Heavy Heart.

My life goes on without much change.

I woke up to baby boys laughing or babbling to themselves or each other.  I get ready for work and we all eat breakfast.  I say goodbye and come home to happy, smiling faces.  I tuck The Nuggets in, say a prayer and just know they will be there in the morning.

I continually think of baby girl and her family.  I would say, about every few hours it pops into my mind again and I’m sad. We weren’t especially close to the Turners.  They are part of the other side of my family but it is still so heavy on my heart.  I definitely expect to get to know them better.  To integrate our families for all the support and prayers that can be given.

My nanny and I had a conversation regarding all of us attending a pediatric CPR and first aid training.  If not but to refresh us on what to do in a situation like that.  She and The Hubs all agreed it is something that goes on the calendar immediately.

If you are interested in taking a CPR/First Aid class The American Heart Association and American Red Cross host classes across the nation.  Look one up in your area.   Aside from these nationwide associations, local fire departments and hospitals often host these classes for minimal costs.  It’s worth it.  Knowledge is power and could be life saving.


Can we all just say that Nationwide super bowl commercial sucked?  I hope they lose customers after that bull was aired.

I can also say, without a doubt, I don’t want to work full time anymore.  If you have read this blog at all, you’ll notice I battle back and forth….

“Do I “give up” a career I’ve been working towards since graduating from college?”  Or, “Am I a “bad mom” because I have to work to help support my family?” Then, “I’m a strong role model for my kids because I am a good mom and I work full time”.

None of those things are relevant to me anymore.  Are they true or not? Maybe, depending on your perspective but it’s not important to me what others think or if I take a step back in my progression of my career. When what’s truly the most important is my kids.  If I’m lucky, I’ll live to be 80.  I’ll raise my children, go back to work (one day), be successful (or not), earn a little bit of money and die surrounded by family and friends.  Not coworkers and not money.

This will definitely not happen immediately, and we will absolutely have to make some sacrifices but again, it’s all about what is important.

Please continue to send your prayers to Emma Kelli’s family.  If you would like to help financially with the astronomical costs of burying a loved one, please go here.


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