Summer Months

So much has happened this summer and I haven’t documented the half of it.

The Nuggets can swim.  Like, really swim.  Put their little faces into the water and swim across the pool to our waiting arms.  Take leaping jumps off the edge and swim.  This is a major improvement from the initial swim lessons we took last year and earlier this summer.  I am absolutely certain that those lessons were important in their success but Suzy’s Swim School in Arlington is in a different league.


Ms. Suzy is a elementary school teacher full time but in the summers she works her magic in the pool.  In a total of eight, 30 minute lessons the boys became little fish!

In August, we also took a trip to Broken Bow, OK.  I couldn’t live there (this girl doesn’t do country full time) but gosh, I love that place.  It’s so stink’n beautiful and it doesn’t hurt that we stay in these gorgeous luxury cabins.

We had a small family reunion on The Hubs’ dad’s side.  It was the perfect central location for everyone to drive in and the only problem we had was not enough time together.


The Hubs and I were also honored when our favorite friends asked us to be their daughter’s godparents.  Its a big responsibility for the two of us to ensure we lead her in faith by example.


Wrapping up our “last” summer weekend, we felt all kinds of popular because we had three parties to attend on Saturday.

  • Miss Harper turned four years old!
  • The McDaniel/Wilcox Couple’s Shower
  • Autumn’s (good college friend) baby shower

Of course all three parties were in vastly different parts of the metroplex but we made it.  Thirty minutes late to each party but we attended nevertheless.

I assisted in hosting the baby shower and I’m gonna just say it, we’re getting pretty good at this whole hosting-showers-thing.


Jenn graciously opened up her always clean, (kid free) beautifully decorated home so we had the best setting.  I really enjoy hosting and attending baby showers as I  L O V E how our group of friends keeps growing.  Life is so good.

The boys started pre-school today but I’ll save that for my next post.  What, might you ask, did I do with my time while I was free…?  Nothing fancy.  Just a work out and a little lunch across town with a bestie and furniture shopping.  Shopping where I didn’t chase toddlers around begging (and praying) that they don’t break anything.  It was heaven.






This little blog here started after our infertility journey had begun. It was a long journey, so that’s not surprising. I actually started writing prior to turning 30…which magically, I have still not done. #still28

Since the beginning of the infertility challenges, we kinda went through it all. Along the way we “passed” people that were lucky enough to not have to take all of the steps we took.

First, was trying for a year. At the time, we were young and all the numbers checked out fine so the docs said, “”!! For the record, no doctor actually used that terminology. 

Next, was Clomid cycles. We actually had good friends that (at the same time) were successful using Clomid to get things going. I’ve read several blogs with other medical challenges (which we don’t have) who have also had success, multiple times, using Clomid.

There were months where we “stopped trying“, like so many people advised as well as months of holistic paths, which didn’t work either. As time went on and more invasive procedures and even exploratory surgeries to take a more aggressive approach, Dr. Le felt like we needed more intervention. Which ultimately lead to IVF and THANKFULLY The Nuggets.

That story has already been written though. My struggle comes from almost a jealous place. Forgive me Lord.  I hear people talk about infertility and I immediately think,”well what’s the story, because if it’s not like mine… then they had it “easy””.

I seem to forget I’ve also read stories about couples going through 4, 5, or 6 cycles of IVF and others who never conceive and I can only imagine they think my struggles were easy.

I want more children. At least one more but it’s not like everyone else and its not easy. I hoped we’d be one of those couples that, as Dr. Le put it, just had to get things going and would be able to conceive the old fashion way but alas, that has not been the case.

We have limited chances and I’m scared of what happens when those chances run out. Sometimes, I don’t accept my infertility and that it’s a problem. When no one can tell you why, it leads me to false hope.

I’m SO grateful for my Nuggets and I have to remind myself it’s not my story to write. God has written it already and it’s perfect.  If the boys are the completion to our family then I will learn to accept and cherish all I’ve been granted.