Time is FLYING

My little Nuggets are twenty three months.  Although I’ve said a hundred times not to focus the future but live in the now, I cannot help but realize these guys are about to turn two!  Some days it feels like forever ago when I was on bed rest, then dealing with the NICU and navigating the challenges of twin newborns.  Other days, it feels like yesterday that we were there.




Their one year birthday definitely feels like yesterday.  I sat in the playroom at 6:00 AM and it was still pitch black outside when I took this picture and I remember that moment clearly.


Look at that snuggle tooth and those bald heads!


Weston has always had these incredible expressive eyebrows. He can raise one or do both in what I lovingly call the “Jack Nicholson crazy eyebrows”.

90% of the time he is showing extreme concern about something. Whether it be a bug on the ground or something in a book or the food he is eating or most commonly, his brother stole a toy, this guy wears a miniature scowl constantly.


Weston is still trying to talk but not making a lot of progress.  To get you to listen to him, he gets right into your face nice and close and then walks away, so you’ll follow him. He understands everything you’re saying and is helpful when he can wants be helpful.  I ask him to pick things up, or throw something away, and he is ready to help.  Unless it has to do with picking up the magnets off the floor.

Speaking of the magnets, he can identify and say the letters J, L, M, O, U and T.  I find it very cute that his favorite letters are J and L.  He will walk around with them all day.  Unknowingly that they are his momma and daddy’s initials.


Since we don’t watch much TV with the boys, when I do turn it on for them (trying to do dinner or lunch) West’s reaction is quite ridiculous.  He screams in excitement, wiggling his arms around and laughing.  I’ve never seen that much excitement out of him over anything but TV.  He then proceeds to turn into a teenager and not move a muscle, while completely absorbed into the TV.  Another reasons why I only turn it on for 30 minutes here and there.  When West doesn’t get what he wants (or the TV is turned off) he has taken to hitting things or climbing on furniture to get a reaction out of me.  His fits are pretty epic.



Corbin’s expressions are awesome.


I’m pretty sure it’s a direct reflection of all the faces I make at him.  He’s always got his eyebrows up and excitedly pointing at something and has to tell me all about it.  Cue a lot of grunting and pointing. 

Corbin also received his first haircut this month.  He did really well but at one point his lip started to wiggle and he had a few tears.  I think he was just a little bit frightened.  It was over before he knew it because he still doesn’t have too much to cut.  I just wanted the newborn hair that was remaining to be cleaned up.


Corbin has also been trying to talk.  I can ask him if he can say something, “Corbin can you say, black truck” and he will say something that he thinks is equivalent and be quite proud of himself.  Sometimes it’s close and I can understand him and other times not so much. Corbin will surprise me though with new words and once he starts saying them, Weston will echo him.  Even though Corbin is my more cautious boy, it seems like he is the one to try something first.  Weston is his copycat in all things.

I addition to what they’ve been saying their newest vocabulary includes: Pop pop – Poppy (my dad), choose – shoes, back-back – backpack, cookcook – cookie, baaaackboom – vacuum, ahhhlbowbow – elbow or Elmo if we have our toothbrush out, dict – stick, gaaaga – goggles 

And lots of very specific grunts/strange noises which mean certain words for truck and car. They also moo for a cow, squeak for a mouse, meow for a cat, quack for a duck, roar for a lion, and baahaha for a sheep. Oh and monkey and gorilla are the cutest!

They are starting to play independently.  What I mean by that is, they don’t need me to entertain them.  They play solo or with each other for up to 20 minute increments.  They’re opening and closing doors (that was a bittersweet day, I’ve resorted to locking the doors to rooms I don’t want them to get into). they love to vacuum, color and take showers!  Both boys love to make the other laugh.  If one of them does something that gets a reaction out of the other, they will go back and forth in fits of giggles and it’s the cutest thing E V E R.

So much of life is an adventure for them and I try to keep busy.  We visit the parks in the area at least 3 times a week and we’ve been going the play areas at the mall too when it’s 100º.  They get a chance to interact with other kids there too and they do really well.



It’s been two and a half months since I stopped working and we’re having a lot of fun.  Time doesn’t stop so I’m grateful for this chance to spend my days with these Nuggets while they’re still small-ish. 

I’ve had a bit of a dry spell on blogging and it’s not because I don’t have anything to say…I just cannot find the time.  It’s more like, I’m not making the time but after dinner and a full day with the Nugs, I’m beat.  I haven’t been working on my photography either.  On top of all that, we’ve been in the middle of remodeling our kitchen for months now, so stopping to blog just isn’t happening.  I’ll get back into the swing of things, promise.



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