This Week

I had big plans for our summer and it is already August(!!!!) and I don’t feel like I’ve check off any items on the wish list.  Granted, some of our (outdoor) plans were postponed due to 21 days of 100º+ days!  It’s been a HOT June/July for summer 2018.

What has occupied us lately: It’s been eight days since Corbin had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy.  It is every bit as brutal as you hear about.  My little guy is a tough kid.  This surgery has taken a toll on his body and spirit.


We told Corbin he was having his tonsils “fixed”.  They were blocking 75% of his throat.  He was rated a 4 out of a 4 rating for enlarged tonsils.  He wasn’t eating well at all, he stopped liking foods he has always liked and his obstructed sleep apnea was shocking.  We knew he snored (like a grown man!) but I finally witnessed how severe his OSA was one morning.  My poor boy lay there with his chest rapidly rising and falling but no air was going in until eventually he gasped and rolled over.  That is how my child was sleeping.  No wonder he was tired all of the time.  I think even he was ready.

We told Cor he would go to sleep at the doctor’s and would wake up with a sore throat.  Obviously, we couldn’t tell him he would be in severe pain but even The Hubs and I were not prepared for how rough the recovery would be.  Corbin just knew he was going to get his throat “fixed” and be able to eat allll the ice cream.

Surgery day he was prepared.  They wheeled him back and away he went, no tears.  He was probably gone 35-45 minute and they called us to recovery. I had been warned that he might wake up from anesthesia angry and so we were “ready”.  We did not experience anger or confusion, Corbin just rolled around A LOT and itched/rubbed his face (tangled himself in every cord) but slowly, he came around.  Again NO tears.

After about an hour and a popsicle, we were headed home.  He took a short cat nap on the car ride home but for the rest of the day Corbin watched movies and ate ice cream.  Overall he seemed really good.

Days 1-4 post op weren’t good but they weren’t bad.  He was prescribed hydrocodone/acetaminophen combo and was supposed to take it every 5-6 hours.  Corbin was barely making it to five hours without being in quite a bit of pain and started to really resist the medications around day four/five.  Since he didn’t want to take the pain medications, he said they were “spicy”, Corbin started to really slow down on eating or drinking.  By the evening of day seven, he was refusing everything.  I slept with him that evening and he tossed and turned until we we woke him up in the middle of the night to give him a dose and about an hour later, he vomited.  His stomach was very irritated due to the pain meds and no food.  He continued to toss and turn all night.

The following morning, Corbin still refused anything to eat, drink and his pain meds and he hadn’t gone to the restroom in almost 24 hours.  He wouldn’t talk to me, he would hold his ears and cry.  After multiple calls to his surgeon, we decided to go to the ER.

He received pain meds, nausea meds, and two bags of fluids. And two popsicles.  As an example as to how tough Corbin really is, he didn’t flinch or cry when they put the IV in his hand.  The extra nurse that was there to hold him down assist, even commented that he did amazing.  Yet this recovery has literally brought him to his knees crying. After his ER treatment, Corbin really perked up.  When we got home he was asking for more to eat and consumed two large servings of chicken noodle soup!

What a bummer.  The doctor told us it would be a rough two weeks but we were NOT prepared for this.

Today is day nine post op and Corbin slept well last night.  He woke up still holding his ears.  NOTE: you’re wondering why his ears hurt so much when the surgery was in his throat….it’s referred pain.  There is a nerve that runs through all of those areas, that are affected by the swelling.  The ER doctor said, think about a scab and how, as it heals, it pulls on the skin in the surrounding area.  OUCH.

Every child is different, so each healing journey is not the same. Corbin was also on an antibiotic for a sinus infection prior to his surgery.  I put this out on my blog/the web so if your child is needing these surgeries, I want you to know how our recovery has been so far.  The Hubs felt the doctor could have prepared us better, essentially, scare us. I’m not sure how effective that would be either. 🙂

We are really hoping and praying that Corbin has turned the corner and is on the upside of recovery.  Weston has acted out a little bit.  I hoped he would be understanding and empathetic but he’s a four year old boy.  Not so much.  Weston has been going to school and field trip without his bro and doesn’t really like all the extra attention Corbin is getting.  The Hubs and I keep trying to do one on one things with Weston but I think he is also ready for everything to go back to “normal”.

June and July just zoomed by and we’re on the tail end of summer.  (Although in the South, warm swimming weather sticks around until forever September.) We have a family/friend swim day on the calendar for next weekend, a camping/fishing trip with more friends in a few more weeks and counting down (44 days) until our B E A C H vacation to Destin!



Hiatus 2017

I’m am 100% confident I have another blog post titled “Hiatus’.

Hi! Remember us?



But for real.  I left this little slice of web alone for well over a year. I was feeling a bit of a struggle between documenting life and living life.  I LOVE my mom blogs (absolute fav) and I felt a desire to have everything so well documented, something that I could reference until the inter-webs crash (…probably reading too many dystopia novels).

Problem is, I just don’t spend that much time on a device.  Honestly, even without blogging, I think I spend a little bit too much time surfing Insta and FB and I’m still usually the last one to see a post or hear the news.   There must be a trick to being a mom of one, two or five kiddos and still finding time to blog/Instagram/Facebook but I just don’t know that secret.  I’m thinking those mommies must not sleep and that is something I’m NOT willing to give up.  (hahahaha..sleep.)

Moving into 2018, I’ve decided I want to write again.  When I can.  I want to update and track and document and share. When I can.  My family is number one and everything else comes after that.  Well, God is numero uno actually but you get what I mean. He comes before all else.

So here’s the update:

I went back to work.  Gasp.  And I LOVE it. Cough.  Like really love it.  Choke.

If you know me, you know my background is HR.  When we became a single family income, I tried think of all kinds of SAHM ideas to bring in extra money AND to give me something to do.  I wanted to be a photographer (like Brittany).  I wanted to own a small online shop of cute tees.  I wanted to do alllll the things I saw other SAHMs creating and working and balancing a family.

What ended up actually occurring was I realized those are all super HARD work also.  I had zero knowledge of photography and although I learned a LOT online, I really needed hands on guidance.  Editing also took up SO MUCH time.  I would get faster the more I worked with it but watching You tube videos and reading tutorials, while working on a photo was time consuming.

I also failed miserably at sewing.  I tried but probably not nearly hard enough.  I also really wanted hands on learning.  I want to ask a question, “what did I do wrong here?”  You Tube didn’t help much with that either.  Afterwards, I learned that I was actually starting out with a pretty difficult fabric to work with for a beginner.

That is my learning style though.  I’m a very visual and interactive student.  If I had more patience and time, maybe I could have excelled at both.  Now that the boys are FOUR, maybe I’ll try again.  Or maybe I’ll wait a little longer.

In the meantime, an opportunity presented itself in my “corporate world”.  It was going to be a 3 month contract position and my mom volunteered to live with us (eek!) and watch the boys while I tried this whole working-outside-the-home thing again.  A few things lead me to take this opportunity.

  1. It was temporary.  If I didn’t like it, I’d quit.
  2. It was exactly what I was looking to do (in HR) before I had the opportunity to be a SAHM.
  3. It would be an easy transition for the Nugs because they’d be with their Momo.  Their schedule and school days would stay the same and everything.
  4. The role was for four months and I was guaranteed flexibility

I started in October 2017 and I’m actually waiting to hopefully be hired on full-time.  That’s what they keep telling me at least.  Its an outstanding locally headquartered company and my boss is the best part.  She was a SAHM for almost 20 years and she has made the transition so great.  I know my experience could have been much different so I’m very grateful.

handsome boys

The Nuggets.  They’ve have had a harder time transitioning.  They most definitely do NOT like going to school every day.  We put them in a Primrose school and they go from 7:30a-4/4:30p and even after two months it’s still a little challenging.

Once they get to school it’s fine.  Most of the time they do not want to go home when we pick them up.  But the battles of getting out of bed, dressed and out the door are tough.  It’s super tough on me because I feel like I’m making the wrong decision but let me tell you how it was before I went back to work.

Corbin and Weston were SICK and tired of me.  And to be honest, I was a bit worn out with them too.  Maybe more then “just a bit”.  Both boys were always SO excited to see Daddy when he came home from work and I was pretty much always chopped liver.  I was constantly desperate to get out of the house and would dump the boys on the Hubs far too often because I needed a break. They went to school Tues/Thurs from 9a-2:30p which was great but  I dealt with the guilt of doing “nothing” while they were in school and I didn’t want to spend money either.  So I started working with a friend, helping with her business, credit card sales (not my dream job) and I was feeling a bit more fulfilled.

Then I received an email from a friend/old coworker and she told me about this opportunity. After some discussion with the Hubs, and the commitment from my mom, I decided to go for it.  Since they’ve extended my contract, I’ve been happily growing relationships with adults and learning so much.

So that’s where we’re at right now.  I’m not sure the boys are in the best school for what works for us but that’s another story and decision for another time.  There is no way I can catch everything up that has happened for the last 16 months so we’ll just move forward.



A Day In the Life Of

I want to start this post with

G O  T E X A S  R A N G E R S!!!!!

My “back up” MLB team is the Astros (raised in burbs of Houston) and it’s always fun with interstate rivals, and this series is late in the season making it an important one and we OWNED it!

I digress.  A fellow twin mama asked me recently about the Nugs’ schedule back when they were 12 months old. It was a challenge to think back a YEAR ago and recall.  I thought maybe I had a blog post on it but lo and behold, I did not.

I’ve done well to document the boys’ growth and progression but only randomly have I done a routine/schedule type post.  I can assume it was because I worked all day long M-F and the nanny spent all that time with them. I provided her a nap and eating schedule but all the in between time was up to her. Not anymore!

So a day in the life of The Nuggets looks like:

6:30/7:00 a.   Wake up. Luckily, the boys are both still sleeping really well.  We have an occasional 4 am wake up, but they’ll just talk a little while and go back to sleep. On those mornings they usually sleep even later (and its amazing when it falls on a Sat/Sun). We change diapers, get dressed and head out for milk and breakfast.

7:30/8:00 a.   Boys will usually drink a cup of milk and play while I am getting breakfast ready. We load up into high hairs to eat. Breakfast (this morning) consists of scrambled eggs w/cheese, toast and pineapples. Breakfasts include a protein (yogurt, nut butters, eggs, etc) whole grain carbs (cereal, toast, granola, waffle, oatmeal, etc) and a fruit (any/all of them). If there is one meal they consistently eat well, it’s breakfast. If they won’t eat breakfast, there is usually something wrong.

8:30/9:00 a. If I have any errands to run, this is when we load up and get out of the house. Or head to the park for a run and playground time. If we aren’t leaving the house, they’ll play inside and/or outside depending on the weather. Thank the Lord the 100°+ days are over for this summer. 

10:00-10:30 a. Snack time. Depending on their moods and if we’re home, this is also when we will watch about 20-30 minutes of Baby First TV or Sprout.  Snack today was water, plus raisins and Gorilla crunch. Snack can consist of Larabars, Annie’s crackers, Fig bars, Pirates booty, fresh fruit, cheese stick, raisin box, etc. I really try to keep them to whole wheat and/or whole food snacks but we’ve been known to eat graham crackers too and if Daddy is in charge, they’re probably eating Fritos and bean dip.


10:30-11:30 a. Play time. Free play is usually over for the morning. They both need to be interacted with for this play time. We will color, play with dominos, practice shapes and colors, work on a craft (this is new now that they’ve stopped trying to eat everything) or just chase each other around the house.

11:30-11:45 a. Get lunch ready. This is usually a challenging time because they want my attention and they’re getting tired. I’m trying to prepare lunch with two crazy nuggets at my feet. This is when fights break out and a lot of whining happens. I’ll put them on the counter to watch if it’s safe enough or I turned the TV back on for a few minutes when it’s really bad.


11:45-12:15 p. Lunch. Who knows if they’ll eat. I never know. Lunch today was half a cup of milk with a jelly and almond butter sandwich, 1/2 mini baby bell cheese, wheat thins and sliced peaches.  I’ve been working on trying to get their nap pushed back to 1:00 but we haven’t been too successful. Some days they barely make noon and how tired they are really effects how they eat.

12:15-12:30 p. Change diapers, snuggle a minute (to try to keep them awake) and down for a nap. They usually fall asleep in about 5-10 minutes.

12:30-2/3:00 p. Nap!!  It varies from 1.5-3 hours and usually depends on their level of activity that morning and how they slept the night before. Rarely is it any less though.  I think all moms are totally different on the subject of sleeping but a degree of sleep training/CIO was used with the Nuggets and I truly believe they are better sleepers (and happier/healthier) tots because of it. It’s what worked for us! 

2:45 p. Wake up (today), change diapers.

3:00 p. Snack. Pretty much the type of menu as the AM snack. In the afternoon though they are more tolerable to the blender, so we do smoothies too (any fruit combo with spinach and Greek yogurt).

3:00-5:00 p. Anything goes. Not really but kinda. They are always in a great mood immediately after nap. Unless the Amazon delivery rings the doorbell (I might have an online shopping problem…) I digress, this timeframe also seems like they want more individual play time. This is super important. I find the only way they do it well, is in separate rooms or that’s kind of how they migrate. That’s hard because I cannot see both of them at the same time, so I find myself going back and forth to each room. This, in turn eventually, leads to one of them following me to the other and ending the solo play.

We always love outside time too. 

Depending on the meal, I start cooking dinner around 3:30. Sounds crazy but with 84736  interruptions, I figured out if I didn’t start uber early, I wasn’t ready anywhere near 5ish.

5/5:30-6:00 p. Dinner. Dinner is ALWAYS a challenge.  They must hate this meal. Most of the time I attempt to give them whatever we are having for dinner. Last night was ham, turkey and cheese pinwheels and they devoured them. Tonight, I made a sundried tomato, spinach and sausage pasta and that was a resounding no go. Since they don’t eat most pasta (gah), I offered them baked mini meatballs instead.  Corbin ate all of his and I thought Weston had until I got him down and found about 5 of them hidden behind his back.  They also had Dr. Prayers Spinach bites and a veggie cookie for dessert.

I try to offer a vegetable at dinner as well but, unless it’s carrots, it must be hidden. I still blend up green beans and frozen mixed veggies and hide it in applesauce. I’m not above trying anything to get some green stuff in their diets. I’ve “hidden” broccoli under the cheese of their pizzas too.  I try really hard not to get frustrated but I’ll admit, its super difficult.

5/6:00 p. Daddy arrives home from work!

6:00-7:00/7:30 p. Play time with Daddy. Inside or out, the boys eat up their time with Daddy. Depending on what time the The Hubs arrived home, this is also the time when we will try and sit down and eat. We try to make it the same time the Nugs are eating if traffic treats him well.

7/7:30-8:00 p. Bath time and bed time routine. We try to watch their cues and consider what time they were up from nap, will drive their bedtime, it is rarely ever past 8 pm. The routine every night is; bath tub, brush teeth, get dressed, read stories, prayers, kisses and then lights out. They will usually talk to each other for a bit, roll around trying to get comfy and then fall asleep. This process is anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes.

We battled with that for a little while and we started putting them to bed later and later but they still took their time before falling asleep, even with the much later bedtime. They would also wake less rested. They do not cry but just need sometime to wind down.

The Hubs and I will then work on our kitchen remodel….oh wait, that’s wishful thinking.  We will eat if we didn’t get a chance to earlier or watch baseball or catch up on bills/blogs/chores/etc.  Bed time for either of us is around 10-11ish.  Then we wake up and do it all over again and love every minute of it.

So that’s what our schedule looks like at 23 months.