Target Cartwheel

What the HECK?!

I just ran to Target on my lunch break to pick up diapers and whatever else grabbed my attention (damn dollar section!).

When I was checking out, I mentioned to the cashier that the Carter’s outfits, that she commented on, were 20% off.  She asked me if I also check Target Cartwheel.

Blank stare.

So she proceeds to open this magical app that NO ONE told me about and scan a barcode to see if there are any extra deals on that item.  None for that item but she did get me an extra 10% off the swim suit cover up I purchased!  I then had her explain to me how it worked exactly and I immediate downloaded it when I got back to the car.

I go to Target at least once a week for diapers, wipes, and whatever else I need.  I bet I spend about $600 a month at Target and no one told me about an app that gets me extra deals.

I repeat, WHAT THE HECK?!!?

I’m quite disappointed in everyone I know, all media I use and the store itself for not telling me about this app.

So I am doing my part to educate all Target lovers.  Go download it.  It’s free.

Currently (since I’ve just spent the last 30 minute going through all 793 deals), these are the following goodies that are relevant to me/us:

  • 15% off Xhilaration Women’s Apparel select styles
  • 5% off Hanes Men’s Socks/Undies
  • 5% off Tampax Pearl
  • 5% off Ziploc items
  • 20% off Stoneyfield YoBaby & YoToddler
  • 10% Sargento String Cheese
  • 10% off Women’s Swim/Cover up

The best part is, if you don’t want to go through all of the deals you can just “create a barcode” and when you ring everything up, if there is another deal in your basket it will automatically discount it.  This is above and beyond any advertised discounts!

I actually don’t want to go through all of the deals because then I start buying things I wouldn’t normally buy just to save $0.80 or whatever.  That’s what happens when I try couponing.  So this is awesome!

So there you go world.  Target Cartwheel app for all.


Target did not compensate me for this post.  If Target wants to compensate me, please feel free to contact me.

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