Corbin is walking!

We are at my in laws house on Thanksgiving day and he just takes off!

He walks like a little Frankenstein with his little arms sticking straight out in front of him for balance.

He walked six weeks after Weston started walking. He is just shy of 14 months old.

Both boys were pulling themselves up on stuff around nine months, which I thought was pretty young. We thought walking would happen pretty early for these Nuggets but not exactly.

I started to worry that Cor wasn’t walking because his brother is a bit of a bull. No fears of falling, pushing, knocking things over for Weston. And that includes Corbin in his wake of distruction.

I think Corbin just didn’t want to fail. Weston had no problem taking a step and falling over. Corbin walked across the room pretty much the first time he let go of of my hand. Slightly wobbly but all the way across a room.

This is me to the T. I like to know I am good at something, or that I will be successful, before trying it. I think it’s a character flaw because it stops me from even trying some things. The Hubs is the opposite. He thinks he can do anything. Everything. Over the years witnessing The Hubs be successful at stuff that he has never done before, has inspired me to try new things.

Failure is a learning opportunity. I like to learn new things and in order to learn, I must first try.

I can only hope that Corbin learns that lesson sooner than I did (if he shares the same reservations that I did). Maybe he’ll even learn it from his twin brother.

What do ya think?

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