Typical Texas

On Valentine’s day The Hubs asked, “Is winter over?”

You would think, maybe.  It was a humid 78 degrees that day.  February 14th.  We went to the park.  People were in tanks and shorts.  I wish I had been.  I was burning up in my jeans and a T-shirt.  In February.

But I knew better.  I know Texas.

A little over a week later we were iced in.  Then we were snowed in.  Same month.

I loved it, no complaints from me.  I really just loved looking at it.  From inside, home from work, with a fire burning.

The boys were intrigued.  Weston lasted about 10 minutes and then started crying.  I probably would have too if you made me stay out there much longer.  I don’t do cold.  I live in Texas.

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I can just see Weston trying to talk to his brother in this picture.  “what is all this white cold stuff bro?”

They are both trying so hard to communicate.  Corbin babbles up a storm and seriously thinks you should be able to understand him.  He uses his sign language for “more” and “please” perfectly.  Weston just reaches his hand out and whines until I give him what he wants.  We’ll keep working on it.


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