F i v e

My babies are not babies anymore.  They’re little boys.


They’ve obviously been headed in this direction for some time now and many might argue they haven’t been babies in a long while.

But before I could still scoop them up, squeeze em and love all over them.  I could still hold them in my arms.  They both gave kisses willingly and snuggles were never enough.  Mommy could always “fix” the problem.  Both always looked to me (or The Hubs) for guidance and assurance.

Now they’re just so darn independent.  An opinionated.  And goofy.  They still love me.  Its just differently.  I know it will change again as they continue to get older, more mature, and “grown up”.

I also realize these are signs that we are doing something right.  Asserting their ability to do things on their own, make their own decisions and learn from it.  It still means they need me less and that’s a hard pill to swallow.



Corbin is 42′ tall and (has thankfully gained a few pounds since the tonsillectomy) weighs in at 36.4 lbs.  He still has his stunning blue eyes and sweet smirk.  Corbin still wakes up first, and entirely too early, but gives the reason that he needs to snuggle.  Sometimes it means he gets up more than once during the night.  He has agreed to “give up” sucking his thumb now that he is a big 5 year old but still loves his blankie fiercely.  He has a very outgoing personality and is always pretending he is something or somewhere but he has to get permission first – Mommy, can I pretend I am ________?

Corbin is not shy.   He will let you know how he feels, who pushed/stepped on his foot/didn’t play with him, who he doesn’t like, all usually within earshot of the other kid’s mom at after school pickup.  Sheesh.  I try to embrace it.  Kids are honest and Corbin is going to deliver you the truth.


Since starting at a montessori school Corbin has drifted towards math and enjoys those lessons.  Montessori schools use a lot of hands on objects to learn (i.e. counting beads, stacking blocks) and that is right up his alley.  Corbin is the pickiest eater.  He will like something one day and not the next, he love all typical kid food but he does like more meat options then average.  The only veggie that gets past his lips are corn and carrots – occasionally.



Since day one, Weston has always been just a hair bigger than his brother.  Weston weighs in at 38 lbs and is 43.5″ tall.  Occasionally, I think my boys are tall (both are greater than the 75%) but then I see them next to a really tall kid!  Weston has the biggest smile and loves to laugh at Corbin (who loves to make him laugh). Weston has a mixed personality.  He can be very bossy and assertive at home but in social setting, he really needs Corbin to give him confidence.  We were camping a few months back and he was desperate to go play with the kids across the campground but would not go without Corbin.  Once he feels Corbin’s support and gets the courage up to go introduce himself, he’s off.  Sometimes to Corbin’s displeasure because he gets left behind.

Weston likes to please us more than not, especially when I’m on my last bit of patience.  Or when Corbin has made me cry (true story).  Weston is a pretty good eater but is not a fan of most meat choices.  He will eat an occasional meatball or piece of lunch meat and much prefers carbs (like his momma). Weston will still come to to mommy to “fix it”, whatever it is and I hope that doesn’t stop too soon.

Corbin and Weston filled our lives in a way I never knew they could.  The Hubs and I both badly wanted kids but there really is no way to understand how fulfilling children make life until you have them (whether it’s the old fashioned way or adoption or even gaining kids through a marriage).  It’s not always easy but the hard times are totally worth it.

We are an infertility “success” story.  What’s compelling is we were never really diagnosed with anything to make us infertile so it was an “unexplained infertility” which was heart wrenching.  It’s easy for me to look back and say, God planned it this way.  It was impossibly difficult to endure but it did work out perfect, according to His plan.




Three Year Olds

Our boys turned three years old.  Three years have gone by since those teeny tiny little nuggets entered our world and changed everything.  I could cry.  As ALL parents say, it really does go by fast.  The days of newborns are the longest and the shortest days in the weirdest way possible.  After that, it just picks up pace.  I never wished to “rush” through any phase (even potty training) because I knew once it was over, that was it.



This just doesn’t seem like that long ago to me.



My West.  He is exactly that, a momma’s boy.  The world ends if Daddy attempts to dry Weston off after the bath tub.  I use that to my advantage and he hops out of the bath super fast.  Weston is a ball of emotion on most days and can swing from being the sweetest, loving, giggly boy to incredibly frustrated and upset with anyone and everyone.  He is a lot like me in that sense…every feeling is full of emotion.  He looks out for Corbin and loves to introduce them to other people, first saying his name and then pointing out Corbin.

At their three year check up,  Weston weighed in at 33 lbs and 38.5″ tall.  He is slightly above the fiftieth percentile for weight and right at the seventy fifth percentile for height. Weston still naps on occasion and when he does, he naps hard.  He sleeps through the night like a champ, rarely getting up and on most days I can hardly get him out of bed in the morning (again, similar to mom).

Things I don’t want to forget: Every morning, Weston runs into my arms and tucks his head into my neck so his eyes can get used to the light.  When I go to pick him up from school, he grins and squeezes me so tight and says, “I’m so glad you’re here”.   When he laughs at his brother, its a full belly laugh if Cor does something silly and the way he says big words like, “incredible and amazing” when we go new places.  How Weston always wants to help me with chores.




Corbin is still more of a Daddy’s boy.  He wakes up early on most days to make sure he sees  Daddy before he leaves for work. Daddy always says goodbye but Corbin will look for him half of the morning, asking where he went.  Corbin is my snuggle bug though and will lay with me for a few minutes before he fully wake up and always wants to play what I call Marco Mommy with me.  If I am in another room he will call, “mommy” and I respond and this continues until he locates me.  Corbin is more independent then his brother though and likes to entertain himself, but he also really loves to aggravate Weston.  He will take a toy he knows Weston wants and then run away and make Weston chase him. It usually ends with Corbin throwing it behind the couch/table/tub and Weston in tears.  I can only image how these “fights” will progress.

Corbin weighed in at 30.2 pounds and 38 inches tall.  His weight falls just below the fiftieth percentile and his hight was at the seventy fifth.  Tall and lean as he has always been.  Corbin sleeps through the night about 60% of the time.  He sometimes wakes up to go potty or needs reassurance after a bad dream.  Sometimes he just comes in to snuggle (to which we send him back to bed).  It’s a small prayer every night that he (we) make it through.

Things I don’t want to forget:  Corbin with his blanket and sucking his thumb (I know).  How he will share with his brother and, if Weston is upset, he tries to fix it.  Corbin will thank you for doing something for him (like Daddy built the playground for them and a month later, he’s still saying thank you). How he has the goofiest grin when someone tells him to smile for a picture.  How much he loves to build parking lots (cars lined up), when he tells me “follow me Mommy” and pulls my hand.  How animated and excited he is when he talks about everything.


The nuggets are total boys.  They love trains trucks, cars, dirt and messes.  They’re not so much into bugs…yet.  In the love of all trucks, we had a Fire Truck themed birthday party.

I found Fire Truck 2 You with Fireman Scott, that brings a real fire truck right to your party. It was so outstanding, I couldn’t recommend a more fun event.  I actually attended a community event last night and discovered we are kinda infamous in the neighborhood from this party since the mayor’s daughter in law stopped to inquire about it.  Whoa, right?

The boys were in love with every aspect, except honking the horn.  Corbin did that once and scared more than half the party’s attendants, including himself and that was that.  No more honking.  But each child had the opportunity to climb in and out of the truck, turn on the lights, push buttons, etc.  They had fireman outfits to put on and Fireman Scott even talked about firemen and how they are there to help and not to be scared.  It was truly a unique and exciting party for the boys.  My next door neighbor (who brought his grand daughter) was my favorite, as he was as interested in participating as the three year olds.

I couldn’t recommend Fire Truck 2 You and Scott to more people then I have, i.e., everyone.  If you have a kiddo between the ages of three to ten, it is a GREAT party idea.  I mom failed on the pictures and relied on everyone else to capture the day.  Luckily, I have great friends.

Our babies are three but they will always be my babies.  I can’t even read that book




Young, Wild and Three Shirts – MeCollection15


Birthdays and Football

When the boys were approaching their first birthday, a lot of people told me it wasn’t necessary to throw a big birthday bash since they wouldn’t remember any of it anyhow.  The party is more for the parents than the kiddo.  Well we had a big party anyways.

This year we didn’t throw the boys a big birthday party. Their birthday fell on a Friday and that following Saturday, we had planned to attend the University of North Texas (my alma mater) Homecoming festivities. Ever since we moved back to the DFW area, I’ve been going to Denton for the Homecoming.  I missed the year we had the boys, obviously.  Last year, we gave a whole new meaning to tailgating with babies in high chairs, literally on the tailgate.

This year, we wrangled in a few more family members and had a pretty nice tailgate set up.  Unfortunately, UNT’s football team isn’t doing so hot 0-4 and lost the homecoming game 66-7 (OUCH).

Corbin 2.2

Family 1

The Nuggets’ grandparents spoiled them to the max.  It’s a good thing Gamma brought all the gifts she did because it entertained the boys for hours, while the rest of us ate ourselves silly.  Next year we’ll do it bigger and better!  Extra special thanks to both sets of grandparents for driving up.

family 2

Weston 2.2

The boys had their two year check up this week too.  I actually scheduled it on time! 

Weston is 28.5 lbs and 35 inches tall.  His weight is in the 95th percentile, height in the 55th and his head is B I G.  The doctor said, it’s big and always has been.  He has come a long way from his 5 lbs. 4 oz preemie status.  In some brands of clothing he even wears a 3T.  What?!?

Weston 2

Corbin is still a pound less than his brother at 27.5 pounds.  That bumps him into the 55th percentile for weight but they are the same height at 35 inches.  Corbin is tall and lean.  B I G surprise there.

Corbin 2

Corbin has started to become frightened by things and he’s also been having bad dreams.  Or so I think that’s what is wrong.  He’ll wake in the middle of the night sobbing and calms down as soon as one of us goes in to reassure him. A few weeks back, I brought them to the Rainforest Cafe and the electronic alligator terrified him.  He hung on to me so tightly until we were far away from the display.   He is also afraid of the Halloween aisle at the stores.

As for talking, both boys are still trying to repeat everything you say to them.  They both are quite impressive with their colors, now identifying yellow and red, in addition to green and blue.  They are doing great with saying please but still struggling with sharing.


When I ask them to repeat a word I said to them, Corbin always speaks up first, so I usually ask Weston separately if he can say whatever word we are working on at that moment.  Both Nuggets get really frustrated if you aren’t paying attention when they are trying to say something to you.  You MUST acknowledge and repeat whatever word they are trying to say.  Even if you have no idea what their gibberish means.  Let me tell ya, it makes for great conversation.  The cutest thing is “cool”.  Since they are always showing me a car, truck, book, etc., my response is usually, “cool”.  So now they say cool all the time.

They’re still picky eaters.  Corbin more so then Weston.  Corbin just requires more patience.  I’m sort of coming to terms with it and it doesn’t stress me out as much as it did before.  Veggie are still blended and/or snuck into smoothies or other foods that can “hide” them.  They do love carrots.  I will continue to offer foods and hope that one day they’ll like them.

We are still ages away from potty training.  They do tell me, “uh oh” and point to their butts when they’ve pooped but show absolutely no interest in using a potty.  The pediatrician said it’ll probably be closer to three.  Ugh, doesn’t she knew diapers are expensive?

They still love outside more than inside and since the weather is slowly changing to cooler temps, and by cooler I mean less than 100º, it’s more enjoyable outside.  They are playing more independently and together, without me playing with them.  I once read that boredom is a good thing for children because it forces them to be creative.  I can see them becoming more creative and playing without the TV on or me entertaining them.  Lots of cars and trucks.  Total boys.


Sometimes, October of 2013 feels like two years ago and sometimes it feels like a week ago.  It is truly shocking how fast time is passing.  The Hubs is loving this age, as they continue to have more independence and interact and play more.  Although, I am so happy they are healthy and thriving, I’m missing my teeny, tiny Nuggets.



Shared Birthday

My two tots are two.

My post is late – it should have been up last week but my best friend had an emergency C-section.

On October 9th.

So my new niece, will share her birthday with The Nuggets. What are the odds?!

In the aftermath, it’s humorous. But at 11:55am, I received a text from my forever friend, informing me she needed prayers as she was going in for an emergency C-section. I kind of freaked out. I knew she’d been having nausea and her ribs were hurting the past few days but she contributed it to heartburn and normal pregnancy woes (baby in the ribs). Other than that, her pregnancy was perfectly perfect. Uneventful and totally normal.

I immediately responded with a request to call her, which was denied as she was being prepped for the C-section at that very moment. I waited anxiously for an answer from either her or her husband with reassurance of both their safety.

When I finally got to talk to her, I was already on my way to the hospital, with or without permission to visit. When I saw her, I cried. I felt stupid, I shouldn’t be crying, she should be crying. She is the one that just had a baby five weeks early and had absolutely no idea this was coming.  I was worried.  It was good to assuage my concerns, tears of relief.

When it was all over, The Hubs actually teased me, he thought I was being an overly dramatic woman. He didn’t realize that Erin had no leading symptoms of preeclampsia.  And she might not have gone to the doctor, if it wasn’t for her regularly scheduled OB appointment that morning. She later told me that her labs showed her liver and kidneys were operating well below normal.  Maybe I am overly dramatic sometimes but Erin is part of my family and there is no way I want to grow old without her.


Even though preeclampsia is a “common” worry for preggo ladies, it is a real reason to worry.  The Mayo Clinic has a great information page on it.  It is most common in first pregnancies when women think it’s just part of pregnancy.  Educate yourself.

Thankfully, I don’t have to worry because Erin is well and so is her new daughter, Vivienne Cate.

So The Nuggets will share their birthday with the sweetest little peat, my best friend’s daughter. What are the odds?!


Welcome to the world baby girl – you are so loved.



Two Years of Life

My nuggets turn two on Friday!

21months blog

They’ve been part of our world for two years already.  Well, they were part of our world in uterine as well but you know what I mean. Two years went quickly.

I was telling my preggo bestie that she shouldn’t be concerned if she doesn’t have the whole heart-bursting-with-love feeling immediately upon her babe’s birth. I’m not sure if I ever admitted it out loud but I didn’t. It was confusing too.

When I found my wedding dress, I thought it was the prettiest dress I had ever put on but I didn’t cry or even get misty eyed. That is saying something since I cry at a good commercial.

I was quite loopy from having not slept more than two hours and a c-section but I remember the exact moment the boys were put on my chest in recovery.


Although I was excited to meet them, hold them in my arms, I didn’t burst with emotion. After the fact, I was confused again because I read all these stories about the intense emotions tied to having a baby. I didn’t have postpartum blues because I was SO happy to have them, I just had these expectations based on others’ experiences.  Oh how I’ve learned to not compare myself to others.

Those over flowing feelings came pretty quickly though, it was probably the strongest and most noticeable to me when they took the boys to the NICU.

But now, now I have the heart bursting with emotion moments on the regular. I’m tearing up even now.  Every morning when I go into get them (even after a rough night). Every time I came home from work. Each time they learn something or say something new. When they share without asking. Pretty much all the time these days.



If we were to be blessed with another child, I have a feeling the post birth emotions would be different. Mostly, because I know what my heart is going to get to experience in the near future.

Our Nuggets, that we long prayed for, are  about to turn two years old.

My heart is B U R S T I N G.




My Daddy

Father’s day is this Sunday.

I was at the store buying cards and was slightly irritated that I had to spend so much money on cards for all these dads in my life.  I shook my head at my own absurdity.  I’m LUCKY to be able to buy cards for several important men in my life.

The importance of The Hubs is a totally different subject, but at this moment, I want to talk about my daddy.  Yes,  I still refer to him as daddy.


Funny actually because when I’m around the boys, I try to refer to The Hubs as Daddy and anytime I’m in the presence of both, The Hubs and my dad will answer me.


My dad just celebrated his 64th birthday last week.  Since they live about four hours away, we were lucky enough to be together to celebrate.  Nothing too fancy but cake and a trip to the beach as a big family.

My dad is a pretty quiet guy.  He speaks quietly, laughs quietly and sometimes I have no idea how he tolerates the rest of us.  No one would describe my family as quiet.  No one.  He loves to read and cares deeply about his family.  All of us. Loud and bossy folks.

He works as a mechanic and has worked hard his entire life.  I cannot wait for him to be able to retire so he can enjoy life a little more.  Although, he will probably continue to work on cars because, unlike a lot of us, the work he does is the work he loves.

He wants to move to the country and live a quiet life (surprise, surprise).  My mom, not so much.  Maybe, one day, I can talk them into moving closer to us.

Happy Father’s day Daddy/Poppi.  You are loved fiercely.


Let There be Cake!

I completely understand why people hire photographers for parties.

I am not a photographer.  I WISH.  If I had more time to devote to it, I MIGHT be a bit better but alas, I work.  And I’m a mommy.  And I’m a wife.  And then somewhere after that falls time to “invest” in my photography hobby.

On occasion, I get a great picture.  My aperture, ISO and shutter speed is juuust perfect.  Then I feel great.  But when I try to do it again, it’s a flop.

I digress.

I handed my mom my complex camera and asked her to just point and shoot.  I didn’t get many good pictures.  Like maybe one.  I was so busy that the few times I tried to get a picture in, I didn’t get to balance my gray-scale.  Or open up to let in enough light.  Or it came out grainy.  I even tried to use my flash…and got the dreaded flash shadows.

I’m disappointed because The Nuggets only get to have one, first birthday party and I didn’t document it well.

I did get a great cake though!


Our party theme was construction.  Nicole with Juju’s Occasion Cakes in Arlington made this little gem for us.  She also made the cake for our gender reveal as well, I was so glad to have found her via Google!  Not only are the cakes pretty, they are YUMMY.  We got quite a few compliments on both the look and taste of the cake.  Nicole even made two separate cup cakes for the boys to “smash” and different flavors for each tier of the cake.


WestonThe Nuggets like chocolate cake.

IMG_2597 weston3

Additionally, we had smash cake pictures done professionally with our fav photog, Brittany with B Faith Photography, prior to the party day.  Again, so lucky to have found Brittany, she is what I want to be when I grow up.  Stay at home mama with mad photography skills.

Their party went by so quickly and that makes me sad but onto bigger and better things!

Weston is walking!  Like really walking!  He stands himself up and takes off.  Still cautiously and slowly but more and more every day.  Corbin is standing solo but not really taking steps yet.  Such an exciting time in our casa!

We can celebrate with leftover cake!

One Year

This happened one year ago.


My boys.  The Allen Nuggets.  Weston Lain and Corbin William.

It was a bit unexpected.  After one pre-term labor scare at twenty seven weeks. Two hospital stays and nine weeks on bed rest, The Nuggets made their debut at thirty five weeks and six days.  My doctor was so happy and proud that I was able to make it that long.

The Nuggets were born via C-section because Corbin was breach.  The boys regulated their body temperatures, blood sugar and were breathing on their own.  As soon as possible (I would say within the hour), the doctor’s and nurses at Baylor Medical Center Grapevine, had those boys on my chest doing kangaroo care/skin to skin.  They were helping me try to get them to latch on too.  They did everything they could to make the C-section, and the care afterwards, less medical-ly.  I know that’s not a word.


I was one happy momma, although the picture doesn’t show that exactly….hey, I’d been up since 1:00 am.  Unfortunately a short 24 hours later, they took the boys to the NICU because they weren’t eating and had already lost more than 10% of their weight.  Later I learned C-section babies do lose a lot of weight.  They pump you full of fluids before you go in for surgery and the babies take on a lot of fluid as well, which inflated their birth weight.  You can read about the NICU journey in other blog posts, here and here and here.

365 days later, this happened….


They went from Weston being five pounds, to twenty two pounds! And Corbin being four pounds, to twenty pounds!  My Nuggets are considered “toddlers” now.  WHAT?!  Wait a minute…these are my babies!

At Target, the twelve month clothes are next to the 2T-5T and I want to have a crazy-mommy-moment and move it all back into the baby rack section.

They drink milk and eat cheerios.


They get excited when The Hubs or I come in from work.  They…errrr Weston, gets mad when we don’t give them what they want.Weston mad

This past year has been so much fun.


I look forward to so much more.

XOXO – Lindsey