F i v e

My babies are not babies anymore.  They’re little boys.


They’ve obviously been headed in this direction for some time now and many might argue they haven’t been babies in a long while.

But before I could still scoop them up, squeeze em and love all over them.  I could still hold them in my arms.  They both gave kisses willingly and snuggles were never enough.  Mommy could always “fix” the problem.  Both always looked to me (or The Hubs) for guidance and assurance.

Now they’re just so darn independent.  An opinionated.  And goofy.  They still love me.  Its just differently.  I know it will change again as they continue to get older, more mature, and “grown up”.

I also realize these are signs that we are doing something right.  Asserting their ability to do things on their own, make their own decisions and learn from it.  It still means they need me less and that’s a hard pill to swallow.



Corbin is 42′ tall and (has thankfully gained a few pounds since the tonsillectomy) weighs in at 36.4 lbs.  He still has his stunning blue eyes and sweet smirk.  Corbin still wakes up first, and entirely too early, but gives the reason that he needs to snuggle.  Sometimes it means he gets up more than once during the night.  He has agreed to “give up” sucking his thumb now that he is a big 5 year old but still loves his blankie fiercely.  He has a very outgoing personality and is always pretending he is something or somewhere but he has to get permission first – Mommy, can I pretend I am ________?

Corbin is not shy.   He will let you know how he feels, who pushed/stepped on his foot/didn’t play with him, who he doesn’t like, all usually within earshot of the other kid’s mom at after school pickup.  Sheesh.  I try to embrace it.  Kids are honest and Corbin is going to deliver you the truth.


Since starting at a montessori school Corbin has drifted towards math and enjoys those lessons.  Montessori schools use a lot of hands on objects to learn (i.e. counting beads, stacking blocks) and that is right up his alley.  Corbin is the pickiest eater.  He will like something one day and not the next, he love all typical kid food but he does like more meat options then average.  The only veggie that gets past his lips are corn and carrots – occasionally.



Since day one, Weston has always been just a hair bigger than his brother.  Weston weighs in at 38 lbs and is 43.5″ tall.  Occasionally, I think my boys are tall (both are greater than the 75%) but then I see them next to a really tall kid!  Weston has the biggest smile and loves to laugh at Corbin (who loves to make him laugh). Weston has a mixed personality.  He can be very bossy and assertive at home but in social setting, he really needs Corbin to give him confidence.  We were camping a few months back and he was desperate to go play with the kids across the campground but would not go without Corbin.  Once he feels Corbin’s support and gets the courage up to go introduce himself, he’s off.  Sometimes to Corbin’s displeasure because he gets left behind.

Weston likes to please us more than not, especially when I’m on my last bit of patience.  Or when Corbin has made me cry (true story).  Weston is a pretty good eater but is not a fan of most meat choices.  He will eat an occasional meatball or piece of lunch meat and much prefers carbs (like his momma). Weston will still come to to mommy to “fix it”, whatever it is and I hope that doesn’t stop too soon.

Corbin and Weston filled our lives in a way I never knew they could.  The Hubs and I both badly wanted kids but there really is no way to understand how fulfilling children make life until you have them (whether it’s the old fashioned way or adoption or even gaining kids through a marriage).  It’s not always easy but the hard times are totally worth it.

We are an infertility “success” story.  What’s compelling is we were never really diagnosed with anything to make us infertile so it was an “unexplained infertility” which was heart wrenching.  It’s easy for me to look back and say, God planned it this way.  It was impossibly difficult to endure but it did work out perfect, according to His plan.





I just realized that I’m quite behind. Shocking.

Halloween was SO much fun!  Totally different then years in the past because the boys were so much more interactive.

Every year I say we’re going to be one of those cool families that has a group coordinated costume and every year (for the past two) I’ve failed on a grand scheme.  NEXT YEAR!  Anyways, soak up this cuteness.    

I didn’t take great pictures but it was mostly because we waited too long to get them ready to go. Tots are supposed to be out first and all of a sudden, we had trick or treaters at our door and we weren’t ready to go yet.  Enter me running around like a nut.  And I tried to throw together a “costume” at the last second. So it was kind of a rush to get out the door.

The Nuggets really liked going to each door and knocking. That was their favorite. Weston would walk up the path to the door saying, “knack knack“. Soooooo cute!  Several of our neighbors made the mistake of offering the bowl to the boys to pick which candy they wanted…they might be young but the desire for sweets must be ingrained at birth because the boys tried to take twenty pieces of candy off each person.


Someone once told me that after their child turned two, everything (developmentally) seems to really speed up. I’m not sure that is correct because SO much changes every day when they are in the “infant” category but I think I now understand what they meant.

The boys have been two years of age for a month. In that month, they’re blossoming.  They are saying so much more than before. Echoing everything we say, even though their version is not comprehensible. Corbin is always copying our mannerisms (time to start watching ourselves). Also trying to help me with everything; laundry, cleaning (which ends up the opposite of cleaning), emptying the dishwasher, anything really.

Weston is getting closer to saying both of their names. He calls Corbin, Cor-cor…which is a nickname I call him on occasion. He also says Weston as Waa-waa. Pretty much anything with a W is pronounced like that, but he’s really trying.  

Corbin William has the flirting down. When he wants something, he nods his head and makes this little smirk and then says “pleeeeeeease”. Annnnd then you melt and give him exactly what he wants.  

We also went to Broken Bow, OK last weekend with some dear friends. The Hubs’ family grew up going to Beavers Bend S.P. and told me about it, often. When we lived in San Antonio, traveling to OK would have taken almost nine hours, so it was out of the question. When we moved to Houston, it was still about a seven hour journey, which wasn’t something we wanted to do for just a weekend. Now that we finally moved back to the Dallas area, we went for the first time about four years ago. And now I get it.

We initially stayed in the state park but shortly thereafter, we discovered these beautiful log cabins in the direct vicinity. The following year we got a group of friends together and rented one of the cabins, I prefer the luxury glamping to the state park cabins. What girl wouldn’t?

The summer time was gorgeous as Broken Bow Lake is like nothing you can get in Texas, but it’s R E A L L Y hard to beat the fall leaves and cool temperatures.  With the boys being born in the fall, and then being pretty little still the following year, this is the first time we’ve been back. They loved it! 


Just a bonus that the cabin had a playground!  And several of the Beavers Bend Adventures cabin rentals are pet friendly.



I look forward to making the same memories with our boys, that The Hubs made with his family.   I know that trips in the future will include more family and more friends!!



Birthdays and Football

When the boys were approaching their first birthday, a lot of people told me it wasn’t necessary to throw a big birthday bash since they wouldn’t remember any of it anyhow.  The party is more for the parents than the kiddo.  Well we had a big party anyways.

This year we didn’t throw the boys a big birthday party. Their birthday fell on a Friday and that following Saturday, we had planned to attend the University of North Texas (my alma mater) Homecoming festivities. Ever since we moved back to the DFW area, I’ve been going to Denton for the Homecoming.  I missed the year we had the boys, obviously.  Last year, we gave a whole new meaning to tailgating with babies in high chairs, literally on the tailgate.

This year, we wrangled in a few more family members and had a pretty nice tailgate set up.  Unfortunately, UNT’s football team isn’t doing so hot 0-4 and lost the homecoming game 66-7 (OUCH).

Corbin 2.2

Family 1

The Nuggets’ grandparents spoiled them to the max.  It’s a good thing Gamma brought all the gifts she did because it entertained the boys for hours, while the rest of us ate ourselves silly.  Next year we’ll do it bigger and better!  Extra special thanks to both sets of grandparents for driving up.

family 2

Weston 2.2

The boys had their two year check up this week too.  I actually scheduled it on time! 

Weston is 28.5 lbs and 35 inches tall.  His weight is in the 95th percentile, height in the 55th and his head is B I G.  The doctor said, it’s big and always has been.  He has come a long way from his 5 lbs. 4 oz preemie status.  In some brands of clothing he even wears a 3T.  What?!?

Weston 2

Corbin is still a pound less than his brother at 27.5 pounds.  That bumps him into the 55th percentile for weight but they are the same height at 35 inches.  Corbin is tall and lean.  B I G surprise there.

Corbin 2

Corbin has started to become frightened by things and he’s also been having bad dreams.  Or so I think that’s what is wrong.  He’ll wake in the middle of the night sobbing and calms down as soon as one of us goes in to reassure him. A few weeks back, I brought them to the Rainforest Cafe and the electronic alligator terrified him.  He hung on to me so tightly until we were far away from the display.   He is also afraid of the Halloween aisle at the stores.

As for talking, both boys are still trying to repeat everything you say to them.  They both are quite impressive with their colors, now identifying yellow and red, in addition to green and blue.  They are doing great with saying please but still struggling with sharing.


When I ask them to repeat a word I said to them, Corbin always speaks up first, so I usually ask Weston separately if he can say whatever word we are working on at that moment.  Both Nuggets get really frustrated if you aren’t paying attention when they are trying to say something to you.  You MUST acknowledge and repeat whatever word they are trying to say.  Even if you have no idea what their gibberish means.  Let me tell ya, it makes for great conversation.  The cutest thing is “cool”.  Since they are always showing me a car, truck, book, etc., my response is usually, “cool”.  So now they say cool all the time.

They’re still picky eaters.  Corbin more so then Weston.  Corbin just requires more patience.  I’m sort of coming to terms with it and it doesn’t stress me out as much as it did before.  Veggie are still blended and/or snuck into smoothies or other foods that can “hide” them.  They do love carrots.  I will continue to offer foods and hope that one day they’ll like them.

We are still ages away from potty training.  They do tell me, “uh oh” and point to their butts when they’ve pooped but show absolutely no interest in using a potty.  The pediatrician said it’ll probably be closer to three.  Ugh, doesn’t she knew diapers are expensive?

They still love outside more than inside and since the weather is slowly changing to cooler temps, and by cooler I mean less than 100º, it’s more enjoyable outside.  They are playing more independently and together, without me playing with them.  I once read that boredom is a good thing for children because it forces them to be creative.  I can see them becoming more creative and playing without the TV on or me entertaining them.  Lots of cars and trucks.  Total boys.


Sometimes, October of 2013 feels like two years ago and sometimes it feels like a week ago.  It is truly shocking how fast time is passing.  The Hubs is loving this age, as they continue to have more independence and interact and play more.  Although, I am so happy they are healthy and thriving, I’m missing my teeny, tiny Nuggets.



Two Years of Life

My nuggets turn two on Friday!

21months blog

They’ve been part of our world for two years already.  Well, they were part of our world in uterine as well but you know what I mean. Two years went quickly.

I was telling my preggo bestie that she shouldn’t be concerned if she doesn’t have the whole heart-bursting-with-love feeling immediately upon her babe’s birth. I’m not sure if I ever admitted it out loud but I didn’t. It was confusing too.

When I found my wedding dress, I thought it was the prettiest dress I had ever put on but I didn’t cry or even get misty eyed. That is saying something since I cry at a good commercial.

I was quite loopy from having not slept more than two hours and a c-section but I remember the exact moment the boys were put on my chest in recovery.


Although I was excited to meet them, hold them in my arms, I didn’t burst with emotion. After the fact, I was confused again because I read all these stories about the intense emotions tied to having a baby. I didn’t have postpartum blues because I was SO happy to have them, I just had these expectations based on others’ experiences.  Oh how I’ve learned to not compare myself to others.

Those over flowing feelings came pretty quickly though, it was probably the strongest and most noticeable to me when they took the boys to the NICU.

But now, now I have the heart bursting with emotion moments on the regular. I’m tearing up even now.  Every morning when I go into get them (even after a rough night). Every time I came home from work. Each time they learn something or say something new. When they share without asking. Pretty much all the time these days.



If we were to be blessed with another child, I have a feeling the post birth emotions would be different. Mostly, because I know what my heart is going to get to experience in the near future.

Our Nuggets, that we long prayed for, are  about to turn two years old.

My heart is B U R S T I N G.




Time is FLYING

My little Nuggets are twenty three months.  Although I’ve said a hundred times not to focus the future but live in the now, I cannot help but realize these guys are about to turn two!  Some days it feels like forever ago when I was on bed rest, then dealing with the NICU and navigating the challenges of twin newborns.  Other days, it feels like yesterday that we were there.




Their one year birthday definitely feels like yesterday.  I sat in the playroom at 6:00 AM and it was still pitch black outside when I took this picture and I remember that moment clearly.


Look at that snuggle tooth and those bald heads!


Weston has always had these incredible expressive eyebrows. He can raise one or do both in what I lovingly call the “Jack Nicholson crazy eyebrows”.

90% of the time he is showing extreme concern about something. Whether it be a bug on the ground or something in a book or the food he is eating or most commonly, his brother stole a toy, this guy wears a miniature scowl constantly.


Weston is still trying to talk but not making a lot of progress.  To get you to listen to him, he gets right into your face nice and close and then walks away, so you’ll follow him. He understands everything you’re saying and is helpful when he can wants be helpful.  I ask him to pick things up, or throw something away, and he is ready to help.  Unless it has to do with picking up the magnets off the floor.

Speaking of the magnets, he can identify and say the letters J, L, M, O, U and T.  I find it very cute that his favorite letters are J and L.  He will walk around with them all day.  Unknowingly that they are his momma and daddy’s initials.


Since we don’t watch much TV with the boys, when I do turn it on for them (trying to do dinner or lunch) West’s reaction is quite ridiculous.  He screams in excitement, wiggling his arms around and laughing.  I’ve never seen that much excitement out of him over anything but TV.  He then proceeds to turn into a teenager and not move a muscle, while completely absorbed into the TV.  Another reasons why I only turn it on for 30 minutes here and there.  When West doesn’t get what he wants (or the TV is turned off) he has taken to hitting things or climbing on furniture to get a reaction out of me.  His fits are pretty epic.



Corbin’s expressions are awesome.


I’m pretty sure it’s a direct reflection of all the faces I make at him.  He’s always got his eyebrows up and excitedly pointing at something and has to tell me all about it.  Cue a lot of grunting and pointing. 

Corbin also received his first haircut this month.  He did really well but at one point his lip started to wiggle and he had a few tears.  I think he was just a little bit frightened.  It was over before he knew it because he still doesn’t have too much to cut.  I just wanted the newborn hair that was remaining to be cleaned up.


Corbin has also been trying to talk.  I can ask him if he can say something, “Corbin can you say, black truck” and he will say something that he thinks is equivalent and be quite proud of himself.  Sometimes it’s close and I can understand him and other times not so much. Corbin will surprise me though with new words and once he starts saying them, Weston will echo him.  Even though Corbin is my more cautious boy, it seems like he is the one to try something first.  Weston is his copycat in all things.

I addition to what they’ve been saying their newest vocabulary includes: Pop pop – Poppy (my dad), choose – shoes, back-back – backpack, cookcook – cookie, baaaackboom – vacuum, ahhhlbowbow – elbow or Elmo if we have our toothbrush out, dict – stick, gaaaga – goggles 

And lots of very specific grunts/strange noises which mean certain words for truck and car. They also moo for a cow, squeak for a mouse, meow for a cat, quack for a duck, roar for a lion, and baahaha for a sheep. Oh and monkey and gorilla are the cutest!

They are starting to play independently.  What I mean by that is, they don’t need me to entertain them.  They play solo or with each other for up to 20 minute increments.  They’re opening and closing doors (that was a bittersweet day, I’ve resorted to locking the doors to rooms I don’t want them to get into). they love to vacuum, color and take showers!  Both boys love to make the other laugh.  If one of them does something that gets a reaction out of the other, they will go back and forth in fits of giggles and it’s the cutest thing E V E R.

So much of life is an adventure for them and I try to keep busy.  We visit the parks in the area at least 3 times a week and we’ve been going the play areas at the mall too when it’s 100º.  They get a chance to interact with other kids there too and they do really well.



It’s been two and a half months since I stopped working and we’re having a lot of fun.  Time doesn’t stop so I’m grateful for this chance to spend my days with these Nuggets while they’re still small-ish. 

I’ve had a bit of a dry spell on blogging and it’s not because I don’t have anything to say…I just cannot find the time.  It’s more like, I’m not making the time but after dinner and a full day with the Nugs, I’m beat.  I haven’t been working on my photography either.  On top of all that, we’ve been in the middle of remodeling our kitchen for months now, so stopping to blog just isn’t happening.  I’ll get back into the swing of things, promise.



Twenty Two Months

Holy wow.

We’ve had a lot going on in August with friends and family. We had my uncle visiting from Thailand with my cousin attending the Dallas Cowboys summer camp.  Then my big brother and his fam came to visit last weekend and then this past weekend my parents and my younger brother, plus his girlfriend came up.

West & Keith blog

Ju and West blog

Tia and Corbin blog

Everyone is trying to squeeze in time for us on their busy calendars before the summer season is over.

It’s Texas though, so last week and this week is 100 degrees.  A L L week.  Thank the good Lord we have a swimming pool in our backyard.  Although, the pool temperature is resembling a bathtub these days at 94 degrees.  Believe it or not, when it’s 104, the pool is refreshing.  I don’t know if I ever want to live without a pool in my backyard.


On Sunday the boys turned 22 months old.  Do you realize that is only 2 months away from turning T W O ?  What?  I have to stop myself though.  Just enjoy twenty two months.  Focus on the present and be grateful for the future.



I paused here for a few minutes to think where to start.  Weston is becoming a lot less aggressive.  He will still see something Corbin has and go take it from him but Corbin will relinquish it and move on.  If that were the case all of the time, anyone would probably just go take what they want.  If Corbin runs away, Weston then comes over to me whining that he wants it.  I have to explain sharing. Corbin is not giving up as much these days.


Weston’s vocabulary hasn’t expanded too much in this past month.  He is saying bye-bye instead of just waving and continues to use all the words he has learned up to this point. Most of the time though, he isn’t saying much. BUT you can tell he wants to reeeeally badly.  This leads to a lot of meltdowns because he is so frustrated at me for not understanding him.  80% of the time it is grunts and points.  About 50% of the time, I can figure out what he is referring to, and after asking him to say whatever it is, I give him whatever he was pointing and grunting for.  I do wonder if this is hurting his vocabulary growth…?

Weston makes me laugh all of the time.  He is a SUCH a copy cat and will make funny faces to get you to make the face in return.  If I jump, he jumps.  If Corbin does something that makes me laugh, West immediately does it, in attempt to get me to laugh at him.  He is definitely a mama’s boy, he picks me every time.



The first thing that pops to mind, is he is my sweet boy.  He loves to snuggle and gives me kisses, when I ask for them.  He is very sweet and he still looooooves his daddy more.  He isn’t as kind to his womb-mate.  Corbin wants to play solo sometimes.  Weston does not want to grant that wish and that leads to Corbin getting frustrated, which equals a bite.  His bites are ruthless.  Last week, when they were sitting side by side in the grocery cart, Cor bit his brother for no apparent reason.  The only thing I could come up with, as this happened right in front of my face, was Corbin wanted his own space.  He isn’t a meanie towards Weston all of the time, he is actually the best at sharing.  If he has two toys, he will seek his bro out to give him one of them.


Corbin chooses to say the strangest words.  Last month was lawnmower and this month it’s remote.  He is really trying to say more, even though it rarely comes close to the word he is wanting to say.  Chee is cheese,  ra-mo is remote, bo-bo is elbow and eee is knee..  Then again, that’s what makes it so stink’n cute.  He is definitely getting there.

Even though neither are speaking a whole lot of actual words, these two have their “twin talk”.  They stand on top of their slide or open the bedroom door and yell down the hallway in something that sounds like, “daadaaayaa, yaayaa aahhdaaya“.  The both say it the same way too, like they know what they’re saying even if we don’t.

The Nuggets are both into cars and trucks (aren’t all boys?) and are particular as to which matchbox car they want to play with – Corbin’s is red and West’s is yellow.  If I cannot find the right car, watch out.  Meltdown commence.  They love music and dancing.  The 30 minutes of TV we do watch consists of the Notekins (Baby’s First TV) or Sesame Street — which I haven’t watched in like twenty five years but, in my opinion, is still the best children’s content on television.

Both boys are T A L L.  Nothing is safe anymore.  They can reach up onto the bar top and countertops where we used to put anything we wanted to keep away from them.  No such luck anymore.  They’ll climb onto chairs to get anything on the kitchen table.  Nothing is safe.

Neither has gained much weight in the last month, still weighing in around 27/28 lbs each.  Which is killer when they want to be held at the same time.  Which coincidently is always when I’m attempting to make dinner.


These kiddos make me very happy.  I used to think I was a total dork for missing The Hubs after the weekend.  We spend two whole days together and then have to go our separate ways for work on Mondays.  Now, I’ll miss The Nuggets when they take a 3+ hour nap, I get excited when they wake up.  These three boys are my whole heart.



19 Months

I have mom-brain fo sho.  I mean, my previous post said I had already posted a 19 month update but in reality…I had not hit publish.

So let’s try again….

N I N E T E E N   M O N T H S

I’ve waited seven months to say this…..we finally have more teeth!

Well, Corbin does.


blog Corbin

Poor kiddo. Those teeth came in with a vengeance! As I figured they would. He had one of his teeth in the front and two molars on the bottom, all come in the same week. He has a top molar peeking through now as well.

blog bubbles Cor

This kid traded personalities with his feistier brother. He wails at anything that’s not going his way. He bangs his head on the wall or falls (delicately) to the floor. He is a biting machine. He doesn’t bite his brother to cause pain but out of pure frustration. I know this because he bites his toys, books and himself as well. West just seems to get in his way sometimes. A lot actually. Corbin has lost all interest in sharing and now has become a robber of toys, even more so than Weston.

blog bath

At our 18 month checkup (last week) Corbin was measuring at 32” and 25.6 pounds. Not much of a change from our previous appointment. Granted, I missed the twelve month mark, so our last appointment was actually only 2.5 months ago.


blog bubbles West

Still no new teeth for Weston. He has had more than Corbin since the one year mark anyhow. I’m A-Okay with them going through this phase individually because it’s been a challenging one. Weston was 32.5” and weighed in at 26.8 pounds.

blog bubbles WestI

He did not like the nurse, or the doctor, at this appointment. He reached for me when the doctor was done and glared at her. Then West waved bye-bye telling her to leave. I cracked up.

All this was before his shot.  Unfortunately the nurse didn’t help her reputation when she failed to be lightening fast during his shot.

They’re growth spurts have slowed down finally. I keep telling them to stop growing up so fast and they’re finally listening. Both are wearing mostly 18 and 18-24 month clothing – 2T is too big.  They are still calling me Daaa. On rare occasion, I’ll hear one of them call me Mama (Corbin says Naa-naa). Very rare. I think it’s actually accidental.

Both still LOVE to be outside. Outside is so much better than inside.

blog boys bath

It’s got to be tough being a toddler. New teeth breaking through your gums, causing all kinds of pain. Unable to communicate effectively with anyone (but your twin) must cause a lot of frustration. New and crazy foods your mom tries to get you to eat.  Hating foods that you liked yesterday (causing Mom lots of frustration).  Come on….life is rough as a toddler.  We do love our bubbles and bath time!




Currently, I’m talking about months. Based on how fast these past eighteen months have flow by, I can’t even imagine how I’ll feel when I’m talking about the Nugs in 18 years. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Why can’t time fly when it’s Monday morning and I’m at work?

This sounds like a broken record: they do not have any new teeth (Wes-8, Cor-6). Is this normal? According to the Google machine, most of the charts show that Wes is on track and Corbin’s lower lateral incisors, which typically come in between 10-16 months, are a bit past due.


Additional research revealed that it’s all just an estimated timeline. Each child is different, and it’s pretty normal to have drastic variations from the schedule. I’m not worrying about it.


Everything about Weston makes me laugh. I’m constantly telling anyone around to, “Watch, what he’s doing” or “quick, look at Weston”.   I have to stop myself sometimes because that’s an annoying mom thing. If you watch him closely though, you pick up on things you’d otherwise miss. Like when he reads his Dear Zoo book and turns to the monkey page, he makes the noise “ooo ooo ahh ahh” (what a monkey says). If you’re not paying attention, you’ll miss the cuteness.

It’s not all cuddles and hugs though. Weston gets pretty darn upset with you if he cannot have, fill in the ______. Or if you tell him no, he cannot have the toy that Corbin is desperately trying to hold on to and/or running away with.

Weston is a champion sleeper. Most mornings, I’m waking his sleepy-head up. He has had a few instances of bad dreams, which make him pretty crabby in the AM. He is like his mommy in this instance, he needs his beauty sleep.

This month, West got stung by a wasp. He was sitting by the window with Poppi in the playroom and out of the blue, started crying. I thought he pinched his finger somehow because he was holding his hand and crying really hard. My dad was looking around and found a sluggish wasp on the floor. The Hubs found the nest outside, by the window, under the roof’s eve. The first time I was stung by a wasp, I think I was about 12 and I cried like a BIG baby.  I have also been stung by a yellow jacket twice in adulthood and I still cried like a baby.  We watched for any type of allergic reaction and luckily nothing.  West was a big time trooper.

blog splash II


Corbin is obsessed with books. He likes to go find a wall that he can slide down and sit against with his book. He also loves to sit in your lap to read stories. Even if you’re not in a position to which he can actually sit in your lap, Cor will try to find a way to sit on you.

Corbin is also starting to fight back. He holds much tighter to his toy/item that Weston wants and often runs away. If Weston still manages to get it away from him, he will swing his arms like he is trying to hit him (it’s more out of frustration) or he will try to head butt West. If that doesn’t work he will cry. LOUDLY. Then he will proceed to find a corner, hit his head on the wall, and sit down and cry more until someone saves him.

On the flip side, Corbin is also the master manipulator. I witnessed the following:

  1. Corbin wanted the toy his brother had, so he approached Weston and waved the toy that he (Cor) had in his hand to get Weston’s attention.
  2. Corbin proceeded to throw that toy on the ground when Weston made a move for it.
  3. This caused Weston to drop the toy he was holding (the one Corbin wanted) and go after the item Corbin just enticed him.
  4. Now the toy Corbin wanted is free for him without having to actually fight Weston for it.


He's showing you the teeth he does have!
He’s showing you the teeth he does have!

Neither are consistently calling me Mama but I’ve definitely got them practicing. Weston loves to mimic the tone of your voice so, if I sing Ma-ma at a higher pitch, he echoes me. Corbin’s comes out with a Na-na sound; we’re working on our “mmmmm”.

I’m so glad it’s Friday, I need a solid two days loving on my boys.  1.5 years went by way too quickly but we’re having so much fun.

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17 Months

We still do not have any new teeth!

I take this to mean we are going to have one hell of a month when the remaining 14 (Weston) and 16 (Corbin) teeth all decide to come through at the same time…like when they’re two.


Seventeen Months


Weston blogOh those baby blues.  Which is a rare photo catch because he’s always squinting!

Weston is still pushy and steals every single toy that his brother has.  He will spot Corbin playing with something from across the room and I can see the look in his eyes.  He zones in on what ever is in Corbin’s hands and, no matter the distractions I put in his path, he is laser focused.  He hasn’t gained much weight, still strong at 26 lbs but he seems to be getting taller.   I cannot say for sure because he won’t stay still long enough for me to check his height.  His little chubby cheeks are starting to thin out (just a bit) and I can see more toddler and less baby.  Pause for sobbing.  He still isn’t saying “mama” often but he is very sweet to me.  He loves outside and sticks.  He could play for an hour with a pile of sticks and a bucket.  His facial expressions are awesome.  I catch a glimpse of the teenage years to come.


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Corbin is slowly starting to “stand up for himself”.  90% of the time he just relinquishes whatever toy Weston wants but on occasion he holds on tight and/or tries to run away.  Once last week, he actually bit Weston on the arm, out of frustration.  I knew it would happen eventually but it hasn’t swayed Weston from toy-stealing one bit. Corbin is weighing at 24.6 and is also getting longer every day.  He is still a big time daddy’s boy.  If he can hear Daddy in the hallway or The Hubs leaves the room, Corbin is out searching for him and saying “Da-da, Da-da”.  He is also very attached to his blanket (the love is getting stronger ) and likes to snuggle now, as long as the blanket is involved.  I’ll take it.  Even if he calls me “Da-da” most of the time.

They have both become generous with kisses and I love it.  The best is when they give each other a smooch.  SO STINK’N CUTE.

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They’re really challenging me on their meals at this point.  One day they’ll eat one thing and the next, completely refuse it.  I know it’s all normal but I’m trying to encourage variety and it’s proving a challenge since they don’t like pasta or potatoes.  I look on Google and Pinterest to get ideas and I find that I’m already offering them similar meals to most moms out there.  That means I’m doing something right. Right?

Example: Yesterday’s meals

Breakfast – Egg and cheese omelets, LIFE cereal, mandarins (West), pears (Corbin).  Weston eats scrambled eggs all the time but wanted nothing to do with his omelet.

Lunch – Oscar Meyer Selects Turkey Hot Dogs, edamame (which was sampled about 10 times annnnnd spit out all 10 times, by both boys), banana.

Dinner – Chicken Divan (recipe) which they ate about 1/2 and then Weston refused and started spitting it out.  What?  Why, after 10 bites, is it now terrible?  It’s totally not terrible.  I love it.

Today’s Meals:

Breakfast – Peanut butter & banana Oats

Lunch – cream cheese and jelly sandwich, Lil Crunchies, and peaches

Dinner– meatballs, star pasta w/tomato sauce.  Star pasta is the only kind of pasta they’ll eat because it is tiny.  I don’t know how you can even tell it’s pasta. Of course they don’t sell this kind in whole wheat.  Grrr.

I battle with providing substitutes when they don’t like something and also striving to offer variety.  It would also be great if I had time to make everyone dinner and we could all eat the same thing.  Alas, not possible when I don’t even arrive home from work until 5:30 and The Hubs even later.  #thisisnottheWaltons

Oh well.  I’m doing the best I can.  If you’ve got any suggestions for toddler meals that don’t include pasta or potatoes, shoot them my way!


Statistics.  Data.  Facts. Measurements.  Numbers.  Information.

The boys were rock stars at their appointment!

The results are in:

Drumroll please..dddddddddddddttttttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Weston is a whopping 25.5 pounds!  He is 32 inches tall!  Corbin has closed the gap down to one pound (he’s almost always been about 2 lbs. less than Weston) and he is 24.5 pounds and 31.25 inches tall.

At this appointment we didn’t have to strip them down to their diaper and lay them on the table.  Instead they stood on the scale and were weighed and measured in height instead of length!  My babies are getting so big.

Every time I have the thought that they are getting big fast I think of my mom.  It has to be so interesting to see a little bitty baby that you created, grow up, move out, get married and have their own kiddos.  It kind of freaks me out a bit.

This is again one of those things you hear people talk about all the time but cannot truly understand until you have kids of your own.  So strange.

The boys had two vaccines but I held off on the MMR.  That whole theory of autism scares me.  I know there are so many benefits of vaccines and I know they are important but I think I’m going to wait until they are tad bit older and just space them out a little bit.  Good deal.  As I mentioned above, they were champs.  I was scared and the nurse let us hold them and neither of them even cried!

Speaking of moms, mine is coming to visit!

Group date for Valentines day!

This is what happens when you make us wait at the doctor’s office.

blog doctor Cor

blog doctor West