Home of the Free, Because of the Brave

There is a super cute shop I found on Insta that sells shirts that say that.  If I didn’t find exactly 1 million super cute shops on Insta, that didn’t already suck my pocketbook dry, I would totally purchase said shirts.

But in all reality, I feel like we constantly take what we have for granted.  The good ‘ol US of A is NOT perfect.  Far from it.  We still deal with entirely too many issues.  Race.  Equality.  Broken politics.  DEBT.

Not perfect.  Nope.

But, I haven’t lived in another country (doubtful that I will ever) and I think we’ve gotten a few things right.  For that, I am grateful that I was born here and will raise my children here.

blog stars-stripes

Happy Birthday to the USA and thank you to all the brave individuals that have served or serve to keep our country safe.



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