Peanut butter

Well, it’s official. We introduced peanut butter.

Everyone is safe and sound.
I am glad that is over with finally!

Some people say to wait until their two years old.  Others say, once they’ve passed their first birthday, you’re in the clear. One person recommended to go to the fire station and offer peanut butter onsite so if anything happens, emergency responders are nearby.

WOW.  My kitchen worked just fine.  I was very nervous though.

All I can say is, I’m so glad neither had a severe reaction.  My heart goes out to the mommies with children who are highly allergic to peanut butter.  I would worry.  All. The. Time.

At least if you know they are allergic, you are most likely prepared with an EpiPen.  Still, it would be tough to get a call while they are at school because someone accidentally offered them something with peanuts in it.  Ugh.

For other parents who haven’t crossed this bridge yet, here is a small tip that I received from a friend (adult) who is highly allergic (like cannot even be in a room) to peanuts: she recommended to take a peanut and rub it on the baby’s upper, under arm (their bicep).  She said that someone with a severe allergy would most likely have a reaction on the skin surface.  That sounds so much better than keeping my fingers crossed that their throats do not close up.  Anyways, I rubbed both boys, while The Hubs gave me a strange look thinking, “what is wrong with this woman…why is she rubbing peanuts on my children??”

There was zero skin reaction.

I then put peanut butter right in their face.  This time, The Nuggets were looking at me like, “stop teasing us crazy woman!”  No wheezing or coughing.  Note: in no way is that an approved way to check for a peanut allergy. I just thought it was a good idea.

Moving on….

Both Nuggets ate the peanut butter and jelly sandwich like it was going out of style.  And it is not.  My mom fed it to us by the ton.  And it’s still a delicious, and healthy, option for kiddos.

I also realized I forgot to share the smash cake cuteness.  All credit goes to B Faith Photography. Although I hope to start upping my photog skills and posting more of my own work.

Birthday boys



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