Busy Days

When I was a younger, I thought the SAHM gig was the easiest “job” on the planet. I mean you didn’t even have to work.

Luckily, now that I’m wiser, I went into this job knowing it was going to entail a lot of work. I still don’t know if I realized how busy I was going to be, truly.

I gave myself a break for the first month so I could try and get into a groove. Not a whole lot of expectations as to what I would accomplish. Laundry, dinner and keep my kids  alive. Not too hard.

Just those three things keep me pretty darn busy. Weston has had more bumps and bruises then he ever did with the nanny.  I asked The Hubs if I was doing a bad job or if we were just doing a lot more then they were able to do (i.e. park, splash pad, etc.)  The Hubs intelligently stated the latter.

These ideas I have of learning photoshop and improving my photography, designing printables and learning to sew. I have N O idea when I will fit these things into my schedule.

I have barely taken my good camera out of it’s bag…

Sewing machine still has dust on it.

I did design an invitation to a baby shower!  I was very proud.  It just took about 3 hours.  A graphic designer could have done it in 30 minutes.  I’m learning. BUT I go so irritated trying to get the sizing correct to order it via Staples, that I just ordered a customizable one from Tiny Prints.  It’s going to be great though.  Next time.  I’m confident that I could have also replicated the design from Tiny Prints.  So there’s that.

Getting dinner together with two little nuggets at your feet wanting to be picked up or saying “bite bite” repeatedly to anything I’m making. They do not care if it’s raw or 100° and would scald their little mouths.  They don’t even know what it is I’m preparing.  This is also where I’ve started allowing a little bit of TV time. If I didn’t , I’m sure I would never get dinner done. I would say that I’ve successfully made dinner 4 out of 7 days – eating leftovers on the off days. One week I miraculously made dinner every night and we actually ended up wasting a lot of food.

Don’t be fooled. The boys are only eating what we eat about 50% of the time. It’s always offered to them, to at least try it, but half of the time it’s a big fat NO.

I think cleaning the house pretty much fills up the rest of my time. When am I supposed to get those other activities done? Hell, I haven’t even written a post in 3 weeks!

Now that I’ve been a lazy bum and slept in (30 extra minutes), I need to start getting my butt out of bed. BEFORE the Nugs.  Otherwise, this is how I get ready…I have to distract them by “unlocking” a cabinet. Works for approximately 16 minutes.
Get dressed, fix my hair and get make up on in 16 minutes.  Ready…..set…..GO!

Target trips, park days and splash pads take up the rest of our time. I mean, we do have fun. 

Family from Thailand was in the states and that was a real treat.  We even got to check out the Dallas Cowboys Summer Football camp.  The boys will be eligible to attend at school age.  

This week has been a challenge because Corbin woke up from his nap with a fever on Sunday afternoon. My kiddos rarely get sick (pro to staying home). He was acting pretty normal but his fever stuck around until Tuesday, so we went to the doctor. Turns out it is strep throat. I would never have guessed based on his symptoms (or lack thereof) but the doc showed me the test strip. Poor guy. So this week we’ve been stuck inside and watching too much tube.

I am starting to find a good routine for us and I’m loving all the time together.  I’m finally content with how much time I spend with them and no longer dealing with all this self inflicted guilt.

Now to find time to do more!



One thought on “Busy Days

  1. cedarcreek July 31, 2015 / 1:17 AM

    you are awesome Lindz..so so glad you are home with them..they are so happy! thanks for taking care of my grandbabies, u are a great mom!!!

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