So Much

I’m so lucky.

I’m so busy with life happenings that I don’t even have enough time to blog.  I’ve said it before, if this generated enough income so that I didn’t have to work, I’d be a full time blogger.  Since that dream hasn’t come true (nor have I put enough effort into it) I am busy working full time and being a mommy 24/7.   That means that my blog will unfortunately be cyclical.  Which also means any reader that I started to recruit…I’ll lose.

Thanks to anyone who continues to check in and see if I’ve posted in 6789 days….Mom. 🙂

So much has been going on!!!

My boys were baptized.  Finally.

Traditionally, in the Catholic religion babies are usually baptized pretty quickly.  Within the first three months. Typically.  Since my boys were discouraged from major public areas I missed that inital window.  And then things got hectic and I missed the next window.  Then I was approaching 10 months and I finally got it on the calendar. 

It was mostly family.

It was beautiful.

I have a very special bestie who agreed to be both boys Godmother and my younger brother agreed to be their Godfather.  There are many special people in our lives that I would have wanted to possibly be a Godparent/sponser but picking became difficult.  So we left it up to the religious aspect and selected only individuals that would assist us in bringing the boys up Catholic.

Are we perfect in our religious ways. NOPE.  The Hubs isn’t even Catholic but because he is indifferent and he knows my preference, he agreed and supported our decision. 

Very special day.



What!?!?!?!?!?  When did that happen?! 

Weston has three, yes you read that correctly, three top teeth coming in right now.  He is still a pretty easy going baby.  I told you I was lucky.  Go back up to the top…re-read it if you need to. 

I was honestly wondering if we were going to make it to the one year mark with only two bottom teeth.  I imagine Corbin’s will start coming in pretty soon as well.

These boys.  They have some attitude.   Some real personality.  They absolutely see each other now.  They scream argue at each other when toys are taken by the other (I was curious when this would start to happen).  Corbin lets you know when he wants something.  Anything.  Everything.  Especially your cell phone.

Weston is pretty chill. He has developed a rash.  I’m positive it’s a food intolerance but I’m having challenges determining which food.  I’m thinking its dairy.  Even with his itchy rash and three teeth, he’s still chill. 

The Nuggets are still sleeping pretty well.  We’re on two naps a day and a bed time between 6:00pm-7:00 pm.  Wake up is also between 6:00am-….who am I kidding…it’s pretty much 6:00 am.  Wishful thinking for a wake up at 7am.  But I will take it and realized I’m very lucky.  There are mama’s out there still trying to get their babe to sleep through the night. 

I cannot believe I am saying this but we are starting to think about The Nuggets first birthday party.  My heart hurts because as a working mommy, I feel like I’m missing so much but I’m greatful that boys have a full time nanny to cater to them at home.  We recently went through the process of replacing our nanny (she decided to pursue other career opportunities) and it was incredibly stressful.  I will strongly consider a way to stay home if that happens again. 

My beautiful family

The Nuggets and their Godparents

The most special people that came to celebrate with us

10 month old Nuggets

Big boy Corbin

Weston and all his cuteness
Thanks to any of you still reading and as soon as I have more time (in about 4 years) maybe I’ll be able to update more than once a month…eek! 😉

EIGHT Months

Although I’m a few days behind here…my EIGHT month old Nuggets!

Weston (L) Corbin (R)

As you can see, no matter how many silly sounds or faces I made, these boys are serious.  Well Weston looks a little on the confused side here..The Hubs laughs every time he sees this picture.

Since we no longer have the luxury of going to the doctor’s office monthly and we are lucky enough to have avoided illnesses, I have no idea how much these two weigh.  Heavier for sure.  Bigger for sure.

Seriously though, they are so big.  This mommy is sad.  OBVIOUSLY everyone and their mother (pun intended) has told me, “enjoy it”, “it doesn’t last”, “they grow so fast”..I’m actually tired of hearing it.  DUH people.  I know.

I totally look at their little tiny booties’ in the mirror before bath time because I know it’ll never be that tiny ever again.  Ever.

Next month we actually have a doctor’s check up and we’ll find out but in the mean time our milestones:

Corbin looooooooves solid food.  Sometimes it’s hard to get him to eat his bottles but he never hesitates to eat solids.  I take that back.  If there is a green veggie and it doesn’t have apples in it, he won’t eat it.  He will fuss at you because he wants food but he isn’t a fan of green veggies.

Weston eats anything.  Everything.

Corbin seems to be a little further along in regards to chunky solids.  He actually chews his food.  Weston still kind of tongue thrusts anything that is semi-purred.  They both love those little cereals and they chow down on a Mumu.  I think if we had taken the baby led feeding idea that I thought about trying, my guys would still be on bottle only.  They pick the food up but cannot figure out how to get it to their mouths and instead, throw it on the floor.  With the exception of their new talent, eating Mumus.


Weston is crazy expert at crawling already and Corbin is army crawling all over the place and is trying quite diligently at getting up on those hands and knees.  I’m very sure I’ll have one early walker.  Wes pulls himself up on everything.  If he doesn’t figure out how to start stepping away from it soon, I’d be surprise.  Pleased, but surprised.

The Hubs first Father’s day was a success.  Nothing fancy but some nice recognition and a day of pool side fun, grilling and family and I’d call it a success. The only thing missing from this pictures is The Hubs camo cargo shorts.  🙂

The Momo and Poppie (my rents) were there to celebrate as well.   Look at those double chins!  (I’m talking about the babies people).

In other news, my new job is going well.  It’s definitely a transition and different but I feel rejuvenated being somewhere new and fresh.  I’ve received some good feedback in just a week so hopefully my new employer is happy as well.

Life is good.


I’m a little behind here..

5 people!
Sweet Irish munchkins

Oh yeah and Corbin is officially a roller!

He makes the funniest faces 🙂 He has had the ability to roll over but wasn’t a fan for about a month. Now Cor’s taken to rolling over a bit more. He’s not quite as strong as Weston (who has been rolling for almost a month now) but he’s making an effort. He even took two naps on his belly yesterday!
Weston slept pretty much all night last night -woke at 10pm to eat and Corbin was up once around 2:30. Both woke around 6:30.  Making progress.
I found a link yesterday on Pinterest of a momma that followed the “child led eating” philosophy. Her daughter, who is only 6 months old, eats everything. Not puréed fruit and veggies either. Omletes. Corn on the cob. Chicken off the bone (or remnince) I was flabbergasted. Is that really an option???
This led to more googling…
And another mommy…
Crazy! What a concept! My aunt mentioned that she did this with her third kiddo and that my cousin didn’t really show much interest in food until about 9 months. (Note: my cousin is 13 so this idea has been around for a while.) I know babies get their nutrients from formula/BM and that food is for practice for pretty much the first year, so why not let them practice with real foods?
I might be down for this practice if I was the one feeding them all of the time. Unfortunately, I cannot since I work and I would be ultra paraniod having the nanny be responsible. 
But that doesn’t mean we can’t do both, right? Puréed and whole foods on occasion?
The boys are still not 6 months yet or sitting up unassisted and although they are starting to intently watch us eat, they haven’t actually tried to grab any foods from us. So we’re quite there yet.
I tell you what, since becoming a parent I’ve had a LOT of eye opening revelations and I know everyone has their opinion on how to do things but these are my Nuggets and we just might try it out!
Xoxo – Lindsey