Christmas Season

Last Christmas was uneventful. Wonderful and blessed but anticlimactic.

The Hubs and I had agreed as soon as I got pregnant that we would not travel for the holidays that year.

The boys were barely two months old and very susceptible to all germs, the doctor had told us to avoid parties for three months and highly public areas for six months.  I don’t believe the doctor’s were telling us to stay in quarantine for six months but to just be pickier about the outings we decided to take.

Therefore, we didn’t go to anyone’s house for the holidays.  Thanksgiving was cooked by my mom and it was hosted at our home.  For Christmas, my parents were going to trek back to Dallas from Houston but Mom wasn’t feeling great, erred on the safe side and stayed home.

So our Christmas morning was very quiet.  We bought the boys one gift.  They were still so tiny, they didn’t use toys or anything “fun”, so a fancy play mat is what they got.  They LOVED that play mat for months to come too.  I would recommend it.  Fisher Price Jungle Play mat.

But there was no excitement over Santa or presents.  The Hubs and I were pretty darn tired so there was minimal excitement period.

This year will be different.  The Nuggets are excited all the time.  They are also doing really well with the Christmas tree.  There is more observation than touching.  Whew.

Christmas Weston

Corbin Santa

The Hubs is already trying to go overboard on the Christmas presents as well.  I asked how many presents he felt they needed and he said ten. A PIECE.

This will get worse before it gets better.  The Hubs loves to give gifts.

Christmas Nuggets

This mommy just loves Christmas jammies!



One thought on “Christmas Season

  1. Carolyn December 12, 2014 / 8:55 AM

    Love those jammies! I bought Eddie like 5 pair. One pair (my favorite) are a Santa suit. He puts them on, looks down and yells “TANTA!!!!!!!!” then dances around like a nut all excited!

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