Day at the Park

There are a LOT of benefits of living in Texas.

For example: It’s the best of all 50 states.

Hawaii might have a little something on it…but then again…who wants to live on a live volcano, right?  Maybe, me….

But Texas.  I love Texas.

I was born upstate NY but you’d never guess it.  Well actually, quite a few native Texans (like, deep Texans) have caught on to an old school accent with a few words/phrases I picked up from the parents.  But for the most part…I’m TEXAN.

Through and through.  And I birthed two Texan babies.   It’s like an anchor baby(ies).  Is that too much?

Anyways…it is January.  It’s 68 degrees. And we spent a Sunday at the park:

IMG_2919 Weston park January Park day Friends in the park

This little boy walked up to The Nugs and wanted to hang.  Corbin’s friendly face must have drawn him right in because he walked straight into Corbin and planted a kiss on his face and leaned in for a hug.  Cor being the sweetiest peet ever, cracked up laughing and hugged him back.

january park1 IMG_2974

Lashes.  What else can you say but, lashes.

God Bless Texas y’all.



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