No Words.

Last night The Hubs shared with me the most devastating news.

He didn’t get right to it, when he arrived home from work.  We were in the middle of bath time when he finally said, “Mom told me some super super sad news.”  He paused and I said, spit it out, what happened?!

A baby died.  Choked on food and was unable to be rescued in time.

The mommy is my age.  She and her husband went through the IVF process, a month before us.  Their sweet girl is exactly one month older than the Nuggets.

On this Thursday, she choked on a Cheeto puff.  It got lodged in her throat and the sitter couldn’t save her in time.  It’s something baby girl eats often. She goes to the baby sitter one day a week.   Sweet pea spends 75% of her week with her daddy. He is a paramedic fire fighter.

Next month she would have been 17 months old.

I have no words.

There is absolutely nothing that can be said, that can make it better.  Fix it.  To turn back time.  Thinking that God has a plan provides no comfort in a time like this.

I squeezed my boys so tight last night.  Tight enough that they were very irritated with me.  Nothing in life is guaranteed but I do not want to imagine going to bed, knowing they won’t be there in the morning.

I only met Emma Kelly once.  At Thanksgiving this past fall.  But I saw a future with the Nuggets and her growing up together.

All I can do, we can do, is pray for this sweet family. They must lean on God through this terrible tragedy, He is the only one that can hold them up.


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