Swim Lessons

Y’all know we have a swimming pool in our backyard.

The set up for our pool is pretty desirable for having small children.  Kind of.

The pool isn’t right out the back door.  This is good because once they figure out how to get the backdoor open, they cannot access the pool immediately.  There is a gate (locked) and steps that lead down to the pool area. The major pitfall is you cannot see the pool from the house, in case a nugget somehow got down there.

Either way, if you are a parent, you know that even just the thought of something happening to your child can take your breath away.  I knew I wanted the boys in swim lessons at an early age.  Around the nine month mark, I made the move to put them in lessons.  At the same time, I got a new job.  The two schedules were not working out and I held off on enrolling them.  Time went on…and on, and then the weather changed (most people don’t think swimming in the winter time) and lessons just got put on the back burner.

This year, I struggled with scheduling conflicts again.  By the time I realized that summer was here, the classes at Emlers were all full.  Grrr.  A friend of a friend knew a lady (certified, taught for a 20 years, etc) that does lessons at her house.  But she only does kiddos that are 2+ years old.  Then I started to think, there has to be more than one “lady” that has tons of experience and offers private lessons.  So I hit up Craigslist and found Ms. Jody. 

Ms. Jody was a competitive swimmer, taught at MIT for 16 years, and is still an instruction.  She is F A N T A S T I C !  She comes to OUR house every Saturday for a brief 30 minute session (all lessons for little tots are short and sweet because they tire quickly).  We’re on week seven of lessons and the boys are learning the following:

  • Seated and “swimming” kicks – 85% mastered
  • Reaches (arm strokes) – 30% mastered
  • Bubbles – 100% mastered – when they feel like it
  • Keeping our lips closed when they jump in the pool – 30% mastered
  • Monkey walking (holding on and moving along the side of the pool)  98% mastered
  • Kicks on their backs – 5% mastered – they hate this
  • Putting entire face in water – 50% mastered 
  • Jumping from the side – 75% mastered

  As you can tell from the pictures, it is a “mommy and me style lesson” (I am in the pool swimming with them). This is her preferrance at this age but next year, I won’t participate.

I’m so glad I found her!  She is energetic, timely, convenient and priced fairly.  Again, she comes to OUR house! Most importantly, The Nuggets like her and are excited when she gets here on Saturday mornings.

The boys made a lot of progress in just a two month period and with very limited vocabulary and being not even two years old yet! I would definitely recommend swim lessons at an early age with or without a backyard pool. I feel the exposure has made them total pool babies who are not afraid of the water. Next year should be so much fun!

For my fellow central DFW folks, if you are interested in Jody, please let me know and I can put you in contact.



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