Twenty Two Months

Holy wow.

We’ve had a lot going on in August with friends and family. We had my uncle visiting from Thailand with my cousin attending the Dallas Cowboys summer camp.  Then my big brother and his fam came to visit last weekend and then this past weekend my parents and my younger brother, plus his girlfriend came up.

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Everyone is trying to squeeze in time for us on their busy calendars before the summer season is over.

It’s Texas though, so last week and this week is 100 degrees.  A L L week.  Thank the good Lord we have a swimming pool in our backyard.  Although, the pool temperature is resembling a bathtub these days at 94 degrees.  Believe it or not, when it’s 104, the pool is refreshing.  I don’t know if I ever want to live without a pool in my backyard.


On Sunday the boys turned 22 months old.  Do you realize that is only 2 months away from turning T W O ?  What?  I have to stop myself though.  Just enjoy twenty two months.  Focus on the present and be grateful for the future.



I paused here for a few minutes to think where to start.  Weston is becoming a lot less aggressive.  He will still see something Corbin has and go take it from him but Corbin will relinquish it and move on.  If that were the case all of the time, anyone would probably just go take what they want.  If Corbin runs away, Weston then comes over to me whining that he wants it.  I have to explain sharing. Corbin is not giving up as much these days.


Weston’s vocabulary hasn’t expanded too much in this past month.  He is saying bye-bye instead of just waving and continues to use all the words he has learned up to this point. Most of the time though, he isn’t saying much. BUT you can tell he wants to reeeeally badly.  This leads to a lot of meltdowns because he is so frustrated at me for not understanding him.  80% of the time it is grunts and points.  About 50% of the time, I can figure out what he is referring to, and after asking him to say whatever it is, I give him whatever he was pointing and grunting for.  I do wonder if this is hurting his vocabulary growth…?

Weston makes me laugh all of the time.  He is a SUCH a copy cat and will make funny faces to get you to make the face in return.  If I jump, he jumps.  If Corbin does something that makes me laugh, West immediately does it, in attempt to get me to laugh at him.  He is definitely a mama’s boy, he picks me every time.



The first thing that pops to mind, is he is my sweet boy.  He loves to snuggle and gives me kisses, when I ask for them.  He is very sweet and he still looooooves his daddy more.  He isn’t as kind to his womb-mate.  Corbin wants to play solo sometimes.  Weston does not want to grant that wish and that leads to Corbin getting frustrated, which equals a bite.  His bites are ruthless.  Last week, when they were sitting side by side in the grocery cart, Cor bit his brother for no apparent reason.  The only thing I could come up with, as this happened right in front of my face, was Corbin wanted his own space.  He isn’t a meanie towards Weston all of the time, he is actually the best at sharing.  If he has two toys, he will seek his bro out to give him one of them.


Corbin chooses to say the strangest words.  Last month was lawnmower and this month it’s remote.  He is really trying to say more, even though it rarely comes close to the word he is wanting to say.  Chee is cheese,  ra-mo is remote, bo-bo is elbow and eee is knee..  Then again, that’s what makes it so stink’n cute.  He is definitely getting there.

Even though neither are speaking a whole lot of actual words, these two have their “twin talk”.  They stand on top of their slide or open the bedroom door and yell down the hallway in something that sounds like, “daadaaayaa, yaayaa aahhdaaya“.  The both say it the same way too, like they know what they’re saying even if we don’t.

The Nuggets are both into cars and trucks (aren’t all boys?) and are particular as to which matchbox car they want to play with – Corbin’s is red and West’s is yellow.  If I cannot find the right car, watch out.  Meltdown commence.  They love music and dancing.  The 30 minutes of TV we do watch consists of the Notekins (Baby’s First TV) or Sesame Street — which I haven’t watched in like twenty five years but, in my opinion, is still the best children’s content on television.

Both boys are T A L L.  Nothing is safe anymore.  They can reach up onto the bar top and countertops where we used to put anything we wanted to keep away from them.  No such luck anymore.  They’ll climb onto chairs to get anything on the kitchen table.  Nothing is safe.

Neither has gained much weight in the last month, still weighing in around 27/28 lbs each.  Which is killer when they want to be held at the same time.  Which coincidently is always when I’m attempting to make dinner.


These kiddos make me very happy.  I used to think I was a total dork for missing The Hubs after the weekend.  We spend two whole days together and then have to go our separate ways for work on Mondays.  Now, I’ll miss The Nuggets when they take a 3+ hour nap, I get excited when they wake up.  These three boys are my whole heart.



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