16 Months and Laundry

Where is the time going?

When we are out and about, people ask often how old The Nuggets are…

Remember when I said I would stop counting in months because as a non-parent it used to bug me?  Then, as a parent, I realized why so many parents do it because SO much happens from month to month in those first few years. Crow is tasty.

How are they already SIXTEEN months? Again I ask, where is the time going?

SIXTEEN months.


blog Weston 2-15

I don’t know how much he weighs or how tall this guy is right now. We have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday and we shall find out. If I were in Vegas taking a gamble, I would bet on about 27 lbs. If you asked The Hubs, he says Wes is close to 30 lbs. I just asked him. Again, not sure on the length/height of him but he’s got Corbin by about an inch.

Weston is getting HAIR! I mean, if you’ve ever met The Hubs, you might wonder…. Love you babe.  Legend has it that you “inherit” your hair (or ability to keep it) from the maternal grandfather. Lucky for these boys, my daddy is a handsome stud in his 60’s with a full head of hair. Seems as though The Nugs are still working on the initial head of hair.

Weston is still “pushy”, wants everything Corbin has and definitely tells you when he is unhappy. Whether his milk cup is empty or he wants to come through the baby gate, he will let you know.

He can tell you where his hair, ears, belly, nose and eyes are, he plays peekaboo and gives sugars. This mommy is STOKED to finally receive kisses…voluntary. West loves loves loves outside and every single twig, leaf and rock is all incredibly important.

Corbinblog Corbin 2 2-15

My chill baby. When Weston walks up to him to grab whatever he is holding, Cor just lets it go and walks away to the next object of interest. If Weston is laughing at something, he walks over to join in the laugh.  Even if he has no idea what is going on, Corbin just laughs.  He is still just a little bit smaller than his womb-mate, both in weight and height, but not in double chin. Corbin has inherited the Pellatt (mommy’s side) lack of chin and he rocks it in all his cuteness.

Corbin loooooooves his Daddy. Despite Mommy’s heart hurting a little bit (because he will literally try to jump out of my arms to reach Daddy), it’s sweet to see such a strong bond between father and son. The Hubs tells me it’s not a big deal (when I’m jealous) but I know he loves that Corbin wants him. What daddy wouldn’t?

Corbin also loves outside.  Not so much all the dirt and rocks but just being outside, walking around and trying to explore in general.  He really likes holding your hand too.  Which this mommy just soaks up.

I’ll update their stats when we get them this week.

blog twins 2-15

In the meantime, we are making great progress in the laundry room. Finally! It’s functioning! And it’s much prettier than before.

When we moved into this house almost two years ago, it had brown carpet, original from 1979 that totally grossed me out.  The Hubs pulled it out before the movers even got here.  So we’ve been living with exposed and ugly concrete floors with big dreams of renovating it.

Enter bed rest, twins and two working parents all made it more difficult than we originally anticipated.  We have definitely made a dent.  Never mind that Christmas was our deadline to complete it….

blog pre-laundryblog pre-laundry2So without a full reveal…patience.  Here is a little peek of the space so far….

blog laundry



3 thoughts on “16 Months and Laundry

  1. MICHELLE PELLATT February 10, 2015 / 8:56 AM

    Love the updates Love your little nuggets and you guys

  2. Kate Peterson February 10, 2015 / 12:07 AM

    I love this blog, Lindsey! You are a fantastic writer! Thanks for the updates and letting us get to know the nuggets! Love you all!!

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