Spring Time In Texas

I wrote this post when it was still spring time.  But in true Lindsey fashion, I’m posting it a month late.

Spring was pretty “spring-ish” this year.  In North Texas (which is drastically different then South Texas) we don’t really get four full seasons but this area gets sorta seasons.  Mostly, we get a whole lotta HOT and a little bit of cold and a teeeeeny bit in-between. This year our spring was actually lovely.  Minus the allergies.

hats, gloves and beanies are not typical for your bluebonnet pictures

This year we bought a travel trailer.  The Hubs and I have always loved (tent) camping and since we’ve had the boys…well lets just say I had zero desire to drag pack’n’plays and diapers into the mix.  I used to complain, if we had a camper we could “camp” since it’s pretty much a house on wheels.  Welp, The Hubs finally listened.  We bought a 2013 travel trailer in December.



Unfortunately, we find ourselves super busy (nothing new) and if we don’t prioritize camping trips, they don’t happen.  We’ve used the trailer as a home away from home while visiting Gramma (my mother in law) and it was absolutely great!

My goal for this summer is to camp at least once a month.  If we cannot manage to use the camper, we don’t need to have it and pay insurance/storage.  I wish we had a driveway where we could park it but we live on a hill, so even parking it in front of the house is sketch.

Whats up next?

S U M M E R    T I M E

So far the calendar looks a bit like this

  • A trip to Gramma’s for swimming fun
  • Reunion with our old pre-school buddies (hopefully)
  • Visit our old stomping grounds, New Braunfels, TX, and hopefully find a spot on River Road where the boys can stomp and splash around in the Guadalupe River.  It’s interesting to think, the last time I left South Texas, my heart was hurting while dealing with unexplained infertility and now we get to take our boys to one of our favorite places 
  • LOTS of pool & backyard days
  • In September we’re going to finally take our first trip to Destin, FL

We need to have a family meeting and put a “Summer To Do” wishlist together for the summer months ahead.


I have lot of other things to blog about like the boys sleeping challenges (bad dreams, sleep apnea, our Mexico vaca) so I’ll be back.  Soon, I promise.



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