Real Simple

The first day as a SAHM is going well.  We’ve done lots-o-activities already and this mommy has strained her back trying to lift 27 pounds of Weston dead weight (read: throwing a fit).

I stumbled across a magazine called Real Simple last year. 
Let me first say, I resisted the eBook up until 2012 (why does that sound like so long ago?). I love having a book in my hands. I love having a library of books that people peruse when in my living room (it’s not that impressive). I love B O O K S. These are things I still miss.

My brother bought a Kindle, with goals to developed his love for reading, and decided it’s just not his cup of tea. I “borrowed” it and then confiscated it and then just told him to give it to me, “for my birthday”.  I’ve never looked back. I’m an eBook-aholic.

With all that said, I have a magazine subscription. Real Simple.

I love it. It’s probably getting old my place in life but it’s got a ton of great, relevant info.  I love a fashion mag like the next girl but I don’t have $6789 to spend on make up, hair products and clothes every week so most of the time, those magazines frustrate me.  I’m all like, “oooo I LOVE that shirt..oh wait, it’s $599 because it’s some fancy designer.  Gah!”  Ya feel me?

Back to Real Simple.  A magazine with goodness:

  • Recipes. Duh. Not everything comes from Pinterest.
  • Organization tips.
  • A small bit about make up and fashion (but not too much, there are 46242828 magazines that cover these topics already).
  • Articles on how to plan, and save, on vacation.
  • Information on how to inspire creativity in your kiddos and ensure they don’t spend the entire summer in front of the TV. Did my mom read magazines like this or did she just lock us in the backyard because she was raised without TV? Wait. When was TV invented? Sorry Mom. Either way, I am probably better because of it.

Back to my topic. I think Real Simple has a little bit of everything I want to read and not too much of anything.  I don’t need a subscription to a cooking magazine, fashion, organization and parenting if it’s all wrapped up in one!  Next time you are at the airport, or on a road trip, or you just plain desire a magazine, I would recommend checking out Real Simple. Maybe everyone and their dog already knew about this mag and I’ve just been living under a rock, either way, it’s a winner.



*Disclaimer: Real Simple did not compensate me for my opinions.  If Real Simple would like to compensate me, please email me, I’m a SAHM now and need to figure out a way to generate income 🙂

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