More Harm than Good?

So there is a post I wrote about green beans.  And how much I hated them as a kid.  Like, every single time my mom served canned string beans and I would gag, *literally gag* them down.

Oh, wait…I still kinda hate green beans.  Well, kinda.

Enter Lindsey as a Mommy.

My boys will totally eat veggies. If I blend them up and add applesauce.

Which is frighteningly similar to the way I used to consume vegetables. Except The Mo didn’t blend it up.

So my question is, as the boys get older, am I making it worse by semi-blending up veggies and “masking” them in applesauce?

I don’t always add the sweet stuff and a lot of the time they’ll still eat it. Most of the time, I go with giant bag of mixed veggies (corn, carrots, peas and green beans) and they’ll eat that combo but only if they’re blended.  None of that whole chewing business.

I started to notice that they wouldn’t eat veggies as often after we started transitioning from “baby food” to table food.  I didn’t want to give up the healthy green foods and after lots of battling with them to eat it, i.e., them winning with TONS of veggies on the floor…I went back to blending it up. At least they’re getting the nutrition, right?

I know that we all parent differently but I just wonder if I’m causing more harm then good?  In the LONG game.  Does it matter if the boys are 15 years old and eating blended combo of vegetables and fruit?  I imagine when they leave for college, they might realize that’s not exactly cool.   Then again, fruit/veggie/protein shakes are quite popular…maybe this is a head start??? 🙂

No, really.  As with many foods, it takes multiple introductions to a food before your tot seems to actually like it.  Eggs took MONTHS with The Nugs but now they gobble them up. So should I just diligently try to feed whole veggies and deal with the masses that are thrown on the floor?  Will they eventually decide, Mommy is not relenting and these green things are going to keep showing up on their plate?

Doesn’t that contradict my aforementioned post that I wouldn’t “force” feed ’em green beans? What is the end result?  Hating green beans?  Growing to like them? Or tolerating the veggies? blog food boys What is most important? I think, I’m totally over thinking this for a couple of 16 month olds. What do you think?5E1F90B120FB20C197CC10E4FF74EF96

What do ya think?

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