Currently, I’m talking about months. Based on how fast these past eighteen months have flow by, I can’t even imagine how I’ll feel when I’m talking about the Nugs in 18 years. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Why can’t time fly when it’s Monday morning and I’m at work?

This sounds like a broken record: they do not have any new teeth (Wes-8, Cor-6). Is this normal? According to the Google machine, most of the charts show that Wes is on track and Corbin’s lower lateral incisors, which typically come in between 10-16 months, are a bit past due.


Additional research revealed that it’s all just an estimated timeline. Each child is different, and it’s pretty normal to have drastic variations from the schedule. I’m not worrying about it.


Everything about Weston makes me laugh. I’m constantly telling anyone around to, “Watch, what he’s doing” or “quick, look at Weston”.   I have to stop myself sometimes because that’s an annoying mom thing. If you watch him closely though, you pick up on things you’d otherwise miss. Like when he reads his Dear Zoo book and turns to the monkey page, he makes the noise “ooo ooo ahh ahh” (what a monkey says). If you’re not paying attention, you’ll miss the cuteness.

It’s not all cuddles and hugs though. Weston gets pretty darn upset with you if he cannot have, fill in the ______. Or if you tell him no, he cannot have the toy that Corbin is desperately trying to hold on to and/or running away with.

Weston is a champion sleeper. Most mornings, I’m waking his sleepy-head up. He has had a few instances of bad dreams, which make him pretty crabby in the AM. He is like his mommy in this instance, he needs his beauty sleep.

This month, West got stung by a wasp. He was sitting by the window with Poppi in the playroom and out of the blue, started crying. I thought he pinched his finger somehow because he was holding his hand and crying really hard. My dad was looking around and found a sluggish wasp on the floor. The Hubs found the nest outside, by the window, under the roof’s eve. The first time I was stung by a wasp, I think I was about 12 and I cried like a BIG baby.  I have also been stung by a yellow jacket twice in adulthood and I still cried like a baby.  We watched for any type of allergic reaction and luckily nothing.  West was a big time trooper.

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Corbin is obsessed with books. He likes to go find a wall that he can slide down and sit against with his book. He also loves to sit in your lap to read stories. Even if you’re not in a position to which he can actually sit in your lap, Cor will try to find a way to sit on you.

Corbin is also starting to fight back. He holds much tighter to his toy/item that Weston wants and often runs away. If Weston still manages to get it away from him, he will swing his arms like he is trying to hit him (it’s more out of frustration) or he will try to head butt West. If that doesn’t work he will cry. LOUDLY. Then he will proceed to find a corner, hit his head on the wall, and sit down and cry more until someone saves him.

On the flip side, Corbin is also the master manipulator. I witnessed the following:

  1. Corbin wanted the toy his brother had, so he approached Weston and waved the toy that he (Cor) had in his hand to get Weston’s attention.
  2. Corbin proceeded to throw that toy on the ground when Weston made a move for it.
  3. This caused Weston to drop the toy he was holding (the one Corbin wanted) and go after the item Corbin just enticed him.
  4. Now the toy Corbin wanted is free for him without having to actually fight Weston for it.


He's showing you the teeth he does have!
He’s showing you the teeth he does have!

Neither are consistently calling me Mama but I’ve definitely got them practicing. Weston loves to mimic the tone of your voice so, if I sing Ma-ma at a higher pitch, he echoes me. Corbin’s comes out with a Na-na sound; we’re working on our “mmmmm”.

I’m so glad it’s Friday, I need a solid two days loving on my boys.  1.5 years went by way too quickly but we’re having so much fun.

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