One thing I never get to do with my boys is nap with them.  I can’t really have it both ways though and I know that.  I can’t have my Nuggets on a sleep schedule which helped teach them to put themselves to sleep for every nap and bedtime AND want to sleep with them on occasion.  That is too confusing.  Plus they would never go for it.

Seriously, neither of the boys have fallen asleep in my arms since they were sick with ear infections at nine months old (while we were on vacation).  I am slightly sad that neither of my babies can fall asleep in my arms but in the long run, its better this way. blog Corbin So I sneak into the their rooms before nap time is over and watch them sleep.  Then when they wake up, all rested and happy, I’m always the first one in the room to watch their sleepy faces wake up. blog West

Being a working mama, I don’t get to witness this enough, so I soak up every minute I can get.

blog corbin1 blog West1 Sweet, sweet faces.


I’m a super duper amateur mom-tographer. I took most of these pictures with a new lens I received (for Christmas).  It’s my Cannon 85mm f/1.8 and I’m still struggling to learn how to use it.  I had some decent lighting coming in from the window but Weston’s eyes are super dark (when in actuality they’re light blue) and all the photos are pretty grainy.  I also need to pick a Photoshop program to begin learning in detail.  Any recommendations? XOXO

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