They are trying though and that’s what is important.  The refer to both of themselves and each other as Wey-wey and Cor-cor.  Not always accurately.


After Thanksgiving, both boys came home with a cold.  Weston’s turned into a sinus infection so we were at the doctor.  He weighs 29 lbs and is 35.5″ tall.  He wears a 2T/3T, depending on the store.  West knows all of his colors and can almost count to five.  He is developing his independence daily.  Code for: he is in time out more often these days for not listening, hitting or throwing things.  Weston eats okay.  He isn’t into meat much unless it is ground (turkey/beef/chicken) and even then, it’s hit or miss.  He love broccoli with cheese which is a win in my book.  I still sneak veggies were ever I can and they both like almost all fruit.  He loooooooooves snacks.


Weston is still sleeping well (except when sick) but is having a harder time falling asleep before nap/bedtime.  He’s not crying or getting upset but he takes anywhere for 40 minutes to an hour.  We’ve tried pushing bedtime back but he continues to need that wind down time.  It’s been this way, on and off, for a while now.  I’m not sure but I’m beginning to think that the (sacred) nap time might be too long.


We also cut the tail off Weston’s monkey last month.  Have I already mentioned that?  What does that mean exactly….?  A friend of mine gave both boys a little monkey that holds on/attached to a lovey (tiny blanket).  Corbin found his thumb early on but Weston discovered the monkey.  He didn’t love on the lovey part but instead would suck on the tail.  He’s done this since we stopped swaddling them.  We would rotate the two monkeys and wash them as much as possible but it was still gross.  Daddy decided it was time to cut it off and I was terrified we’d have a very upset boy.  The Hubs told Weston that he bit it off.  He was slightly confused and would still search for it but he held up pretty well.  I also wonder if this is why he takes so much longer to go to sleep as we took away the way he soothes himself.



Corbin did not have to go to the doctor so the scale at home says he weighs 27.8 pounds and he is approximately the same height as West, so I’m going with about 35″ tall.  He could be the exact same height but it’s like herding cats to get them to stand still and/or next to one another so I don’t know for sure. Corbin is an even picker eater then I thought he could be.  He has pretty much a total aversion to meat unless it’s a hot dog (ugh).  He loves to dip things, is totally into snacks and is crazy about refried beans.  He also looooooves carrots. So thats a plus.


Corbin is not quite as assertive as Weston but he still lets me know his dissatisfaction.  Usually by sobbing his eyes out, whereas his brother hits/throws/screams.  I have to tell myself constantly to be consistent because it’s SO much harder not to cave when he is SO sad.  The Hubs can barely take it.  He loses his mind a little bit when they get upset.


Corbin is obsessed with his blankie and sucks his thumb.  I am starting to see the thumb taking a toll on his teeth.  He sucks his left thumb, off to the side of his mouth and the left front too is starting to stick out.  I also sucked my thumb as a kid and my teeth were terrible (I wore braces for 7 years).  I have no idea how we would start to break him of this habit anytime soon.  I think he’s still too little.  He sleeps awesome, with the exception of the occasional bad dream.  He will wake up crying but as soon as you go in, pat him on the back and reassure him that you are there, he goes right back to sleep.


This weekend we have tickets to ride the North Pole Express in Grapevine and I am beyond excited.  The tickets go on sale in October and they are a hot commodity.  You have to buy them EARLY.  I barely got enough for all of us (Gramma Dee & Scott will be participating in the fun too).  I think I should actually watch the Polar Express movie to know what the whole thing is based around but I know the Nuggets are going to be absolutely delighted that they get to ride a choo-choo. 

This Christmas season we have already had so much fun crafting ornaments, attempts making a gingerbread house, destroying decorating the Christmas tree and shopping.  Let’s not talk about how that last one goes.





We are truly blessed beyond measure and look forward to teaching the boys more about the reason for the season.




Twenty One

Months.  Can you believe it?

21months blog


Last week, as I pushed the Nuggets around Sam’s Club, a little old lady asked me how old they were.  I answered, “a little over a year and a half…well closer to two….ummmm no, no, they’re 20 months“.

This stems from my pre-mom day.  I hated when people would say their kids age in months after they turned one.  I’ve said it before and I’ll said it again, I’ve had to “take back” all kinds of crap I said before becoming pregnant and a mom.

Anyways I was wrong because last week,  they turned twenty one, freak’n months old. Holy hell.  At first, anything past 12 months was all shock and awe.  Now, I feel like we are quickly approaching T W O.  Nooooooo.  Not yet.

This afternoon, I stared down at Weston sleeping peacefully and thought; you are still so little.  You are still mommy’s baby boy.  And, like I do often, I think about my mom.  I wonder how strange it is to remember me (and my brothers) as little nuggets.  A little babe wearing a onesie, sleeping with our tooshie in the air and then in the same instant, blink and be able to look up and see a grown adult.

I can’t screw this up.  I want these boys to grow up (a long, long time from now) to be men like their daddy.  Southern gentleman, with a bit of a Texas twang (love that about The Hubs).  Sweet, polite, loving and loyal.  Just plain, good people.

In the meantime, I’m going to soak up every second of twenty one months.


21 months corbin blog

This guy likes to sleep. When wake him up (lately we have to wake him), he lays there sucking his thumb and snuggling with his blanket.  He loooooves that blanket.  He is my snuggler for sure, climbs into my lap and just sits contently.  Anytime I request a kiss, he comes right up and plants one on me, or Daddy or Weston.

Corbin is all about sharing.  If there are two stuffed animals, he picks both up and brings one to Weston.  If Weston doesn’t take it, he freaks out…but lets just focus on the sharing.  He is very protective of a toy he is playing with.  Cor has stopped bitting about 97% of the time but if Weston is relentless in his pursuit of something Corbin has, West will be on the receiving end of Corbin’s chompers.  It’s a mean bite too.  Bruises usually pop up in the following days.

His fits are still as dramatic as any one of the Real Housewives of ____ and I have to hide my face when he’s in the throws of one because I’m usually giggling.  As long as he isn’t banging his head on anything (that is the tantrum I don’t like so much).  But picture a toddler who throws a foot out, slowly lowers himself to the ground, rolls over, and carefully places his head on the ground before he yells out his discontent.  I’m telling you, this guy is going to be an actor or singer or something artistic.

He is weighing in at 27.2 lbs and there is no way either of them will ever stay still long enough for me to measure them.

Cor doesn’t really have any new vocabulary this month. Oh wait, he tries to say lawnmower. Seriously kiddo?  How about ball or hot?  He goes all out with the multi-syllable words.  He definitely knows I am Mama (Nana is how he says it) and loves to sing my name when he is looking for me.  If I point to Weston and ask “who’s this?” he sometimes responds with “bubba”.  I do refer to each of them as brother, so I’m guessing that is where it came from.  Both Nuggets like to put their hands up and ask a question like, “where did it go?”


21 months West blog

West is in the thick of teething.  Four molars are s l o w l y coming though at the same time.  Some days are fine, others are rough.  I feel for the guy.

Weston is also very whiney.  I think this will tone down when he starts communicating better because it’s usually something he wants but cannot tell me.  Most of the time, I can ask him to show me and if it’s something he cannot have, I say no and he moves on to whatever.  There have been a couple of times he has pushed his *wrench under a door and that usually leads to a melt down.  Usually because mommy didn’t know the wrench was under there. *This wrench is a plastic toy that came with a a tool box gift.  Recently we got it out (age appropriate) and Weston is SUPER DUPER attached to the dang thing.  Like, we worry about it ever going missing because we will be in some shit if he cannot find it.  Strange

Currently, Weston’s tantrums are less dramatic then Corbin’s but are causing more bodily harm.  He hits his head on the floor, table, wall, couch or my leg.  This has lead to several scratches and bruises.  He bites on random stuff out of frustration but luckily, not his bro.  When Corbin was getting his molars he did the same.  I hope this passes quickly because West has several bruises and scratches on his forehead.

Weston isn’t really using his words either. A lot of pointing grunting. The newest development since last month is “gone gone”.  When someone leaves the room, when he is done with his food (or it’s on the floor) or when the music ends, Weston is sure to say, “gone gone”.  He is weighing in at 28.2 lbs, still just a bit bigger than his brother.

Weston also received his first haircut this month and I was way more sad then I thought I would be.  The stylist asked if I wanted to keep any of his hair and I was like, “pshhha, no.  Well maybe. Yes. Yes, I do.”  All in the same breath.  She gave him a great cut and The Hubs loved it.  I hated it.  For about two days.  It is a good haircut but he looked SO different.  After 48 hours, I was on board.  Corbin is next.   I always think I’m not going to perceive every milestone as a “big moment” but they are.  They totally are.

My boys are getting too big, too fast.

Although they aren’t communicating with me, I can tell they both are understanding a lot more.  I can  ask either of them to go do something and they will try to complete the task.

Please throw XYZ in the trash

Pick up the magnets and put them back on the fridge

Let’s get into our chairs for lunch

Put your blankie/monkey back in your bed

95% of the time the tasks are completed.  The other 5% is an opportunity for a tantrum.

I’m even more in love with these guys then I was before, if that is even possible.   I’m probably leaving out so much about how they’ve changed lately as I feel like it’s impossible to really capture it all on this little blog.   I know it’s only been two weeks but I feel like we’re making a stronger bond and I’m so grateful that I have this opportunity.



20 Months

I’m so glad that in three short weeks I’ll be spending MUCH more time with The Nuggets.  This week we are actually taking a mini-vacation down to the beach, so in reality it’s more like only two more weeks away from the bubs.    I’m not even sure where the last 20 months have gone.  When I talk to other people who have had children before or after me, I’m always surprised they are ___ age.  Because if so-and-so is already fill-in-age-here, then that means my boys are getting older as well!  No way.

20 M O N T H S


  This kiddos has some chompers!  When he smiles, there are teeth everywhere!  He is enjoying the squishing noises food makes in his molars too.  He has 16 teeth now.  Holy cow!  Enough about teeth.  We just went so long without any new ones, I get excited.

Corbin is back to mostly being the sweet boy (those teeth gave him a hard time).  He likes to share with his brother — as long as his brother isn’t trying to steal it from him.  Weston actually hurt himself on Memorial day weekend and he dropped his snack cup on the floor.  As I paced into the living room to calm him down, I realized Corbin was following me around.  He was holding West’s snack cup trying to give it back to him.  I had to scoop him up and squeeze the tar out of his little sweetness.  On Saturday, I was holding West and Corbin came up to give him the other remote (new favorite non-toy).  Just out of the blue, he wanted his brother to have one as well.  Does sweetness get any sweeter than that?!

It’s not all sunshine and sharing.  Corbin has the most dramatic cry ever.  It is pure devastation.  Even if it’s just telling him it’s time to come inside for dinner.  World. Over.  This is hard because he could be hurt or he could be throwing a fit and if you’re not right next to him when whatever happens, it is difficult.


Weston is in the process of getting two molars and he seems to be doing well with it.  No dramatic personality changes.

This nugget has become a momma’s boy.  When I walk in the door, he immediately wants to be picked up.  If I leave the room to change my clothes, heaven forbid I don’t take him with me, he is quite upset.  When I’m cooking or preparing meals he wants to be on my hip or at least on the counter next to me.  I L O V E it.  Neither of the Nuggets have been very snuggly, so I’m enjoying it.

West continues to steals from Corbin often but it seems it is a bit less often.  He will watch Corbin play with something and he’ll point to it and grunt at me, indicating that he wants it. Sometimes we can re-direct him to something else.  Most times he will try to take it from Corbin anyways.  Corbin will then try to bite him.

Repeat every day.

Food is still a challenge for both boys.  I think it will be a challenge for the rest of my life.  Once I’m at home though, I hope to be able to invest more time into cooking/baking and introducing more healthy recipes.  Maybe.  It’s a goal.  I was able to make a recipe for zucchini bread and the boys devoured it, so I’m going for less sugar and more veggies next time.

Both boys love to be outside doing anything.  They enjoy dumping all of the sand out of their sand table.  Water play is the best.  Books are still their favorite “toy” (which I love) and a close runner up is all type of cars, trucks or tractors.  Boys will be boys.

We took a trip to the park on Saturday and this jungle gym is perfect for toddlers.  Nothing too dangerous and lots of barricades to keep them from falling from up high.  There was a 6-year old girl that was in love with “the babies”.  She wanted to carry them around and help them do everything.  The boys wanted to be able to jump and hop all over everything just like her.  Too soon Nuggets, too soon.  This mommy is not ready.



Let There be Cake!

I completely understand why people hire photographers for parties.

I am not a photographer.  I WISH.  If I had more time to devote to it, I MIGHT be a bit better but alas, I work.  And I’m a mommy.  And I’m a wife.  And then somewhere after that falls time to “invest” in my photography hobby.

On occasion, I get a great picture.  My aperture, ISO and shutter speed is juuust perfect.  Then I feel great.  But when I try to do it again, it’s a flop.

I digress.

I handed my mom my complex camera and asked her to just point and shoot.  I didn’t get many good pictures.  Like maybe one.  I was so busy that the few times I tried to get a picture in, I didn’t get to balance my gray-scale.  Or open up to let in enough light.  Or it came out grainy.  I even tried to use my flash…and got the dreaded flash shadows.

I’m disappointed because The Nuggets only get to have one, first birthday party and I didn’t document it well.

I did get a great cake though!


Our party theme was construction.  Nicole with Juju’s Occasion Cakes in Arlington made this little gem for us.  She also made the cake for our gender reveal as well, I was so glad to have found her via Google!  Not only are the cakes pretty, they are YUMMY.  We got quite a few compliments on both the look and taste of the cake.  Nicole even made two separate cup cakes for the boys to “smash” and different flavors for each tier of the cake.


WestonThe Nuggets like chocolate cake.

IMG_2597 weston3

Additionally, we had smash cake pictures done professionally with our fav photog, Brittany with B Faith Photography, prior to the party day.  Again, so lucky to have found Brittany, she is what I want to be when I grow up.  Stay at home mama with mad photography skills.

Their party went by so quickly and that makes me sad but onto bigger and better things!

Weston is walking!  Like really walking!  He stands himself up and takes off.  Still cautiously and slowly but more and more every day.  Corbin is standing solo but not really taking steps yet.  Such an exciting time in our casa!

We can celebrate with leftover cake!