The Nuggets call me Daaaaaa.

Both of them can say Mama.  But no, they call me Daa.  The Hubs is Dada but I don’t get to be Mama.

It kind of hurts.  It is stupid. I know.

But they say “baa” for bath, “nana” for banana and “nigh-nigh” for night-night (obviously).

Why can’t I be Mama?

Weston says it clear as day.  But when I walk in the door he yells, Daaa!  I’m like, noooo I’m Mama!

At what age are they going to start addressing me as Mama?

It took forever to get to be a mommy, why won’t my children call me mommy?!

I’m totally overreacting.

This past weekend we went to an event called Art on the Greene.  It’s in Arlington but there were artists from all over that came to this event.    It was free and went on all weekend at the Richard Greene Park – in between our two big stadiums.  Globe Life/Rangers and Cowboys Stadium – I am still not okay with the whole AT&T deal…

We went towards the end on Sunday because that is when the weather finally cooperated and was nice.aotg blog IV

aotg blog II

aotg blog III  aotg blog

What do ya think?

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