20 Months

I’m so glad that in three short weeks I’ll be spending MUCH more time with The Nuggets.  This week we are actually taking a mini-vacation down to the beach, so in reality it’s more like only two more weeks away from the bubs.    I’m not even sure where the last 20 months have gone.  When I talk to other people who have had children before or after me, I’m always surprised they are ___ age.  Because if so-and-so is already fill-in-age-here, then that means my boys are getting older as well!  No way.

20 M O N T H S


  This kiddos has some chompers!  When he smiles, there are teeth everywhere!  He is enjoying the squishing noises food makes in his molars too.  He has 16 teeth now.  Holy cow!  Enough about teeth.  We just went so long without any new ones, I get excited.

Corbin is back to mostly being the sweet boy (those teeth gave him a hard time).  He likes to share with his brother — as long as his brother isn’t trying to steal it from him.  Weston actually hurt himself on Memorial day weekend and he dropped his snack cup on the floor.  As I paced into the living room to calm him down, I realized Corbin was following me around.  He was holding West’s snack cup trying to give it back to him.  I had to scoop him up and squeeze the tar out of his little sweetness.  On Saturday, I was holding West and Corbin came up to give him the other remote (new favorite non-toy).  Just out of the blue, he wanted his brother to have one as well.  Does sweetness get any sweeter than that?!

It’s not all sunshine and sharing.  Corbin has the most dramatic cry ever.  It is pure devastation.  Even if it’s just telling him it’s time to come inside for dinner.  World. Over.  This is hard because he could be hurt or he could be throwing a fit and if you’re not right next to him when whatever happens, it is difficult.


Weston is in the process of getting two molars and he seems to be doing well with it.  No dramatic personality changes.

This nugget has become a momma’s boy.  When I walk in the door, he immediately wants to be picked up.  If I leave the room to change my clothes, heaven forbid I don’t take him with me, he is quite upset.  When I’m cooking or preparing meals he wants to be on my hip or at least on the counter next to me.  I L O V E it.  Neither of the Nuggets have been very snuggly, so I’m enjoying it.

West continues to steals from Corbin often but it seems it is a bit less often.  He will watch Corbin play with something and he’ll point to it and grunt at me, indicating that he wants it. Sometimes we can re-direct him to something else.  Most times he will try to take it from Corbin anyways.  Corbin will then try to bite him.

Repeat every day.

Food is still a challenge for both boys.  I think it will be a challenge for the rest of my life.  Once I’m at home though, I hope to be able to invest more time into cooking/baking and introducing more healthy recipes.  Maybe.  It’s a goal.  I was able to make a recipe for zucchini bread and the boys devoured it, so I’m going for less sugar and more veggies next time.

Both boys love to be outside doing anything.  They enjoy dumping all of the sand out of their sand table.  Water play is the best.  Books are still their favorite “toy” (which I love) and a close runner up is all type of cars, trucks or tractors.  Boys will be boys.

We took a trip to the park on Saturday and this jungle gym is perfect for toddlers.  Nothing too dangerous and lots of barricades to keep them from falling from up high.  There was a 6-year old girl that was in love with “the babies”.  She wanted to carry them around and help them do everything.  The boys wanted to be able to jump and hop all over everything just like her.  Too soon Nuggets, too soon.  This mommy is not ready.



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