This Week

I had big plans for our summer and it is already August(!!!!) and I don’t feel like I’ve check off any items on the wish list.  Granted, some of our (outdoor) plans were postponed due to 21 days of 100º+ days!  It’s been a HOT June/July for summer 2018.

What has occupied us lately: It’s been eight days since Corbin had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy.  It is every bit as brutal as you hear about.  My little guy is a tough kid.  This surgery has taken a toll on his body and spirit.


We told Corbin he was having his tonsils “fixed”.  They were blocking 75% of his throat.  He was rated a 4 out of a 4 rating for enlarged tonsils.  He wasn’t eating well at all, he stopped liking foods he has always liked and his obstructed sleep apnea was shocking.  We knew he snored (like a grown man!) but I finally witnessed how severe his OSA was one morning.  My poor boy lay there with his chest rapidly rising and falling but no air was going in until eventually he gasped and rolled over.  That is how my child was sleeping.  No wonder he was tired all of the time.  I think even he was ready.

We told Cor he would go to sleep at the doctor’s and would wake up with a sore throat.  Obviously, we couldn’t tell him he would be in severe pain but even The Hubs and I were not prepared for how rough the recovery would be.  Corbin just knew he was going to get his throat “fixed” and be able to eat allll the ice cream.

Surgery day he was prepared.  They wheeled him back and away he went, no tears.  He was probably gone 35-45 minute and they called us to recovery. I had been warned that he might wake up from anesthesia angry and so we were “ready”.  We did not experience anger or confusion, Corbin just rolled around A LOT and itched/rubbed his face (tangled himself in every cord) but slowly, he came around.  Again NO tears.

After about an hour and a popsicle, we were headed home.  He took a short cat nap on the car ride home but for the rest of the day Corbin watched movies and ate ice cream.  Overall he seemed really good.

Days 1-4 post op weren’t good but they weren’t bad.  He was prescribed hydrocodone/acetaminophen combo and was supposed to take it every 5-6 hours.  Corbin was barely making it to five hours without being in quite a bit of pain and started to really resist the medications around day four/five.  Since he didn’t want to take the pain medications, he said they were “spicy”, Corbin started to really slow down on eating or drinking.  By the evening of day seven, he was refusing everything.  I slept with him that evening and he tossed and turned until we we woke him up in the middle of the night to give him a dose and about an hour later, he vomited.  His stomach was very irritated due to the pain meds and no food.  He continued to toss and turn all night.

The following morning, Corbin still refused anything to eat, drink and his pain meds and he hadn’t gone to the restroom in almost 24 hours.  He wouldn’t talk to me, he would hold his ears and cry.  After multiple calls to his surgeon, we decided to go to the ER.

He received pain meds, nausea meds, and two bags of fluids. And two popsicles.  As an example as to how tough Corbin really is, he didn’t flinch or cry when they put the IV in his hand.  The extra nurse that was there to hold him down assist, even commented that he did amazing.  Yet this recovery has literally brought him to his knees crying. After his ER treatment, Corbin really perked up.  When we got home he was asking for more to eat and consumed two large servings of chicken noodle soup!

What a bummer.  The doctor told us it would be a rough two weeks but we were NOT prepared for this.

Today is day nine post op and Corbin slept well last night.  He woke up still holding his ears.  NOTE: you’re wondering why his ears hurt so much when the surgery was in his throat….it’s referred pain.  There is a nerve that runs through all of those areas, that are affected by the swelling.  The ER doctor said, think about a scab and how, as it heals, it pulls on the skin in the surrounding area.  OUCH.

Every child is different, so each healing journey is not the same. Corbin was also on an antibiotic for a sinus infection prior to his surgery.  I put this out on my blog/the web so if your child is needing these surgeries, I want you to know how our recovery has been so far.  The Hubs felt the doctor could have prepared us better, essentially, scare us. I’m not sure how effective that would be either. 🙂

We are really hoping and praying that Corbin has turned the corner and is on the upside of recovery.  Weston has acted out a little bit.  I hoped he would be understanding and empathetic but he’s a four year old boy.  Not so much.  Weston has been going to school and field trip without his bro and doesn’t really like all the extra attention Corbin is getting.  The Hubs and I keep trying to do one on one things with Weston but I think he is also ready for everything to go back to “normal”.

June and July just zoomed by and we’re on the tail end of summer.  (Although in the South, warm swimming weather sticks around until forever September.) We have a family/friend swim day on the calendar for next weekend, a camping/fishing trip with more friends in a few more weeks and counting down (44 days) until our B E A C H vacation to Destin!



More Harm than Good?

So there is a post I wrote about green beans.  And how much I hated them as a kid.  Like, every single time my mom served canned string beans and I would gag, *literally gag* them down.

Oh, wait…I still kinda hate green beans.  Well, kinda.

Enter Lindsey as a Mommy.

My boys will totally eat veggies. If I blend them up and add applesauce.

Which is frighteningly similar to the way I used to consume vegetables. Except The Mo didn’t blend it up.

So my question is, as the boys get older, am I making it worse by semi-blending up veggies and “masking” them in applesauce?

I don’t always add the sweet stuff and a lot of the time they’ll still eat it. Most of the time, I go with giant bag of mixed veggies (corn, carrots, peas and green beans) and they’ll eat that combo but only if they’re blended.  None of that whole chewing business.

I started to notice that they wouldn’t eat veggies as often after we started transitioning from “baby food” to table food.  I didn’t want to give up the healthy green foods and after lots of battling with them to eat it, i.e., them winning with TONS of veggies on the floor…I went back to blending it up. At least they’re getting the nutrition, right?

I know that we all parent differently but I just wonder if I’m causing more harm then good?  In the LONG game.  Does it matter if the boys are 15 years old and eating blended combo of vegetables and fruit?  I imagine when they leave for college, they might realize that’s not exactly cool.   Then again, fruit/veggie/protein shakes are quite popular…maybe this is a head start??? 🙂

No, really.  As with many foods, it takes multiple introductions to a food before your tot seems to actually like it.  Eggs took MONTHS with The Nugs but now they gobble them up. So should I just diligently try to feed whole veggies and deal with the masses that are thrown on the floor?  Will they eventually decide, Mommy is not relenting and these green things are going to keep showing up on their plate?

Doesn’t that contradict my aforementioned post that I wouldn’t “force” feed ’em green beans? What is the end result?  Hating green beans?  Growing to like them? Or tolerating the veggies? blog food boys What is most important? I think, I’m totally over thinking this for a couple of 16 month olds. What do you think?5E1F90B120FB20C197CC10E4FF74EF96

Heavy Heart.

My life goes on without much change.

I woke up to baby boys laughing or babbling to themselves or each other.  I get ready for work and we all eat breakfast.  I say goodbye and come home to happy, smiling faces.  I tuck The Nuggets in, say a prayer and just know they will be there in the morning.

I continually think of baby girl and her family.  I would say, about every few hours it pops into my mind again and I’m sad. We weren’t especially close to the Turners.  They are part of the other side of my family but it is still so heavy on my heart.  I definitely expect to get to know them better.  To integrate our families for all the support and prayers that can be given.

My nanny and I had a conversation regarding all of us attending a pediatric CPR and first aid training.  If not but to refresh us on what to do in a situation like that.  She and The Hubs all agreed it is something that goes on the calendar immediately.

If you are interested in taking a CPR/First Aid class The American Heart Association and American Red Cross host classes across the nation.  Look one up in your area.   Aside from these nationwide associations, local fire departments and hospitals often host these classes for minimal costs.  It’s worth it.  Knowledge is power and could be life saving.


Can we all just say that Nationwide super bowl commercial sucked?  I hope they lose customers after that bull was aired.

I can also say, without a doubt, I don’t want to work full time anymore.  If you have read this blog at all, you’ll notice I battle back and forth….

“Do I “give up” a career I’ve been working towards since graduating from college?”  Or, “Am I a “bad mom” because I have to work to help support my family?” Then, “I’m a strong role model for my kids because I am a good mom and I work full time”.

None of those things are relevant to me anymore.  Are they true or not? Maybe, depending on your perspective but it’s not important to me what others think or if I take a step back in my progression of my career. When what’s truly the most important is my kids.  If I’m lucky, I’ll live to be 80.  I’ll raise my children, go back to work (one day), be successful (or not), earn a little bit of money and die surrounded by family and friends.  Not coworkers and not money.

This will definitely not happen immediately, and we will absolutely have to make some sacrifices but again, it’s all about what is important.

Please continue to send your prayers to Emma Kelli’s family.  If you would like to help financially with the astronomical costs of burying a loved one, please go here.


Peanut butter

Well, it’s official. We introduced peanut butter.

Everyone is safe and sound.
I am glad that is over with finally!

Some people say to wait until their two years old.  Others say, once they’ve passed their first birthday, you’re in the clear. One person recommended to go to the fire station and offer peanut butter onsite so if anything happens, emergency responders are nearby.

WOW.  My kitchen worked just fine.  I was very nervous though.

All I can say is, I’m so glad neither had a severe reaction.  My heart goes out to the mommies with children who are highly allergic to peanut butter.  I would worry.  All. The. Time.

At least if you know they are allergic, you are most likely prepared with an EpiPen.  Still, it would be tough to get a call while they are at school because someone accidentally offered them something with peanuts in it.  Ugh.

For other parents who haven’t crossed this bridge yet, here is a small tip that I received from a friend (adult) who is highly allergic (like cannot even be in a room) to peanuts: she recommended to take a peanut and rub it on the baby’s upper, under arm (their bicep).  She said that someone with a severe allergy would most likely have a reaction on the skin surface.  That sounds so much better than keeping my fingers crossed that their throats do not close up.  Anyways, I rubbed both boys, while The Hubs gave me a strange look thinking, “what is wrong with this woman…why is she rubbing peanuts on my children??”

There was zero skin reaction.

I then put peanut butter right in their face.  This time, The Nuggets were looking at me like, “stop teasing us crazy woman!”  No wheezing or coughing.  Note: in no way is that an approved way to check for a peanut allergy. I just thought it was a good idea.

Moving on….

Both Nuggets ate the peanut butter and jelly sandwich like it was going out of style.  And it is not.  My mom fed it to us by the ton.  And it’s still a delicious, and healthy, option for kiddos.

I also realized I forgot to share the smash cake cuteness.  All credit goes to B Faith Photography. Although I hope to start upping my photog skills and posting more of my own work.

Birthday boys



Post Baby Body

This post is so I can remember I’m actually saying this…

My post baby body is not terribly bad.

There are so many horror stories out there about how a baby ruins your body.  Don’t even Google “body after twins”.  It’s surprising to me how many people post incredibly honest pictures.  They didn’t give me any hope though.

Granted mine is still holding onto about 8 pounds but I’m not exactly working very hard to get rid of it.  I should. But I’m not.

I do my yoga.

I run (honestly, it happens once every 2 months…not exactly an exercise regimen). I’ve planned to go every night this week and it hasn’t happened yet!

I do squats, planks/crunches and push ups daily.

None of those things are my normal workout approach.

I wonder if me researching and viewing all the unflattering pics after those ladies had their babies, just helped me be more accepting of mine.

I’m thrilled that things, for the most part, are back to normal.  My normal that is.  Is there room for improvement? Absolutely.   Do I want to be healthy and set a good example for my kids? Yes.  Am I done beating myself up over not working out 6 5 4 any days of the week? Yes.

I went from this (I think this is actually around 8 months and 30+ pounds) back down to fit into three quarters of my old clothes.  I’ll take it! I still cry a little when something won’t zip though.

In other news…more importantly, we have more teeth!  Weston got another one on the bottom last weekend…

and Corbin’s first one has just barely popped through.  With fear of jinxing it….I’d say they’ve been really great teethers.  I know, I know, there is much more to come.

Work Out

If you know me, you know I am a work out person.  I enjoy working out.  I also need to work out.  For mental sanity, I need it.

I really enjoy eating healthy and exercising.  Unlike some people, I don’t really have to force myself to do it.  Well, I don’t have to force myself all  of the time.  It’s ridic to say I love sweating and exhausting myself every day and eating carrot sticks, but I’d be lying.  But I do like the way I feel when I’m being healthy…which means working out and eating sensibly.

After being on bed rest for 8+ weeks and then having a C section….that means ZERO work outshot almost 4 months.  I am ahhhmazed and bewildered that I didn’t gain 100 pounds while on bed rest.  I ate my fair share of junk food. Actually, if I craved any type of candy and mentioned it to The Hubs, he would come home with it for me.  I honestly should have gained much more than I did but either way…it’s not all going away.

The majority of my pregnancy weight fell off.  I was surprised actually, how much weight came off and how my body started to get back to itself pretty quickly.


I have a stingy 12 pounds that are sticking.  To my love handles.  My belly. And a bit on my thighs.

And I haven’t worked out. Once.  I’ve done sit ups, push ups (or attempted), lunges, squats, jumping jacks, knee lifts, anything I can do while bottles are heating up or the boys are sleeping. We’ve also taken plenty of walks (weather permitting) But to me, that doesn’t really count.  I need to get back to pounding the pavement. Hard. Sweating. A lot. 

When? That’s the question.