Bestie + Gender

It is still raining in Texas.  I heard someone blaming El Nino in a joking manner and then on the news last night I learned, it really does have to do with El Nino!

Luckily, there has been reprieve from the rain enough to let the Nuggets outside to play for a few hours but they were ecstatic to actually go bye-bye this weekend.

On Saturday we attended a gender reveal party for my best friend.  I don’t use the terminology best friend lightly.  My mom used to tell me, “You’re lucky if you have one, to two best friends in your lifetime.”  I am very lucky to have Erin as my friend.  As my sister.

Gender reveal parties are SO fun. Whether you chose to wait until your baby actually pops out or if you find out in advance, it’s exciting. But having a party is the best.

cake // Sweet P Cupcakes

Erin is not a patient person and she doesn’t do well with keeping secrets, so when her results came in on Wednesday, it was a dash to drop it off with Janet from Sweet Pee Cupcakes (N. Dallas area) so she didn’t peek.  When we arrived on Saturday for brunch, I told The Hubs I would time how long before she wanted to cut into that cake.  She made it one hour and 10 minutes.  I was impressed!

When the time finally came, there was a pretty even vote between boy verse girl but, I think in the end, pink was favored.  (That was my guess).


G I R L !!!!

There were a lot of high pitched squeals of excitement and both of the Nuggets freaked out.  They’re not so much for loud commotions.

Monday I went out and bought these…


I actually sent a picture of them to her and she was like, “pleeeease buy them for me?!” and I was like, “girrrrrl, I never put them down!”  This, among other things.  I totally enjoy buying for my boys but this will be a new kind of fun!

Erin is one of my most favorite people and I am over the moon for her + husband and I cannot wait to meet little the new lil Missy.


Weston thought something was funny.  Probably the number of pictures we had to take to get this shot — and I still ended up with hair in my face.



Party Success!

The Allen Nuggets gender reveal party was a total success!

Due to the 897655467 text messages and phone calls I was receiving on Saturday, I posted this video on Facebook shortly after we cut the cake but if you haven’t seen it yet, here is our gender reveal!

It was so exciting!

I went with the “What Will They Bee?” theme and was very pleased.  We used Juju’s Cakes in Arlington, TX and I was ecstatic with the cake Nicole produced!  Not only was it super pretty, it tasted great too.
There were tons of goodies (see photo above) so we still have lots of left over cake.  I made the cake balls myself using Diva’s Can Cook blog instructions, which were very helpful.
We had a great turn out of friends and family, so thanks to all who came to celebrate with us.  We waited about and hour and half after the party start time to ensure everyone was able to arrive.
There were so many people that had never even heard of a gender reveal party.  I know they are a kind of new idea but I thought more people would know about them.  Most of the party goers thought that The Hubs and I knew the gender results already and were just sharing with everyone else.  Once we explained that NO ONE knew what we were having, the excitement level rose greatly.  As the video showed, there was a lot of cheering and it was really, really fun.  I would recommend a gender reveal party for everyone.  If you have the patience to wait to find out.   Even the Hubs, that wasn’t all that keen on the idea, thought it was a lot of fun when we actually got to cutting the cake.
We are beyond thrilled, and I’m feeling very blessed, as I always said I wanted two boys to raise (never knew they’d come as a package together)!