Headed for the Weekend

Hows it going, you’re wondering. This new SAHM role I started this week.

blog playground

It’s awesome. I kiss my nuggets all day long. They’re probably tired of it and I stopped to think if I’ll ever tired of it. The answer is,  no.

Corbin comes over to me and just sits in my lap. For no reason. Just to sit with me.  My heart fills.

blog snuggle

Weston is constantly trying to get my attention. If I’m distracted or playing with Cor, he will come right into my face and yell jibberish to make sure I am giving him my full attention.   My heart fills.

blog wes

These are tiny little things I didn’t get throughout the week.  I always ate up all the time spent with them on the weekends because it was precious.  Precious and short.  Friends would ask to scheduling things on the weekends, whether it be a movie or brunch and I would decline.  Work would ask me to “pop in” on the weekends and I would refuse.  It was impossible for me to give up my short 48 hours (Sat-Sun) with the Nuggets for anything.   My heart is bursting to have this amount of time with my boys.

blog Cor

It was also an early bedtime tonight. Naps were waaaaay too short (good thing I didn’t have big plans this week) and that lead to fussy Nuggets. Weston would not touch his dinner and Corbin chunked his cup across the room, so hard is busted open and milk went everywhere. This is also where I mention that the only thing I accomplished during nap time was mopping the floors.  I finished this evening up in the pool.

So, as Wednesday comes to a close, my heart is super full.  It’s still weird for me.  The days are lost on me…I thought yesterday was Wednesday and the weekend has desire but much less than when I was part of the M-F/8-5 club.  It is a good reason to be lost in time though.



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