A Day In the Life Of

In all technicalities, the boys are 20 months today.   The Nuggets drastically changed our lives 608.7 days ago.

BN (before Nugs), my days usually revolved around work Monday through Friday. Sprinkled with gym sessions, out to eat and happy hours. Saturday and Sundays were all about sleeping in, chores, brunches, day dates, the gym, dinners out, concerts, dancing the night away, etc.

Things look very different nowadays.

With one-point-five year old twins, a typical weekend days look more like this:

6:00-7:00 AM. Up and at ‘em. If it’s the later it’s so amazeballs. We get so excited if the boys let us sleep until anywhere closer to 7:00 AM.

Change diapers and get boys dressed. If The Hubs is reminiscing, and is still in bed, I dump a toddler on his head.

7:00/8:00 AM: Kitchen for milk and get breakfast ready. On the weekends one of us will make eggs and biscuits or pancakes or French toast.

The Hubs or I will get to eat. It ends up being in a rotation format because the Nuggets are not patient enough to actually sit in their highchairs and let us eat too.

8:30-11:30 AM   The rest of the morning we usually wing it. Clean up after breakfast, The Hubs and I take turns getting ready for the day. Then we will usually pack up and head out. If we have errands to run (grocery store, Target, etc.) we will tackle that, and/or go to the park, we are open to whatever at this time. This is also the bonus to dropping the AM nap. The boys L O V E to go “bye- bye” since M-F they stay home with the nanny (CHANGING SOON!!). Packing up has gotten so much easier now that they are a bit older. I can just grab the backpack and it is usually stocked with diapers/wipes, throw a couple of sippy cups and a box of raisins and be on our way. Since they eat table food now, I don’t have to worry about full on meals anymore.

11:30-12:00 PM                 Lunch. We try to be home for lunch because if we stay out too “late” the Nuggets fall asleep in the car and that ruins their nap. They will not stay asleep if we try to move them from the car to their cribs. Most of the time, they pop their little eyes open as soon as the car turns off.

12/12:30 PM             Nap time. If every day was perfect, they would sleep between 2-3 hours. More often than not, they sleep until a bit past 2 PM.

blog West

2:00 – 5:00 PM   Post nap – we wing it again. If we didn’t venture out in the morning, we will definitely get out now. Park, errands, or even an early dinner out. If we have stuff to get done around the house….hahahahaha, that’s funny. No really, we will try and divide and conquer. One of us will entertain the boys and the other will do whatever chore needs to be done.

5:00 PM                Dinner time.  Fingers crossed they eat whatever I give them.

6/6:30 PM           Bedtime routine begins. This is fun but exhausting for mom/dad. If one of us is doing the bedtime routine solo, it’s twice as hard (as if you wouldn’t have guess that with twins and all). The Nuggets love bath time. The Nuggets do not like to get out of the bathtub.

Imagine a slippery, wet, wiggly twenty-six pound toddler. Once they are dried off and powdered, then it’s wrangling this same baby into a diaper they DO NOT want to put on. If one of us is doing it solo, the other baby is running around naked and probably peeing on the carpet. Next, it’s putting pajamas on while they are simultaneously climbing the pillows, crawling all over the bed, trying to pry open the lotion or butt cream so they can attempt to eat it.

Lastly, it’s brushing teeth. If The Hubs and I are doing it as a team, it’s a breeze. If it’s twins on one, different story. Whoever is being forced to brush their teeth, is consistently looking down at the brother that is pulling everything out of the drawers/cabinets in the bathroom and wriggling to get out of my arms to join in the destruction. Switch and repeat.

6:30/7:00 PM     Books and bedtime. We read a story or fifty. Or we read the same story, fifty times. Little Blue Truck Leads the Way.

For bedtime they give lots of kisses and we say our prayers. Corbin is attached to his blanket and sucks his thumb. Weston has a monkey-lovey that he sucks on and pets while he falls asleep. They put themselves to sleep within 15-30 minutes.

So that is what a full day with the Nuggets looks like.

Week days are similar except the boys don’t leave the house and I’m not with them all day. The Hubs leaves for work between 6:30 and 7:30 AM, depending on his calendar. The nanny arrives at 7:20 am and I’m out the door shortly after that. Lots of outside play and indoor activities throughout the day and one of us is home no later than 5:30 PM. Of course, that is all about to change and I’m excited! Two weeks!  Have I told you that already?

7/7:30  Post bed time: The Hubs and I have the most exciting evening that consists of: cleaning up the day’s mess, continue any chores that didn’t get done, re-heat food of some kind, binge a little on beer/wine in front of the TV, maybe read a book…if there is enough time.  Don’t you wish you were me?

10/10:30 PM  Bed.  That 6:00/7:00 AM wake up time comes waaaay to early.

I wouldn’t change a thing.  Except maybe a free babysitter on Fri or Sat night.  I could go for that.



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