Recently, when people ask how old the Nuggets are, we get two responses:

“They’re so big!”

“They’re so small!”

Strange right?  In church a few weeks ago, there was a set of twins sitting behind us (God bless cry rooms) and during the greeting, the parents asked how old the boys were.  Then proceeded to tell us, “they’re SO big”.  The family was of Asian ethnicity and their twins (who were 13 months) were TINY.  In my opinion.

Then I had the boys out running errands and another (man) asked, “what are they, about seven months?”  Nope, already one. “Oh wow, they’re small”.

Who is right?


Babies range so drastically that doctor’s try and keep a chart that they consider within range. Does that customize to a mom that is 5’11” or 5’1″?  Not really.  It’s strange to me that everyone has a comment, yet it’s only based on their own experiences.

This is on birth; natural vs epidural vs C-section vs home births. It’s on breastfeeding, when to introduce solids, baby led weaning.  On cloth diapers or disposable.  Opinions are everywhere but that exactly what they are, opinions.

Not fact.  Not the law. Not the bible.

It’s a reminder I have to tell myself often.  “Lindsey, do it whatever way you want, they’re your kids“.  I don’t know if I worry so much about what others think of me, just that I’m doing things and making decisions that are right.

I saw an acquaintance (via social media) giving her 9 month old a French fry.  I was shocked.  How could she?  Why?  Then I thought, who cares?  It’s her baby, it’s not like she gave one of my Nuggets a French fry.  No, I have to stop The Hubs from trying to feed them _____ (fill in the blank with any choking/allergy hazard)!

I don’t want other people telling me how to be a good mom, UNLESS I ASK.  I must practice this myself.


What do ya think?

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