I’m Lindsey. I’m thirty something.  If you ask me in person, I’ll tell you I’m twenty eight.


This is The Hubs.  We have a great life. HE is great. We had a big hiccup though.

We had a very challenging and emotionally exhausting journey to becoming parents.  Aside from having a blog that documented some of that journey, I don’t really like to talk about it.  It’s not public knowledge.  It is the path we had to take to get to this point.


As of October 2013 we have The Nuggets.



boys 2

Birthday boys cake.blog

I’m now living my happily ever after.

Allen Fam

Read about it….


Anything published in this blog, is a work of the author of the blog and should not be copied without the permission granted, whether it is a piece of fiction or personal.

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