Easter 2018

I’m a day month late but better then never.

Easter 2018 was extra special.  The Hubs went through the journey to become Catholic and joined the church on March 31, 2018.

I am a “cradle Catholic” (baptized as a baby and raised) in the church.  When I met The Hubs, he was not heavily involved in any church.  He was raised in a more non-denominational Christian design and I worried that he and I would “fit” in the long run. To be completely honest, in my early twenties I wasn’t doing a great job with my faith journey either.  But I knew what was important to me and Josh assured me through loving words and actions that we would make the long haul.

God obviously knows what he is doing and here we are 13 years later.  I cannot claim to be the reason The Hubs decided to become Catholic.  He prayed for a sign and saw it while at mass one week.  The Hubs tells me that he wouldn’t have been at mass if he wasn’t married to me, if we weren’t setting the example for the boys and I wasn’t dragging everyone out the door on Sunday mornings.

I don’t think the source of the reason is necessarily important but while he’s gone through the RCIA journey, as his sponsor, my eyes have been opened and I have learned much more about my faith and grown in my religion.  I believe the timing was just right and I’m so grateful for where we are now. Together. Forever.

Congrats my love. No one is more proud or loves you more than me



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