Tall Maternity

I am what most people would call, T A L L. tall girl1 That’s me.  The tall one in the middle.  The other beauties are all wearing heels. I measure in at just shy of 5’11”.  I used to measure in just under six foot but I’m shrinking.  Bad posture, scoliosis and a broken neck injury all add to my loss in height status.  That is my diagnoses.  This is also why I must get back into yoga.  I digress.

My best friend is also a tall chick (six foot).  In college we would be referred to as the “twin towers” because we were tall (duh) and not shy about throwing on a pair of 3″ to 5″ heels.  You could see us coming from a mile away.  Not really but you know.

Anyhow, Erin is preggers and she is now to the point where you can no longer squeeeeze into the pre-pregnancy clothes.  The hair band trick and the belly band aren’t cutting it.  It’s time to buy maternity clothes. Being a tall chick makes that task difficult.

I remember when I sat down and thought about which months I would go through in my pregnancy, I was concerned about cold weather months.  Although more and more shops/websites/stores are carrying “long” sizes, most of the inseam maxes out at 33″ or 34″.  That doesn’t cut it.  Lucky for me, I was large and in charge during warm weather months.  I wore a lot of skirts, dresses and shorts.  I also didn’t even have to get dressed for the last 2.5 months of my pregnancy due to bed rest.

25 weeks
31 weeks

Let’s get back to my point. Maternity options for a tall mamas-to-be:

  • Target is not the only option.  They have great under/tanks and t-shirts, I wasn’t a fan of most of their maternity wear.  Their “long” pants are a joke.
  • Motherhood Maternity – Low to moderate prices plus really great sales.  Their “long” pants were *gasp*, long enough for me.  Their shorts and tanks were awesome.  Loved.   Them.
  • A Pea in the Pod is a moderate price tag.  I found items I liked at Motherhood so I didn’t end up purchasing any of these products.  The did appear to be a higher quality though.
  • Gap – best maternity T-shirts and tanks on the planet.  Every pregnant lady/mama I’ve met has agreed with me on that one.  I also got my most favorite skirt ever from there and if it wasn’t so obviously maternity, I’d probably still wear it.
  • Long Tall Sally – professional work attire.  Moderate price tag, long inseams
  • Old Navy – None of their pants were long enough for me but if you have an inseam less than 34″ it’s a good option for you.  They do sell extra long on the website.
  • PinkBlush Maternity has nothing specifically for tall people but their stuff is soooo cute so I had to tag it onto my list.

The other key is to know how to dress to make the most out of maternity cothes.  You don’t have to wear pants.  Ever.  You can buy dresses and skirts and leggings and crops and never even worry about pants.  Remember to layer stuff to change up your limited wardrobe.   I am NOT a fashion blogger.  I’m too poor to be a fashion anything but I can copy other people’s style like no other. Cardigans, blazers, scarves can all add a whole new look to something you wore last week.  Put leggings on under a dress and throw on a scarf.  Boom. I think I’m going to go home and try to copy this outfit non-maternity style!

This gorgeous mama from birdalamode shows how to change up one dress in several ways:

Image Cred

I live in Texas. And it’s summer.  So if it’s hot and humid don’t try layering when you know you’ll be outside because you’ll end up with a dang heat stroke.  At a minimum you’ll be incredibly uncomfortable, possibly nauseous or dizzy. But if you have to work in an office environment where, like mine, they keep it as cold as a meat locker, then layering will work.

Being pregnant is such a great experience (for me), so I hope you can really enjoy it!  I hope to do it again one day.



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