2018 In Summary


Well here we are again.  Another year in the books.  When I think about life now it’s almost everything before the boys entered into our world and everything since.  Recently, I went to dinner with several of my college besties and we started talking about college days (which feels like a lifetime ago) and memories were dredged up from a corner of my brain I didn’t realize was there.  I also realized without those valuable and long lasting friendships, memories that would probably have been forgotten.

Life is a funny thing.  It makes me think about individuals like my grandparents that are 92/93 years young, who survived immigration, famine, wars and raising ELEVEN children.  Can you even imagine the number of life’s moments that are tucked away in their memories?  I feel lucky that in this day and age the ability to take pictures and videos is literally in my pocket at all times.  I’m also so curious to see what develops in the next 30 years.  Flying cars?

2018 has been an eventful year and that has been partially contributed to returning to the workforce full time.  Its afforded us things we have talked and dreamt about for a while now.  

We bought a travel trailer.  Technically, that was at the very end of 2017 but this past year is when we began to really use it.  We’ve taken it to a few near by state parks in TX and OK.  We even tested out the ability to camp with others, all squished into just our camper.  We have definitely used it as a “guest house” when we go visit Kemp and my brother’s family stayed in it when the house overflowed during the boys’ birthday celebrations.  In true cousin Eddy style, we actually plan to take it as our home away from home for the out of town holiday festivities this year! She’s a beaut Clark!

In January, our family grew!  My younger brother and his wife had a baby!  He is such a chunky monkey and watching him (via photos) grow this year is the best. Early this year we also went to Monster Jam (total disaster), took a spring break staycation in Fort Worth and Josh completed his RCIA journey.

Josh and I also took our first adult only vacation away from the boys to Puerto Adventures in March.  I felt a bit of guilt but my parents were here to love on them and I also really tried to prioritize my marriage. I am fully and completely obsessed with my children but before them I was equally as obsessed with The Hubs.  I don’t think I am any less obsessed but our attention to each other is obviously split now.  So we spent an entire 5 days solely focused on each other.  It was awesome.  There were somethings about the resort and the location I wasn’t super pleased with but overall, it was a much needed time together.

I wrote a post about what we did mostly this summer and how Corbin’s surgery recovery actually took a large chunk of time but we did have lots of fun too!  Corbin and Weston fine tuned their swimming skills, lots of backyard fun, went on several camp trips and plenty of gatherings with friends.  We also finally made our first trip to Destin, FL and I’m quite sure we’re never going to any other beach.  SO beautiful and now we know why Texans flock there in the summer time.  The AirBnB we stayed in was THE perfect location and the trip was just relaxing and enjoyable.  We also have a list of things we plan to do next year!

The fall always means lots of birthday celebrations and parties for our crew. We took a trip to Broken Bow and had  blast with a big group of friends and followed closely by the holidays.  Thanksgiving blends right into Christmas and here we are…the year’s end.  

It’s not over yet!  In the homestretch of the year, we decided to do some much needed renovations on the outside of our home.  We’ve been slowly updating and beautifying the inside but the outside was looking rough.  Painters are working as we speak!  I’m terrified I didn’t pick the right colors (happens to me every time) but once everything is all said and done….I’ll post pictures of the finished product.

Christmas is next week (eek!) and I feel pretty ready.  I’ve been thoroughly enjoying all the get togethers and Christmas cheer.  We are headed south and I’m excited to get to snuggle nieces and nephews, eat and drink too much and enjoy the merriment.  



Shared Birthday

My two tots are two.

My post is late – it should have been up last week but my best friend had an emergency C-section.

On October 9th.

So my new niece, will share her birthday with The Nuggets. What are the odds?!

In the aftermath, it’s humorous. But at 11:55am, I received a text from my forever friend, informing me she needed prayers as she was going in for an emergency C-section. I kind of freaked out. I knew she’d been having nausea and her ribs were hurting the past few days but she contributed it to heartburn and normal pregnancy woes (baby in the ribs). Other than that, her pregnancy was perfectly perfect. Uneventful and totally normal.

I immediately responded with a request to call her, which was denied as she was being prepped for the C-section at that very moment. I waited anxiously for an answer from either her or her husband with reassurance of both their safety.

When I finally got to talk to her, I was already on my way to the hospital, with or without permission to visit. When I saw her, I cried. I felt stupid, I shouldn’t be crying, she should be crying. She is the one that just had a baby five weeks early and had absolutely no idea this was coming.  I was worried.  It was good to assuage my concerns, tears of relief.

When it was all over, The Hubs actually teased me, he thought I was being an overly dramatic woman. He didn’t realize that Erin had no leading symptoms of preeclampsia.  And she might not have gone to the doctor, if it wasn’t for her regularly scheduled OB appointment that morning. She later told me that her labs showed her liver and kidneys were operating well below normal.  Maybe I am overly dramatic sometimes but Erin is part of my family and there is no way I want to grow old without her.


Even though preeclampsia is a “common” worry for preggo ladies, it is a real reason to worry.  The Mayo Clinic has a great information page on it.  It is most common in first pregnancies when women think it’s just part of pregnancy.  Educate yourself.

Thankfully, I don’t have to worry because Erin is well and so is her new daughter, Vivienne Cate.

So The Nuggets will share their birthday with the sweetest little peat, my best friend’s daughter. What are the odds?!


Welcome to the world baby girl – you are so loved.



Bestie + Gender

It is still raining in Texas.  I heard someone blaming El Nino in a joking manner and then on the news last night I learned, it really does have to do with El Nino!

Luckily, there has been reprieve from the rain enough to let the Nuggets outside to play for a few hours but they were ecstatic to actually go bye-bye this weekend.

On Saturday we attended a gender reveal party for my best friend.  I don’t use the terminology best friend lightly.  My mom used to tell me, “You’re lucky if you have one, to two best friends in your lifetime.”  I am very lucky to have Erin as my friend.  As my sister.

Gender reveal parties are SO fun. Whether you chose to wait until your baby actually pops out or if you find out in advance, it’s exciting. But having a party is the best.

cake // Sweet P Cupcakes

Erin is not a patient person and she doesn’t do well with keeping secrets, so when her results came in on Wednesday, it was a dash to drop it off with Janet from Sweet Pee Cupcakes (N. Dallas area) so she didn’t peek.  When we arrived on Saturday for brunch, I told The Hubs I would time how long before she wanted to cut into that cake.  She made it one hour and 10 minutes.  I was impressed!

When the time finally came, there was a pretty even vote between boy verse girl but, I think in the end, pink was favored.  (That was my guess).


G I R L !!!!

There were a lot of high pitched squeals of excitement and both of the Nuggets freaked out.  They’re not so much for loud commotions.

Monday I went out and bought these…


I actually sent a picture of them to her and she was like, “pleeeease buy them for me?!” and I was like, “girrrrrl, I never put them down!”  This, among other things.  I totally enjoy buying for my boys but this will be a new kind of fun!

Erin is one of my most favorite people and I am over the moon for her + husband and I cannot wait to meet little the new lil Missy.


Weston thought something was funny.  Probably the number of pictures we had to take to get this shot — and I still ended up with hair in my face.



So Much Life


So much has been happening in this month that I’ve not been able to keep up!

Easter and a Rangers game is all I’ve been able to capture.

One of my very best friends is getting married in May. In Hawaii. And I don’t get to go. *Sob* We had a little celebration in honor of their upcoming nuptials.

A Saturday afternoon we met up and checked into the Omni Mandalay Hotel in Las Colinas for our girls night. Gorgeous hotel in the Irving area that overlooks a little man-made lake.

We proceeded to a nail spot for a few hours of getting our fingers and toes pampered.

Then, who knew that Grapevine, Texas had a gorgeous winery?  Delaney Vineyards Winery provided a four wine sample tasting and a tour for only $10! We brought our own fruit and cheese boards and really enjoyed ourselves.

blog bach collage

blog bach

blog bach i

It doesn’t compare to a wine tour in Fredericksburg, but it’s only a 20 minute drive from pretty much anywhere in DFW.

We moved along to Mexican food and margaritas at Esparza’s in downtown Grapevine. We managed to squeeze in the last of the nice weather on the patio before an absolutely crazy storm hit DFW. We decided to slumber party and watched the lightening from our 17th story window at the hotel, wrapped up in robes and drinking a few cocktails, instead of trying to venture out. This was the best decision because we all had quality time talking, about everything.  Marriage, kids and our friendships.

SO good for the soul.

Before the month’s end, squeezed in another birthday for this girl. Another birthday has come and gone and I’m still 28. Maybe 29. I haven’t decided yet.

blog bday i

We celebrated at The Rustic in Dallas, with the Dallas Cowboys, totally unintentionally. When I picked the dinner spot, I was looking for a place with a nice outdoor area and it happened to be the same place as the official Cowboys Draft Party. Bonus!

blog bday

Probably would have enjoyed the evening a little more if it wasn’t SO crazy busy. The Rustic is a great indoor/outdoor restaurant but it was a pretty pricey dinner tab. For as much as we paid to have a few drinks and eat, we could have gone to an upscale steak house. I’ll remember that for next time.  Regardless, it was great to spend time with people important to me!

blog bday ii

Spent the rest of April and first day of May hanging with my boys and spending as much time outside as possible.

blog walk ii

blog walk

The rest of this week is scheduled to be super stormy and less than ideal for any type of outdoor activities. I am not complaining because this rainy spring was desperately needed for the North Texas area. The last few years, we’ve suffered drought after drought, with our lakes becoming less and our yards thirsty.

April showers bring May flowers!