Pamper Rewards

Are a joke.

I’m a believer in reward cards.  I’ve got about 10 of those little buggers on my key ring.

I like the coupons they send me and the gas points I rack up.  I’m a believer in the benefits.

I entered the Pampers Rewards program.  I thought, I buy a box of these things a week.  Each individually wrapped bunch (in the big box) comes with a serial number that is ridic long.  I spent time entering the info and I haven’t reaped a single benefit to date.  Months and months of diapers and I haven’t racked up enough “points” to be rewarded with anything.

N O T  A  F A N.

I will continue to buy Pampers though because they are the best.  For us.

When the boys were born they wore the preemie Swaddlers – Baylor Medical Center in Grapevine used them for newborns and in the NICU.  We continue to use them after we went home.  When The Nuggets graduated out of preemie and into size 1 and size 2, we also used Target brand (love me some Target).  This worked well for a while but as soon as we got into size 3, Target started leaking a lot more.  We tried Huggies and Luvs but both leaked at night.  Therefore, we are tried and true Pampers fans.

At size 4 we use Pampers Extra Dry.  The Swaddlers seemed leaked more often and are actually slightly more expensive.  I definitely like the Cruisers but they are also more expensive and the Extra Dry seem to work great.  Why pay more for the same results?  Although, we do whenever I send The Hubs to the store because he can never remember which type to buy so he goes for “the best”.  I.e. the most expensive.

A LOT of people are into Honest Co Diapers.  This is Jessica Alba’s company and they have some great products.  The diapers are eco-friendly hypoallergenic, free of chlorine processing & risky additives (like fragrances, lotions, and latex), so very good for babies with sensitive skin.   I cannot speak to absorbency because we’ve never used them. For the amount of diapers we use, I cannot justify spending the money.  Their “jumbo pack” is $13.95 for 29 diapers ($0.48 per diaper).  My box of Pampers is $47.99 for 144 diapers ($0.33 per diaper).  Since we go through about a big box of Pampers every week, my cost of diapers would go up $21 a week.  No can do.  Plus Weston has sensitive skin (eczema) and he does great with Pampers.

I do absolutely love the adorable designs on the Honest diapers though.  You can actually pick which one you want!

diapersThere are tons of other options too.  SO cute!

Another biggie for us is Dr. Smiths Diaper cream.  It’s kind of hard to find (not sold at every major retailer) and that has lead us to buy other brands in a pinch.  Boudreaux Butt Cream, Destin and Aveeno all pale in comparison.  Dr. Smith’s is no joke the most effective diaper cream on the market.

It’s not cheap, but unlike the diapers (which aren’t exactly cheap either) we don’t have a suitable substitution.  I’ve begun ordering it on since it’s kind of difficult to find.  It’s actually not hard, it just isn’t convenient.  One Wal-Mart location will have it but the next won’t. If you go to their website though, the store locater will show the retailers in your area that stock it.

That’s my two cents on some pretty important products for our babes.

The boys are 17 months old today.  Update to follow shortly!


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