Texas is Hot

This summer had been “mild”. Mostly because our spring was so wet and that rain continued all the way into June. That kept the temps in check more than usual. 

But August has been its typical Texas August where is 105° for several weeks. And though many people will tell you we Texans don’t have four seasons, I disagree. We have a fall, it’s just short and sweet and typically warmer then most location’s fall.

August everywhere else is the “end of summer” and not just because school starts but because September brings cooler weather. Not Texas. I will continue to use my pool until probably October. Then October will bring a series of cold fronts on and off that has us bouncing from 60° to 85° until about January. I don’t complain. That is perfect for me.

What is not perfect for me is 105°. It’s too hot. We skip all outdoor activities unless they involve being submersed in a body of water. On Sunday,  we had a cold front that brought the tempature to 95° and The Hubs wanted to take the boys to play putt-putt golf.  They’re little cheeks were bright red after 20 minutes.

I wouldn’t recommend this game at this age. The Hubs and I couldn’t play and the Nugs lost interest immediately and just wanted to run wild. Lucky for us, the course was deserted (“cold front” did nada and it was still too hot) so they could roam freely. 

We went home and submersed ourselves in referenced body of water.

If you live in the central DFW area I would totally recommend Golf Center of Arlington. It’s a family owned and operated business with a great driving range and (in the process of being updated) putt-putt course. The environment is awesome there and The Hubs and I both enjoy the location.  

Now, bring on cooler temperatures please!


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