Well it’s June and I haven’t posted in six months. I obviously took a small hiatus.

I feel like I needed to take a break but now I’m a little disappointed that I did. Mostly because I love being able to go back and recall with certainty things we’ve done throughout the months…Because they keep flying by! So much has happened and I can’t even begin to cover it all so I’ll update as I get back into the swing of things.

Over the last six months the boys have excelled. They talk constantly and they’ve entered the phase of pretending. 

Which I  L O V E !!

It’s so stinkn cute to see them playing together and pretending their feet are tires and how they help each other repair their flat tires and fill each other up with gasoline so they have fuel to run circles around the house/yard. This is my favorite thing about this age.

I have to translate some of what they say to other people but most of it is understandable. Now if they start talking about pretend stuff, the majority of people (including The Hubs) need assistance. They both love to introduce themselves and each other when someone asks them their names. Never fails, each time someone asks, Weston speaks up first and says, “I Weton, he Cormin”. They also know Mommy and Daddy’s names and it’s funny to hear them say Lindsey or Josh. 

We spend our summer days playing inside/outside in the morning, story time at the library or running errands. 

Before school let out the Toddler Time at Urban Air Trampoline park was a weekly destination. SO FUN. Even I really enjoy myself. It was only $5 a kid and parents jump free. It’s discontinued for the summer though. Totally worth it and we’re ready for it to come back.

About once a a week, I drop them at Kids Park to play for a few hours while I run around (and get 100% more done) without them. It’s always a nice break for all of us. I have developed a bit of a shopping addiction at Old Navy though.

They’re still going down for a nap at 1:00p but I now have to sit in the room with them, otherwise they just play forever and fall asleep right before I am supposed to go in and get them up. So it’s usually a 1:30p-3:00p nap. 99% of the time, I have to go in and wake them up. I’m sure they’d sleep until 4:00 and not go to bed until midnight. No thanks.

We spend the afternoon swimming or playing inside. Playing outside or at the park in the afternoon isn’t really an option because it’s Texas and it’s June and therefore 90°+ and that’s just too hot for these little guys.Luckily, they really enjoy swimming and during our lessons, they’re really doing well! Kicks and reaches, bubbles and big jumps off the side of the pool. I’m quite proud of my little fishes.

Bedtime is a bit of a battle and we’re about to transition to big boy beds. Which is going to make it even less fun but it’s time, because Weston is crawling to the top of the rails now and saying he is trying to get into Corbin’s crib. An injury is just waiting to happen and I’d like to avoid it. I’m just waiting until after our trip to WI in less than two weeks. 

So there is an update on our Nuggets.

Life in general has been super busy too. In January, The Hubs switched companies and is really enjoying his new role which is blessedly less stressful on him. We took a spontaneous ski trip to Red River. 

In February my younger brother proposed to his girl and we couldn’t be happier! March we were in Katy for Easter.

 In April, a week or so before my birthday, we welcomed our newest niece Mia Nicole and she’s beautiful! We also watched Vivienne for a night so the Slaughters could take a quick weekend away for their anniversary and the boys loved having her!

May was a trip to Houston for a work event for The Hubs which also scored us night away, that we thoroughly enjoyed. We also hosted a small Memorial Day pool party.

We also had ANOTHER slab leak, this time in the kitchen. A few weeks later we discovered a faulty connection which leaked water all over the carpet and ruined our kitchen floors. So we’re getting new floors soon! The kitchen remodel might actually get completed. 15 months in the working!! Ugh. Life 🙂

June was back to Katy (AGAIN) as I co-hosted an engagement party for the future newlyweds.

Whew. That was a lot!  Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things here because I barely scratched the surface. Gotta start somewhere, right?



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