16 Months and Laundry

Where is the time going?

When we are out and about, people ask often how old The Nuggets are…

Remember when I said I would stop counting in months because as a non-parent it used to bug me?  Then, as a parent, I realized why so many parents do it because SO much happens from month to month in those first few years. Crow is tasty.

How are they already SIXTEEN months? Again I ask, where is the time going?

SIXTEEN months.


blog Weston 2-15

I don’t know how much he weighs or how tall this guy is right now. We have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday and we shall find out. If I were in Vegas taking a gamble, I would bet on about 27 lbs. If you asked The Hubs, he says Wes is close to 30 lbs. I just asked him. Again, not sure on the length/height of him but he’s got Corbin by about an inch.

Weston is getting HAIR! I mean, if you’ve ever met The Hubs, you might wonder…. Love you babe.  Legend has it that you “inherit” your hair (or ability to keep it) from the maternal grandfather. Lucky for these boys, my daddy is a handsome stud in his 60’s with a full head of hair. Seems as though The Nugs are still working on the initial head of hair.

Weston is still “pushy”, wants everything Corbin has and definitely tells you when he is unhappy. Whether his milk cup is empty or he wants to come through the baby gate, he will let you know.

He can tell you where his hair, ears, belly, nose and eyes are, he plays peekaboo and gives sugars. This mommy is STOKED to finally receive kisses…voluntary. West loves loves loves outside and every single twig, leaf and rock is all incredibly important.

Corbinblog Corbin 2 2-15

My chill baby. When Weston walks up to him to grab whatever he is holding, Cor just lets it go and walks away to the next object of interest. If Weston is laughing at something, he walks over to join in the laugh.  Even if he has no idea what is going on, Corbin just laughs.  He is still just a little bit smaller than his womb-mate, both in weight and height, but not in double chin. Corbin has inherited the Pellatt (mommy’s side) lack of chin and he rocks it in all his cuteness.

Corbin loooooooves his Daddy. Despite Mommy’s heart hurting a little bit (because he will literally try to jump out of my arms to reach Daddy), it’s sweet to see such a strong bond between father and son. The Hubs tells me it’s not a big deal (when I’m jealous) but I know he loves that Corbin wants him. What daddy wouldn’t?

Corbin also loves outside.  Not so much all the dirt and rocks but just being outside, walking around and trying to explore in general.  He really likes holding your hand too.  Which this mommy just soaks up.

I’ll update their stats when we get them this week.

blog twins 2-15

In the meantime, we are making great progress in the laundry room. Finally! It’s functioning! And it’s much prettier than before.

When we moved into this house almost two years ago, it had brown carpet, original from 1979 that totally grossed me out.  The Hubs pulled it out before the movers even got here.  So we’ve been living with exposed and ugly concrete floors with big dreams of renovating it.

Enter bed rest, twins and two working parents all made it more difficult than we originally anticipated.  We have definitely made a dent.  Never mind that Christmas was our deadline to complete it….

blog pre-laundryblog pre-laundry2So without a full reveal…patience.  Here is a little peek of the space so far….

blog laundry



Months – Fifteen to Be Exact

After The Nuggets hit their 12 month/1 year mark, I kind stopped counting months.  People ask how old they are and I kinda shrug and say, “a little over a year.” I’m going back to counting the months.  At least until they’re 24 months/two.  Why? Because so much still changes month to month with these babes. So this week, the boys are 15 months.


Weston stroller

Weston has been throwing fits for about the last month.  I mean, real fits.  Throws himself down, scoots across the floor and yells.  You know it’s unconditional love when I still find his actions cute.  I have to try hard not to smile or laugh when he does it.  He is still the “bully” out of the two.  He steals all the toys from Corbin and has pushed his brother out of the way to get what he wants.  Although, if Corbin tries to take his toys (rarely), Weston looks to us to help him.  I think sharing is going to be a hard concept for Weston. He has eight teeth (4 top, 4 bottom).  Still.  We haven’t seen any movement on new teeth in at least 3 months. Weston is starting to use words.  He says “night night” clear as a bell.  There has been mama and dada for a while now.  Dada is actually directed at Daddy most of the time, where as mama isn’t so much.  When I walk in a room, I usually get dada as well. Weston runs now.  He has really started to pick up the pace.  It makes mommy nervous but it’s quite cute when he makes an incredibly wide turn. We are expanding our table food even more and trying new things often.  He still seems to be a texture person and for the life of me, I cannot figure out why he doesn’t like pasta. He shovels bananas in like they might disappear from the table.  Good news, eggs are in!  Healthy proteins are a struggle for us.


Corbin Stroller

Corbin is still the passive guy, most of the time. If Weston tries to steal a toy, Corbin just forfeits and walks away.  Everyone once in a while, he holds his ground.  He has his share of sassy for sure.  When I tell him no or ask him to do something, I get a babble comment in return.  Just the way he says the incomprehensible baby talk, I can tell it’s backtalk. He still has only six teeth (4 top, 2 bottom) but drools like a waterspout.  Nonstop drool.  He goes through about 3 bibs a day, completely soaking them.  If he pulls the bib off (a favorite pastime), he will soak a shirt in about four minutes flat.  If this was really a sign of teething, he would have all of his teeth by now. Corbin definitely mastered walking very quickly.  He doesn’t seem any slower or wobblier than Weston, even though it took him 45 days longer to take those first steps. Corbin is a much slower eater and, if we aren’t careful, Weston will eat Corbin’s portion as well.  He also is becoming very independent in the fact that he wants his bowl and spoon on his tray.  He still needs quite a bit of assistance actually getting any of it into his mouth. They are both still sleeping great. Knock on wood. We are on a two nap – 9am and 1pm schedule and a bed time around 6:30p.  Wake time is also usually around 6:30 which is a full 12 hour night.  I’m sensing we could probably start to push their bedtime back to about 7:00 in order to spend more time with them in the evenings. 15 months of so much fun with these guys, it’s exciting to see what’s next.  What I would really like to see in the near future, is a friendship to kindle between them. 5E1F90B120FB20C197CC10E4FF74EF96

One Year

This happened one year ago.


My boys.  The Allen Nuggets.  Weston Lain and Corbin William.

It was a bit unexpected.  After one pre-term labor scare at twenty seven weeks. Two hospital stays and nine weeks on bed rest, The Nuggets made their debut at thirty five weeks and six days.  My doctor was so happy and proud that I was able to make it that long.

The Nuggets were born via C-section because Corbin was breach.  The boys regulated their body temperatures, blood sugar and were breathing on their own.  As soon as possible (I would say within the hour), the doctor’s and nurses at Baylor Medical Center Grapevine, had those boys on my chest doing kangaroo care/skin to skin.  They were helping me try to get them to latch on too.  They did everything they could to make the C-section, and the care afterwards, less medical-ly.  I know that’s not a word.


I was one happy momma, although the picture doesn’t show that exactly….hey, I’d been up since 1:00 am.  Unfortunately a short 24 hours later, they took the boys to the NICU because they weren’t eating and had already lost more than 10% of their weight.  Later I learned C-section babies do lose a lot of weight.  They pump you full of fluids before you go in for surgery and the babies take on a lot of fluid as well, which inflated their birth weight.  You can read about the NICU journey in other blog posts, here and here and here.

365 days later, this happened….


They went from Weston being five pounds, to twenty two pounds! And Corbin being four pounds, to twenty pounds!  My Nuggets are considered “toddlers” now.  WHAT?!  Wait a minute…these are my babies!

At Target, the twelve month clothes are next to the 2T-5T and I want to have a crazy-mommy-moment and move it all back into the baby rack section.

They drink milk and eat cheerios.


They get excited when The Hubs or I come in from work.  They…errrr Weston, gets mad when we don’t give them what they want.Weston mad

This past year has been so much fun.


I look forward to so much more.

XOXO – Lindsey

Eleven Months

My Nuggets are ELEVEN months old!


Where has the time gone!  It has been so much fun and continues to be even more fun every day.

The boys are all over the place.  Their little personalities…especially the sassy parts are really starting to shine through.

Corbin has his two bottom teeth and then a front snaggle tooth…two spaces to the right and he has another random tooth coming in.  It will be an interesting smile to say the least.  He has already starting “expressing his dislike” in things or situations. Whether it be me making him sit down in the tub or the little walker he marches behind getting stuck, he definitely lets you know he’s not happy.  Although he also likes to “hug” by putting his head down on your shoulder and he now gives kisses too.  This mommy loooooves his love.  As I mentioned above, he’s walking behind a toy walker and cruising along furniture but he’s still pretty unsteady by himself.

Weston has a whole bunch of teeth now!  He had two top front come in within a day of each other and then the two to each side came down within a few days.  He was bit grumpy but overall, it hasn’t been a really “rough teething” with either of them.  I honestly thought Weston would have been walking by now but he’s still a super fast crawler.  He does pull up quite quickly and has been seen to stand up solo, but no steps yet.  I’m not worried.

I don’t know their weight or height, our doctor’s appointment is next week. They are wearing 12 month clothes….Updates to follow.


They are eating all kinds of things.  We noticed Weston’s eczema flared up pretty badly after I introduced yogurt and therefore we are avoiding any dairy for him.  We are working on eating less purred foods and more mushed and/or solid.

I’m excited for what’s to come and sad that this first year has gone by so quickly.  My heart expands with love and pride every day and I’m so lucky to have these boys.


6 Month stats

We had our 6 month doctor’s appointment yesterday.

Corbin is weighing in at 15.1lbs and has grown 2 inches. Neither The Hubs or myself actually heard the length, we just heard two inch increase. Total Mommy Fail. He’s still my long and lean boy. When he got his shots, he brought the real tears and had both mommy and daddy and one of the nurses on the brink.
Weston is still holding a strong lead with weight at 16.13lbs and a two inch growth as well. How ever long they are, they are the same. He yelled for a second but took his shots like a champ. Such a big boy.
I hate those stupid shots.
Both boys are eating purred foods. I don’t think they can do baby led because they aren’t suuuper interested yet and being premies, the doc feels they need more practice and the extra calories are helpful.
So far we’ve introduced sweet potatoes, squash and bananas.
Corbin eats like a champ. Smacks his little mouth while he’s eating.
Weston has a lot of tongue thrust but you can tell he’s trying to figure it out. He definitely likes bananas.
I’m really glad we waited until 6 months to start solids. We haven’t had any issues with tummies hurting or pooping…just in case you were wondering 🙂
We also had our six month pictures by Brittany with BFaithPhotographyDFW.com yesterday. The weather was perfect and the boys did great. I can’t wait to see them!
XOXO – Lindsey


I sit here and watch my babies play on their mat. I am amazed.  They are four months old.
Weston almost just rolled over. From his back to his tummy. He blows spit bubbles and babbles to who ever will listen.  He arches his back and can rotate 360 degrees with his wiggles. He weighs a whopping 14 lbs 1 oz and is 24.5″ long.  He may have started small but the doc says he’s in the 50th percentile now.  Weston has the best chubby cheeks and Buddha belly and is so smiley all the time (except for pictures).

 Corbin managed to roll onto his tummy on our bed this weekend. He was immediately mad and didn’t realize he just needed to roll back over. Corbin grabs the toys dangled in front of him and holds on tight and he absolutely loves talking to those toys. He’s still my peanut, weighing in at 12 lbs and 6 oz and 24″ long.  He’s closed the weight gap on Weston just a bit but he’s still only slighty above the 5th percentile.  I wonder when, or if, he’ll ever really catch up.  He’s long and lean but has some nice chubby cheeks and the longest eyelashes you’ve ever seen on a baby.  Corbin’s umbilical hernia is almost gone and the hydroceles that gave us a scare, are all closed up.
It seems like only a minute ago I was reading about these developmental milestones and gazing at 6 month outfits in their closet. I think The Nuggets are catching up. And fast. The doctor was happy with their visit today and that means The Hubs and I were too.

We have been given the go ahead for introducing solids but I am going to wait another week or so, or until they have a little bit better head control.  I’m excited for this milestone too!

When I leave for work in the morning the boys just stare at me.  I wonder if they realize mommy is leaving.

Both boys like to look at each other. It’s rare they both see each other at the same time but one of them is always looking at the other. Sometimes smiling and talking or just staring. I wonder what they are thinking….

I would love to give credit to whomever designed and made their shirts but it was a gift from The Hubs’s coworkers and I still haven’t gotten an answer as to who made them.  When I find out, I’ll let you know.

As always, I’m so in love with these little guys. 

XOXO – Lindsey

Update – The onesies are frome Simply Baby Stated on Etsy and they have a Facebook Page as well.  I recommend these products!

3 Months

I must have jinxed it.

Corbin has a cold.  The doctor said she isn’t worried but she prescribed Tamiflu just in case.  He had a fever yesterday but luckily his temperment and appetite were still good.  He’s been sleeping a bit more and a tad fussier than normal but overall he’s his happy self. He’s still a peanut, 10.8 lbs. According to the doctor, he should double his birth weight by 4 months. We’ve cleared that by now!

In other news…..

I cannot believe it!  90 days since these cuties arrived into our lives and everything changed for the better.

Although we are still working through getting the schedule right, we’ve made progress.  Babywise isn’t working perfectly for us but I think it’s because I haven’t been implementing it perfectly. 

The doctor asked that we keep the boys home for the next two months as flu season is ramping up to it’s grand finale.  I think, for the most part, we should be able to comply.  Currently, we don’t take them out much anyhow so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

This week flew by.  One week left.  One.  Then I have to return to work.  Eeeek.

Two Months

We had our two month appointment yesterday. The Hubs was so “excited” to get home for the appointment he rear ended another car. I digress.
Weston weighed in at 10.8lbs and a lengthy 21.5″. My big boy! He’s moved from the fifth percentile to the twenty fifth!
Corbin is a lighter 8.8lbs but also 21.5″ long…he’s more like his mommy – long and lean. Well, I’m not currently lean but hey, I just had twins. Cor remains in the fifth percentile.
The Nuggets also received their first round of shots. 😦 There are a lot of conflicting information and opinions out there about vaccinations but regardless, we have far fewers deaths in this day and age of diseases like polio and smallpox to forego these important vaccines. Both boys did really well with the shots but I still felt terrible for them. Daddy will always need to be present for appointments that include shots.
We hit a big milestone this week! Look at who are both taking naps…in their CRIBS! Remember just last week I was at my wits end, holding both of them just to get a nap? Woohoo! Thank you Lord!
Look closely, there are babies in each crib!
And big man Corbin slept in the bassinet all night last night (still woke for feedings but went right down with zero crying!)

Weston napping like a champ!

I am not rushing anything along. I love my babies being newborns. I was just needing a little light at the end of the tunnel and this is it. I can shower without hearing (in my mind) someone screaming. It’s really great.
I reiterate, no rushing. I am not looking forward to the day I have to return to work. I am excited for all to come but definitely not rushing the time away!
XOXO – Lindsey